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  1. Premium ship one time restoration

    I'll just sell it again. Like the few gold tanks i earned for various reasons in WOT. Given how much crap I get in the containers usually. The chance of me either getting a SC and then it having a ship in it are even less of a chance than you posted.
  2. Premium ship one time restoration

    Because I no longer play them. I sold my Warshite the other month. I haven't played it for months so don't see the point of still owning it. There are 3 I still own and still play. But any others got sold .
  3. Can we look at MM in next update?

    And the problem with this is. My team has won against these sorts of divisions a few times. They are all squishy ships so don't take much to take them down. In fact in one game I had the pleasure of getting all 3 kills of one of these divisions while in my froggie cruiser. They were not happy. But they did meet 3/4 of my team on their side of the map
  4. 1st to spot missions.

    I just keep doing the missions that I can complete fairly easily. There is no point me trying to torp stuff for missions for example. I don't play CV's and I rarely play DD's and I am not going to start for some crappy missions. I just keep doing the get X amount of damage or set X amount of fires. I then just play and eventually you complete them.
  5. fiji and going forward

    Until you meet any ship head on and then the "special" shite Brit AP just bounces or shatters. I lost count of the number games where i got bounce after bounce after bounce ETC ETC ETC on anyship where the person playing had a brain and headed either towards or away from you . Yes the Fiji has torps. But to be honest most people keep away from torp boats anyway. I find the Belfast a better ship as at least you can burn stuff you bounce your "special "AP off. Oh and all brit cruisers are very match dependant. They either have an awesome game or are shite and don't do anything.
  6. fiji and going forward

    Had a Fiji boasting last night about taking me down in my Belfast ( I do like the Belfast) . Boasting about a silver ship taking a gold ship down. I did point out that I had 2 BB's taking pot shots at me as well :-P. But he was having none of it. Deluded me thinks
  7. WOOT

    I doubt that very much. I rarely keep ships when I grind. I ended up with just 6 tanks when I played WOT. That was after years of playing. I just get to the point where I stop grinding lines. I think tier 7 is where the fun stops in this game
  8. WOOT

    Just finished part of one the missions ( still doing the first 2 missions they added) and looked at my reward. WOOT a port slot. I'll add that to my 12 other free port slots I have. What a result:-D
  9. Forum Update Incoming

    I could have given you a neg rep for this comment mate. But I can't be arsed. :)
  10. WG's biggest lie.

    I just wonder why people report bad players, and also what do you expect WG to do with them? I have never reported anyone in any game I have played EVER. If I see dickheads playing I just start the next battle up and move on, if I see crap posted in chat I laugh, maybe wind them up a bit with some comments and then start another game up and move on. People need to relax and not get so uptight about others on the interweb. Life is too short to worry about other randoms playing a random internet game mate
  11. Forum Update Incoming

    Like anyone cares if they get neg reps. I don't
  12. Is this the meta in this game ?

    Just took my Bismark out (which I rarely play due to getting up tiered most games) But my division mate wanted to try his Amagi out. Guess what it was a HE spam fest . This was with tier 10 BB's on both sides. So yes the meta is rather crap at the moment. We then took our Bayerns out and that was the same. Everyone apart from me and a couple of others was spamming HE. To say it was boring was an understatement. Getting set on fire time after time is boring. I have only played 3 games in 7 days this week due to getting bored with the game.
  13. Is this the meta in this game ?

    I take it reading is not your strong point mate. I too have stopped playing as much due to getting bored with the same crap HE spamming, smoke spamming, ETC ETC ETC. Note its not BUTT hurt its just boredom. Just as I got bored with all the gold crap in WOT so i stopped playing that a long while ago.
  14. Reports should be increased

    You can use mine if you want mate. I have never used one in any game I have played. I should have hundreds saved up somewhere
  15. Player stats don't matter

    I wouldn't know mate. As I don't care about other peoples Stats. I don't check my own so why should I care if some random person beats me online. I find it a bit sad that people have to check others stats if they have the gall to beat them. Why not just accept you were outplayed in that game and move on. Its what I do when I die ( which is usually fairly often). Oh and last time I checked ( which was a while ago ) I am decidedly average. Oh and I have them hidden ( as its no ones elses business ) so you will have to take my word for it.