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  1. Its not like Gimmicky ships are trending and selling...
  2. Yes !!! The old glory days of the wholesome broadside of torpedoes !!! Fun and engaging it really was. Easy to counter with some skill, but very powerfull if used well. We need to see her again !
  3. asukamaru

    Kantai Collection kai2

    The new CV is worth the cost imho. Going to finish easy, ill try to farm a second Zeppy.
  4. asukamaru

    Kantai Collection kai2

    Zeppelin chan in da pocket, 3 try easy,i go back to hard mode to get the second butcher bird Already 250 bucket spent. Lets hope E4 hard is not like E3. Good luck guys and upgrade your sonars
  5. asukamaru

    Kantai Collection kai2

    Farmed for Mizuho, nothing, E7 done but no notable drop... Well i'll level Fubuki... Better luck next time.
  6. asukamaru

    Kantai Collection kai2

    Best time in Kankolle, event time, good luck everyone
  7. asukamaru

    Kantai Collection kai2

    Tenryuu samaaaaaaaa !! Also guys... Kaga song in the jukebox is awesome
  8. asukamaru

    Xerb Kancolle (Mod) WoWs

    Nice job Xandier. I'm almost at Kongou, got Zuihou and soon Ryujou. Furutaka in da pocket too. If you need any help fell free to ask
  9. Game went downhill since the end of alpha, decisions are made in Russia, with Russian feedback. Hype is almost dead. Jingle was righ, unfortunately the dev took another route.
  10. asukamaru

    Kantai Collection kai2

    Musashi in da pocket, 11 tries. Akatsuki seems to be the next Kai ni, now one question remains... Will she transform into a proper lady?
  11. asukamaru

    Kantai Collection kai2

    You are not to blame Every question is welcome.
  12. asukamaru

    Kantai Collection kai2

  13. asukamaru

    Kantai Collection kai2

    You didn't answer to those two points :p
  14. asukamaru

    Kantai Collection kai2

    Actually... i've been playing longer than you :p ... It does not prove any point BTW ... Lets not feed the troll.
  15. asukamaru

    Kantai Collection kai2

    Italia and Roma shoot at very long range, not the Kongou. It changes everything. You should not make baseless assumptions if you are not playing the game. They are right now the best fast BB except for Bismarck. Bismarck being a rare LSC it is quite normal. Please let me remind you again that it is not a simulation in any way, the internal game balance is more important than any historical thingy. It seems anyway that you are a little anal retentive about pasta, won't change your mind, but do not assume anything about a game you don't play you may mislead other people. In the end there is no justice here, don't like it, pass your way.