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  1. Starba

    One tester's opinion

    Just came from another domination match. It lasted 10 min, because we capped. Even when you react to minimap, you are too slow to decap. Even with cruisers. So yeah capping is too fast. This is supposed to be more team based game, more than WOT. They should courage / reward team based play, but currently just one DD can go and cap quite fast. Capping suites more fast based game than this is. Of course there still needs to be caps, but they should slow the capping time and courage more on team capping. I have played CV in weekend beta. But not in closed beta, because i find them really boring to play. If i want to play RTS i'll go play some other proper RTS.
  2. Starba

    One tester's opinion

    Game is currently unplayable. Every game ends in cap. Capping is too fast, no point of trying to play the game, just cap. Ineffective AA fire. Carrier planes fly like ufos. They can drop torpedoes almost top of ship and turn on a dime and head back. Ships are lagging at distance over 12 km. MM is really strugling to get even teams. Constantly have matches where another team has less players than other team.
  3. Starba

    Torpedoes Arm Time Needs to Be lengthened

    DD torpedoes doesn't need arm time extended, but torpedo planes torpedoes arm time needs to be way longer.
  4. Starba

    The islands in WoWs

    I would like to see open map, but it wont work in this game. BB will just camp in the back and dd has no use on those maps at all. We have smoke in this game. Maybe test with open map that has "fog". Limited visibility. Fill the map with smoke that has 50% more visibility than regular smoke. DD would have role in spotting and bb cant camp in the borders. If that can't be done. then i would like to see a bit bigger maps.
  5. Starba

    Slow down capping

    I agree on this. Capping is way too fast currently. Capping should be more team effort.