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  1. Kazomir

    The overbuffing of BBs

    The incapability of some people to realize that some changes to the game can indirectly affect one class more than others is astounding. Where oh where are the times where cruisers were relevant to the game and not just a lol-ship waiting to be deleted. Remember playing a Kuma and actually being significant to the game?
  2. I mean, a website that requires money to show you models created by WG themselves? How has nobody caught on that? Is it because WG are too lazy to provide such a service themselves? I do not understand.
  3. Kazomir

    Nerf the Conqueror ...

    My mistake! That makes it even worse indeed. SOrry, I havent played in a while. So you get 10 seconds of guaranteed invisibility if nobody is within your 13km range. So much for WG not wanting *Blinking* ships coming in and out of invisibility.
  4. Kazomir

    Nerf the Conqueror ...

    Problems with the Conqueror: HE Based guns that require no skill to use, just point and click for massive damage and fires. Submerged Citadel to shield noobs from damage. Yamato has stronger armor yes, but it also has a Citadel, which is a bigger disadvantage. Troll Concealment. (This is a problem for all BBs) 30 second Concealment penalty ONLY, when your reload is also 30 seconds, making it so you get a guaranteed re-stealth after you reload and then you get a free choice if you want to re-engage or not. SO, Using your guns requires no skill, using your armor requires little to no skill, and using your concealment requires little to no skill. Name me one more ship in the game that checks out all three. Even the BBabymarck, which has 50% of your firepower controlled by the AI requires more skill.
  5. Kazomir

    Where is the holiday excitement?

    Last time we got "Holiday Excitement" it turned into one of the biggest shitstorms of the year. Or do you not remember the Christmas Convoys? Understandable why WG does not try to get our hopes up anymore. Lest we get some expectations that will inevitably be crushed down.
  6. Kazomir

    Nerf the Conqueror ...

    Yea, Doing low value fire damage on BBs was a CRUISER JOB Dammit! And conqueror took our jobs!
  7. Kazomir

    Duke of York changes.

    Duke of York.. Duoyork... Dork. DORK!
  8. Kazomir

    62,505 damage salvo

    Against an Izumo, one of the last BBs that does not have it's citadel lowered and cannot be played by a brain dead monkey. Not surprised. Good shot tho.
  9. Kazomir

    Nerf the Conqueror ...

    Nobody seems to mention that we also should not compare Conqueror to the likes of other BBs, but we should compare it to Cruisers like the Zao. Better burn capability and HE penetration (While having longer reload, meaning you dont have to expose yourself that much) , 100% More health plus giga heals, a LOT more armor than your standard Zao, a LOT LOT more AA, at the cost of a bit less concealment and maneuverability. Conqueror confirmed best cruiser in the game.
  10. Kazomir

    Nerf Royal Navy High Explosive

    @Exocet6951 Clearly WG does not want constructed opinions regarding game balance or such. In a sense, the person you are so adamantly wasting your time trying to argue with is WG's perfect customer and their target audience (not you), which will spend money trying to acquire any FOTM ship that WG produces while it is still fresh, while feeling good about it. Again, exactly what their goal is all along, in addition to selling more premium tier 8 battleships. We are inferior and we should acknowledge it.
  11. Kazomir

    IJN Musashi on the way?

    She will be a toned down Yamato in early config at tier 9 buyable for free xp and everyone thinking otherwise is deluding himself. She will have less HP and less Sigma (flamus favorite fin word) For the sake of gimmicks, i propose they give her two plane modules, as she has two catapults and a huge hangar. One will be standard spotter, the other would be cruiser like 6 minute fighter.
  12. Some cruisers, IJN in particular around tier 7, also have pitiful range. Wanna shoot at a BB? You need to be in his golden zone while you are able to barely reach him.
  13. Kazomir

    Citadel should only be a gimmic for Cruiser ?

    Wait, BBs have citadels? Can't see them below all that water they put them in...
  14. Kazomir


    WG is ''working'' on BB overpopulation for a while now. Excuse us if we are sceptical about the results of their ''work''
  15. Kazomir

    About time Hippers 8"/60 SK C/34 were buffed

    203 Mogami needs a buff too.