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  1. Kucsek

    When do we get the next break from submarines?

    My morale is improved. Im plyin less and less and my morale is improving! Suckmarines, Superchips magic Cv'S , they should put them all at once in his own [edited]. But the morale is awsesome! Did you know that the germans lost the battle of Stalingrad because of the OP Soviet CV's?
  2. Kucsek


    the Vulcano eruption symbolizes how Wargayming is ejaculting on his playerbase
  3. Kucsek

    Subs are poison

    Yeah, would be great, and dont forget the Kaiten Type 10. Player could drive a Kaiten like CV players the planes. . Another new weapon for Potatoes by Wargayming. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I-400-class_submarine http://www.daily-lazy.com/2011/10/wwii-japanese-submarine-aircraft.html
  4. Have 2.477.000.000 silver and little bit under 10 mill. free xp.I could loan for you with a 50% rate of interest :)
  5. Kucsek

    Yet another chat ban

  6. Kucsek

    Remove detonations!!!

    Since there are no flags for achievements the amount of detonations has increased in BB's. I always use the deto flag on dd's. The joke is that a cv can't detonate, never ever saw a cv detonation. And they have a mageic armor also. Hit several times with Vermont guns on the deck using a spotter plane and i got just richo's. Wg should put in the [edited]his CV's; detonations and subs.
  7. Kucsek

    "Pls report..."

    Was reported today because evaporated a full HP Immelmann from 25km with Vemont. Was not more spotted, aimed on the last position. Just wrote in chat: "Oh i've touched your Tra-la-la"
  8. Kucsek

    Ranked starting time still at 12:00 CET

    Simple question to Wg: Why are you Gae?
  9. Kucsek

    Why ranked is not competitive at all

    Bring back the old ranked system and everything will be fine. This was reworked to potato friendly. Maybe the big wallet potatoes cried that he can not earn to much steel.
  10. Kucsek

    Some new codes

    had the sam problem with " ABORTHEATTACK " . Tried it over and over again, didnt worked. After an hour maybe tried again, and was accepted.
  11. Kucsek

    New Ranked season 2

    WG made this ranked system retarded friendly, we have to carry this braindead ftards and suck with them all the leauges. the funny thing is if you do a mistake in the match or bad movement, they have the biggest mug at all.
  12. Kucsek


    This stat shaming is a [edited]. The 95% of the players are from Noobia. This is how WG will defend his own pockets. Because the potaotes spending the big money. They want defend them his rainbow farting unicorns. If someone is a big retard he should be aware with the way how his status will be handled. And just a very low minority will and can throve.
  13. Kucsek

    New Stream Codes

  14. Than i dont know how it will be decided. I was second in one o the matches (old system), but lost my star.
  15. Kucsek

    Unfair practice in ranked battles.

    If you want to be a better player, you schould play better