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  1. DD Player Forced to Play BB's to Get Citadels

    I don't know mate. I just assumed you could redo them. As I rarely bother with missions due to most having Torp X ships in a match or get X kills in a CV so I can't be arsed. The chances of me actually finishing a set of mission in the time scale is remote so i don't bother. I have only just finished the first set of missions they released a while ago and have no chance of finishing the second lot they released due to not having many and rarely playing tier 8. So I don't even look.
  2. DD Player Forced to Play BB's to Get Citadels

    So the fact you engourage torp spam matches with your stupid missions is a challenge. Or having a shoot or kill nation X missions is fun as well. All that ends up happening in those missions is people stop playing nation X for the duration of the mission. As happened a while ago with kill brit cruisers. Yes your missions are absolutly brilliant mate. As you keep breaking a broken game even more.
  3. DD Player Forced to Play BB's to Get Citadels

    Don't worry or bother with the missions. Simples. I can't hit Edited with torps so never bother doing the torp missions. Just redo any missions you can. Or don't bother like me. I only play CA's or Bb's as I hate CV's and am Edited in DD's. So most missions for me are a no no. This post has been edited by the moderation team due to swearing.
  4. Clan / Logo

    I'm fine with Clan logos. As long as I have the option to disable them. I don't need to see some badly drawn childish image on my ships.
  5. CV as support class

    I want to play a Naval game where CV's are not broken and OP due to being broken . Like I have said many times. Give the CV planes a range timer . They will need to come closer to launch and have more time on target, they will not be able to perma spot, they will not be able to spend 5 mins forcing a ship to change course over and over again before dropping their loads. Then also stop them being able to divison up ( as they will have an advantage over the other side) . They have the added advantage of knowing if they get in a game they know they will face another CV so can plan for that with their load out. I don't know until Iauch the game if I have a CV in the game or not. So all my ships are specced up for non AA. Also make the torp spread more random.
  6. CV as support class

    And yet again I will say. A random team ( which is what I play, Not ranked or Clan wars) will not provide cover. In fact given in some games you get a couple of CA's only and maybe 2 CV's a side then CV's are OP. If you can't see this then I don't know what to say. I had one game where 3 CA's out of 4 on our side huddled round one of our 2 CV's ( to protect it) and then wondered why they got abuse in chat when the rest of the team was snotted.
  7. CV as support class

    Err No. I am just pointing out how a lone ship is dead . I can (in a lone ship kill a BB, CA or DD if I play well). But against a CV its just a sealclub for the CV ( but look on the bright side I may randomly shoot some of his planes down ( yawn)). Considering I play Randoms then the lack of teamwork to help nullify a CV in a game makes them OP in most games, even more so when they division up with 2 other ships.
  8. CV as support class

    This is my issue with CV's full stop. If I play either my CA's or My BB's then the following applies If I come up against a DD and play well I can kill the DD, if I play badly I am sunk If I come up against a CA and play well I can kill the CA, if I play badly I am sunk If I come up against a BB and play well I can kill the BB, if I play badly I am sunk If I come up a against a CV and play well I may not get sunk, But I will spend a whole lot of time dodgy and weaving and possibly ( if i am very lucky ) Randomly shooting down ( with no input from me apart from clicking on them) some of his endless ( at high tiers) supply of planes .But even if i play well I may get sunk and will no doubt have next to no chance of getting anywhere near his ship to kill him. If I play badly or happen to be on my own due to my team mates all running across the map away from me then I am dead . To say I am bored stupid with CV's in this game and even more bored with CV's in divisions is an understatement. The sooner the ability the select battles without CV's the better ( I know it will probably never happen but we can dream). Oh and as I keep saying. Give CV planes a fuel range for a start so they have to plan their attack and can't spend minutes flying around trying to get into a good spot. This would stop the perma spotting they carry out at the moment and make them fairer. This would force the CV to move forward and stop them camping at the back, If they nwant to camp at the rear they will have less time to fly and attack.
  9. Containers

    Just a quick question WG. While you are fixing the new "improved" shitty division window can you fix the way containers are opened. I don't need or want to have to manually open another window. Click on a collect container button, sit and watch a pointless crane dropping my container off and then clicking another f***ing button to open it. Just let me select the container I want from the port and then tell me what have got. Simples.
  10. Just pissed a CV player off :)

    Just had a game where a CV player was being a bit of a [edited]. he had threatened to leave the match and take another ship in. But then when we started winning he gave us the honour of staying. I pinged a DD with my radar ( in a Belfast) and then went hunting. He also joined in and between us we nearly took it out. I managed to fire some shells just as he dropped a full load of torps and I got the kill. He then started abusing me ( LOL) and started calling me a kill stealing nublet and other names. A bit of banter and abuse then started between ourselves with me laughing at him in chat. He then procceded to prove how mature he was by hitting me with 2 slavos of torps. Which only made me laugh at him even more. But I must say me pissing a CV player off has made my weekend. :)
  11. Premium ship one time restoration

    I'll just sell it again. Like the few gold tanks i earned for various reasons in WOT. Given how much crap I get in the containers usually. The chance of me either getting a SC and then it having a ship in it are even less of a chance than you posted.
  12. Premium ship one time restoration

    Because I no longer play them. I sold my Warshite the other month. I haven't played it for months so don't see the point of still owning it. There are 3 I still own and still play. But any others got sold .
  13. Can we look at MM in next update?

    And the problem with this is. My team has won against these sorts of divisions a few times. They are all squishy ships so don't take much to take them down. In fact in one game I had the pleasure of getting all 3 kills of one of these divisions while in my froggie cruiser. They were not happy. But they did meet 3/4 of my team on their side of the map
  14. 1st to spot missions.

    I just keep doing the missions that I can complete fairly easily. There is no point me trying to torp stuff for missions for example. I don't play CV's and I rarely play DD's and I am not going to start for some crappy missions. I just keep doing the get X amount of damage or set X amount of fires. I then just play and eventually you complete them.
  15. fiji and going forward

    Until you meet any ship head on and then the "special" shite Brit AP just bounces or shatters. I lost count of the number games where i got bounce after bounce after bounce ETC ETC ETC on anyship where the person playing had a brain and headed either towards or away from you . Yes the Fiji has torps. But to be honest most people keep away from torp boats anyway. I find the Belfast a better ship as at least you can burn stuff you bounce your "special "AP off. Oh and all brit cruisers are very match dependant. They either have an awesome game or are shite and don't do anything.