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  1. Thanks for the time and awesome artwork Warjac. Don't be a stranger, and good luck with future adventures!
  2. Lepr0n

    Battle of Svenskund


  3. 9-10 July 1790 Battle of Svensksund (Russo-Swedish war 1788-90)
  4. Lepr0n

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    GOod fun! I'd like to join :D 1st: Roma 2nd: De Grasse. 3rd: 2500 doubloons. 4th: premium time 5th: 2500 doubloons. 6th: 1000 doubloons. 7th: 2500 doubloons.
  5. Lepr0n


    I use it all the time. I think it's a nice little feature. (Although i wish there were some carrots for behaving well,apart from the points themselves).
  6. I had some guides written in my Signature. Not sure if they are updated as of late. It's always great when someone writes comprehensive guides and posts them on the forums. Noticed all my guides were basically obsolete. And also not on official site. But still! I loved the guides previously written.
  7. Lepr0n

    New coordinator reporting for duty

    Hello, and a hearty welcome!
  8. Lepr0n

    I want to delete my account

    Hi Antonioga, The game is free to play, so if you have spent significant time playing and earned alot of XP and Credits, do think twice before deleting your account. Might be better to just uninstall the game. Here is the link that tells you how to do it, if you decide to go ahead. https://eu.wargaming.net/support/kb/articles/333
  9. Lepr0n

    What Do You Do About Kill Stealers

    Whenever killsteal threads show up here and on reddit, i always think of this post, by Seikin. I think it's brilliant,insightfull and some of you might not have read it. From this thread: Seikin, on 25 February 2016 - 11:15 AM, said: In fact 'kill-stealing' is good... Some scenario's.. BB has a nice 'target rich' environment of cruisers side-on within optimal range. He fires a volley, scores a citadel + some pens, takes down 80% of a CA's health. Should he now. fire again at that cruiser 30 seconds later? for that remaining 20%, where his shots are likely to miss?.Or should he hope for a friendly cruiser with faster-firing/lower dmg guns will finish him off (sorry kill-steal) so he can go and take 80% off the next enemy CA? You're driving a DD, and successfully torp an enemy, leaving it with 10% health left. Do you shoot him? making yourself visible to all nearby enemies so you can be shot to pieces? Or do you let a friendly CA finish him off? You're playing a CA. Friendly BB's and DD's keep leaving enemy ships almost dead... You're busy plinking away at an enemy BB (easier to hit, right?). You see all these enemy targets in range. Do you shoot them to take them out of the fight, thereby 'kill-stealing'? Or do you keep plinking on at the BB cos you don't wanna be called names? All bearing in mind that you get hp/xp for %dmg done, not for kills. Doesn't take much to work out what makes for good play.
  10. Lepr0n

    General Feedback

    Greetings. Torpedoes released from a friendly vessel, should have another sound,than those fired from an enemy. Way to many times i look around thinking i missed spotting a DD somewhere, only to see it's friendly torps released far from me, that are not even going to hit me.
  11. Lepr0n

    Goodbye friends

    You have done fantastic work, and i'm happy to have met you at Arsenalen. Rock on! //regards Lepr0n
  12. Lepr0n

    Bug Reports

    Having the same issues. Since it has been very well reported here already, i'll just do a light report with necessary files. - Skype running in the background. - Clean install, no mods. replay enabled. CPU: Intel i-5 2500k @3.30GHz Win10 64-bit Nvidia Geforce GTX 750Ti RAM: 8 GigsHDD: SAMSUNG HD103SJ @ 7200RPM with 1TB python.log DxDiag.txt Pr0n_Swe-Live_2016-06-14_06-58-58.zip
  13. Rough ride facing 3 yammis with the izumos. but the MM looks ok apart form the divisions.
  14. Lepr0n

    Patch Alert

    Also Nicolas Cage, playing Nicolas Cage in the upcoming movie 'Indianapolis, Caged men with Nicolas".
  15. One thing people seem to think,is that because you are in smoke, noone can fire at you. I for one lob shells all the time into smoke to get a hit. And if you fire while being in smoke, it ain't that hard to pinpoint the location. not saying anyone is wrong or right, but some seem to think smoke is kevlar. Do post more replays