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  1. Real running marathons are hazardous and sometimes deadly as well... and still, even old people train all year and thousands of people cheer to the participants... I'd say that a gaming marathon is way easier to handle for a "normal" body than a full length marathon run.
  2. typhaon

    PvE repairs are way too high....

    Think about it: what will encourage players more to spend money: And easy PvE mode or a harder PvP mode? And why would they promote the mode, that generates less income for them? It's a wonder, that they have created PvE in the first place...
  3. You are right, but this is a game and not reality. There are many more game concepts, that greatly differ from reality. This is especially true for all things, that deal with shooting and damage. It is, after all, an arcade game with simplified game mechanics for easier understanding.
  4. typhaon

    minotaur 152mm AA

    As someone who has reached T10, you should know, that AA in WoT is abstract. Each type of AA simply has a radius in which it will damage any enemy squads. Gun angles and different targets don't count, so your main battery will engage planes while you can still shot naval targets.
  5. Well, since there was no ship tree change yet, we can just guess. But I guess they will handle it similar to changes in WoT. Usually if a vehicle got replaced there and the tier changed, the players that were affected got the new replacement vehicle (with a retrained crew and similar equipment researched) as well as the downgraded vehicle version. So if anything, they usually had an advantage from these changes.
  6. typhaon

    In Game nur English

    Bei Mods ist es (nicht nur in WoWs) häufig so, dass sie bei der Sprache rumpfuschen... meistens werden die Features ja in einer bestimmten Sprache eingebunden... und die muss man dann leider auch in Kauf nehmen. Ich nehme an, dass es für die Mod wohl einfach keine deutsche Übersetzung gibt.
  7. typhaon

    Do IJN Destroyers really need yet another nerf?

    So you saw, that new ships draw loads of players to play them... anything special about that? If you leave out the new German BBs, you will see, that the Minekaze and Kamikaze R are far beyond all other ships. The only other ships that gets somewhat near them is the Königsberg, which is also considered superior on that tier by many players. But I agree, that the main problem is the number of DDs in one battle... you can evade and hunt down a small number of DDs, but it was utterly annoying to evade torps all the time. The other problem is, that only DDs can effectively counter DDs... you might say: but Cruisers are the worst enemy to DDs with their high firepower against low armor targets and sonar and radar... you are right, but the main problem is, that, unless radar catches a DD, they cannot advance far enough without being killed to spot DDs... most of the time it's the DDs rushing in at the hot spots, detecting each other and the one with the better team or better luck survives and has a good time going ninja all the time.
  8. typhaon

    We are missing great ship in german crusier line

    Technically the Graf Spee was no real cruiser, but an armored ship, called pocket battleship by the British, so it's totally fine, that she's not in the cruiser line. It's some kind of link between cruisers and battle cruisers.
  9. typhaon

    Royal Navy Cruiser line

    I guess that they will devide cruiser lines into heavy and light cruisers on the long run. It looks like a like cruiser tree from bottom to top, so I guess they left out any heavies intentionally. The same has been mentioned to other cruiser lines in the past, where the Cleveland will take a spot in the light branch in the future.
  10. typhaon

    The cost of Tier X

    The eroding factor for online games is the lack of fun on low tiers for new players because they are more or less alone. Pushing players to lower tiers is imho a genius game design, because it ensures the fun on every tier in this game. I have seen enough online games die because new players could not catch up with the existing playerbase, being it in terms of game level or equipment. Have you ever been new to an almost dead online game? You run around alone, do the quests or missions alone and feel bored rather quickly. If you happen to not leave yet, you will most likely face the "veteran playerbase" at one point, that just steamrolls you with higher levels or better equipment. If it's PvP, you'll lose all the time, if it's PvM, they won't take you, since your gear is so bad. It's just frustrating.
  11. typhaon

    Credits im Co-Op

    Du wirst doch noch bestraft, oder ist es für dich Strafe, nix zu bekommen, wenn man nix leistet... bzw. weniger zu bekommen, wenn man weniger leistet... so funktioniert nunmal die Welt... und nicht nur die virtuelle Welt... einzige Ausnahme ist Hartz IV, wo man für's nichts tun doch was bekommt, aber das ist eine andere Diskussion.
  12. typhaon

    Credits im Co-Op

    Und wo wird man für's entspannen belohnt?
  13. typhaon

    Credits im Co-Op

    Ja, oder man spielt PvP.... Coop ist doch eigentlich hauptsächlich für Leute, denen der PvP-Modus aus welchen Gründen auch immer zu schwer ist... Und ja, ich meine damit auch, dass schlechter MM oder schlechte Teamkamerade einem höheren Schwierigkeitsgrad gleichkommen.
  14. typhaon

    Are there any ''brawling'' cruisers in the game?

    The thing is, that you're only able to brawl with other cruisers or DDs... BBs will obliterate you with one or two salvos if they can bring their guns on you... Only chance is to be close enough to outrun their gun traverse and use your torps... the thing is, that you really need to sneak up behind an island to do so... if you're going in from the open water, you'll feed the fishes soon.
  15. Tja, der Unterschied ist, dass man bestimmte Dinge beeinflussen kann, wenn sie die Anzeige beim Client beeinflussen, aber Spielmechaniken wie z.B. Brennen oder der Einsatz von Verbrauchsgütern wird auf dem Server berechnet. Und den kann man nicht mal eben mit Mods "hacken".