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  1. gautrek

    The Reason why people dont play CV

    Lets see. I can be being shot at by ships and dodge slightly to cause them to miss. I know that between each shot I will have time to take aim and fire back. Yet if I get targeted by high tier planes I know I will have a continued period of dodging his planes. He can cause me ( in a BB )to have to turn for as long as he wants by keeping his planes above me which means I am effectivly out of the game with regard shooting at the enemy. He can then drop his bombs on me while I dodge and then keep his Torp planes above me while I either let the fires burn or repair them to put them out ( still while trying to dodge his planes) while he then can drop his torps on me . This will then happen again once he has refueled and rearmed. So yes its easy to be dodging for long periods at at time. But at least i get to randomly shoot down some of his planes. Plus the closer I get to his CV the quicker he recycles his planes meaning he gets stronger as you get closer Yet if his planes had a fuel gauge ( like I keep saying should be added time after time in CV threads) it would make a start on balencing Cv play so they can perma spot DD's for a start
  2. gautrek

    The Reason why people dont play CV

    I tried them in closed beta mate. Hated every minute of it. But then I also tried arty in WOT and hated that. Why would I want to get gud at some thing I dislike . I tried a few DD's and can't get on with them so rarely play them ( for me to torp somethign in a DD is a miracle) . But DD's are ships and therefore have a place in a FPS ship game and I like hunting them down with other ships. But CV play is just YAWN inducing.
  3. gautrek

    What is the point of the karma number?

    People actually check their Karma and service record? How odd
  4. gautrek

    The Reason why people dont play CV

    Because people want to sail ships and shoot things. Because CV play is shite to say the least. Its just basically a crappy RTS game stuck on top ( and a badly done one at that) of a FPS ship game. I hate CV's and I hate them being in a match I am in. The fact all you do is dodge their torps which is just boring or randomly shoot down some "planes" by clicking on their icon and letting the computer decide how many you have shot down which is also boring . YAWN
  5. Well as you can see by my emblem I don't care about them. I pay no attention to them when they appear on my screen after I die. So if think they are about bragging rights then you are sadly mistaken. In fact i wish they would remove the crappy things from the game as they look like a 10 year old designed them. Would getting one for completing an objective make me play any different. ERRR let me think about that for a minute. NO it wouldn't make the slightest bit of difference . I think they are most useless item added to this game.
  6. gautrek

    CV player pro vs medium player

    If i take any division in to any match that hasn't got a CV in it then I don't know if i will face a CV in game or not. So will have no way of knowing if I should spec up for AAA or not. If I take a division in which contains a CV ( which I don't) then I know due to Mirrored MM I WILL face a CV on the other team. Its not about tier 10 facing tier 10 ETC. Its about an unfair advantage being employed by people to allow them spec up to fight a CV they know they will face due to their actions of divisioning up with a CV. Add to the fact that they will no doubt be in voice coms as well ( which is one of the main reason to division up )( they are also usually carrying clan tags as well) then they are at an unfair advantage over a random CV player and team. Now given that I think CV's are broken for various reasons and they are not even allowed in Clan wars due to being broken Then allowing a CV to division up with other ships is a broken mechanic which is being exploited by various people .
  7. gautrek

    CV player pro vs medium player

    Cheers for the no greetings mate. Like I care. I didn't say I refuse to AAA spec. Just don't see the point with next to no CV's. The points used are wasted 99% of the time. So would would I pick them? Also your reading skills seem to have failed. I said a CV in a divison with AAA specced cruisers is at an adavantage against randoms. As I said before and you seem to have missed the point . A CV division is going to get another CV against it due to mirrored MM. So going into a match in a divison with 2 AAA specced cruisers is way OP. Or can't you see that? You will be up against usually a random CV and a random team with barely any AAA specced ships ( due to the lack of CV's at the mo and the waste of the AAA spec points). Seal clubbing ahoy then for the CV division. Any other division takes pot luck on the ships against it. WHILE a CV gets a CV in the other team. SO allowing that divison to have an unfair advantage over what skills to take into a match. I can't put it anymore simples than that mate. Which part of this don't you understand?
  8. gautrek

    CV player pro vs medium player

    Counter a ship class which if it divisions up with 2 cruisers allows them to spec up for AAA as the know that they will encounter another CV due to mirrored MM. I have seen a few divisons like this at high tier with clan tags seal clubbing away . As there are so few CV's at the mo most people will not be AAA specced . So a CV division in a match with AAA specced ships is so OP its a joke. I spec my cruisers up for DD hunting as there are a few around in most matches. Why waste AAA when you raely encounter them? So explain how to counter this then mate? A team of randoms against a broken OP divsion like this. Oh and I don't mind people divisioning up with 3 Belfasts or 2 Belfast and a Trollanta as they can be taken down. Ditto 3 DD divisons They have counters to them. But a CV / 2 AAA cruiser division is just broken and rather pathetic for the people who play them. The first thing they need to do is make CV's un divisonable
  9. Its good to know I don't need to see the crappy space bollocks this time as I can just not enable the space port . Last time we had to manually delete the ships in port before we could play a normal game. I just wish i could remove this new shitty forum scheme . I find it very hard on the eyes
  10. gautrek

    DD Player Forced to Play BB's to Get Citadels

    I don't know mate. I just assumed you could redo them. As I rarely bother with missions due to most having Torp X ships in a match or get X kills in a CV so I can't be arsed. The chances of me actually finishing a set of mission in the time scale is remote so i don't bother. I have only just finished the first set of missions they released a while ago and have no chance of finishing the second lot they released due to not having many and rarely playing tier 8. So I don't even look.
  11. gautrek

    DD Player Forced to Play BB's to Get Citadels

    So the fact you engourage torp spam matches with your stupid missions is a challenge. Or having a shoot or kill nation X missions is fun as well. All that ends up happening in those missions is people stop playing nation X for the duration of the mission. As happened a while ago with kill brit cruisers. Yes your missions are absolutly brilliant mate. As you keep breaking a broken game even more.
  12. gautrek

    DD Player Forced to Play BB's to Get Citadels

    Don't worry or bother with the missions. Simples. I can't hit Edited with torps so never bother doing the torp missions. Just redo any missions you can. Or don't bother like me. I only play CA's or Bb's as I hate CV's and am Edited in DD's. So most missions for me are a no no. This post has been edited by the moderation team due to swearing.
  13. gautrek

    Clan / Logo

    I'm fine with Clan logos. As long as I have the option to disable them. I don't need to see some badly drawn childish image on my ships.
  14. gautrek

    CV as support class

    I want to play a Naval game where CV's are not broken and OP due to being broken . Like I have said many times. Give the CV planes a range timer . They will need to come closer to launch and have more time on target, they will not be able to perma spot, they will not be able to spend 5 mins forcing a ship to change course over and over again before dropping their loads. Then also stop them being able to divison up ( as they will have an advantage over the other side) . They have the added advantage of knowing if they get in a game they know they will face another CV so can plan for that with their load out. I don't know until Iauch the game if I have a CV in the game or not. So all my ships are specced up for non AA. Also make the torp spread more random.
  15. gautrek

    CV as support class

    And yet again I will say. A random team ( which is what I play, Not ranked or Clan wars) will not provide cover. In fact given in some games you get a couple of CA's only and maybe 2 CV's a side then CV's are OP. If you can't see this then I don't know what to say. I had one game where 3 CA's out of 4 on our side huddled round one of our 2 CV's ( to protect it) and then wondered why they got abuse in chat when the rest of the team was snotted.