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  1. Kucsek

    New Stream Codes

  2. Than i dont know how it will be decided. I was second in one o the matches (old system), but lost my star.
  3. Kucsek

    Unfair practice in ranked battles.

    If you want to be a better player, you schould play better
  4. just the first of them will hold the star, i was two times in such a situation.
  5. Kucsek

    Whos idea was this

    There are 16, have owned 14 from Atago .
  6. Kucsek

    Remove the star saved in ranked

    if i see that i have to fight for keep a star is everything lost anyway. It would be better to let players rank down. If you dont reach the rank1 in your leauge you should rank down: from Gold rank X to Silver rank 10, etc. Becasue there will be more and more Edited* with every week in Gold. Edited* Thank you WG for the new crap ranked mode, and for the useless cpt. rewrok.
  7. Thanky you for the info! How is the situation with the other rewards? Because i've reached just place 33. Will i get only the SuperCont., or booth, 10 day Premium and SC? You said there is a running process to check Bots. I think i can speak in the name of the whole community : Would be possible the same Bot Check process in the Ranked too?
  8. Kucsek

    How to get better at this game?

    If you want to be a better player you should play better
  9. Kucsek


    Im joining this also. 10 bucks if they giving you the IP ban
  10. Kucsek

    0.9.7 - General Feedback

    Hi! i can not see the actual ranks in my friendlist what they have reached. Why is that? Before the patch was everything OK! Tonight i had big FPS lag spikes. Why? Before the patch was everything OK! Can not watch plaers statistics, just endless loading! Why is that? I dont use , and never used any mods, nothing has been changed in my config in the last 24 hours.
  11. Kucsek

    Wall of Unicums

    WG censure . He will protect their unicums beause this idiots spening the most money. Do you have an idea why a player needs 15-20 Prem ships just for Co-op ? :)
  12. Kucsek

    Wall of Unicums

    I have remowed this but i will continue on another sites where WG can not protect this scumbags .
  13. Kucsek

    Wall of Unicums

    Stat shaming? No it isnt , this players are unicums. With a good stat
  14. Kucsek

    Wall of Unicums

    And there are much more from this kind of Unicum players: This kind of "talents are mostly full with prem ships. There are players with over 15.000 + Co-op battles and just with 500 randoms and full with prem ships
  15. Kucsek

    Wall of Unicums

    I think we should post the screens over some "unicum" players. Why WG wont split the playerbase by skills? This kind of Idiots destroying our whole game/fun and are the birth most of the toxicity in the battlefield.