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  1. Since 8.9 When I log out at the end of game I have to press YES twice before the game will close. I then have to go to my processes in task manager and delete Wargaming otherwise I cannot log in next time I want to play. I've also noticed you can no longer follow torps and shells except for pressing Z whereas before you would press 2 for shells and 3 for torps and space along the torps
  2. w0lfie

    RESULTS - Battle of Cape Esperance

    Is the score recorded anywhere as to the amunt of points you have??
  3. Your TST profile for CVs is no good, as is explained, you need to delete that one and download the new one for subs :)
  4. w0lfie

    Minimap not working after update??

    Yes, I'm also having this problem. With all the names all over the map, its hard to see the ships
  5. w0lfie

    Ship names on minimap

    I find the ship names on the minimap are obscuring the number and type of ship especially when a few are grouped together. Is there a setting that removes these names, so far I haven't been able to find one