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  1. Hawkswood

    DD tier 6 ca fait tout drôle

    Ils tirent quand ils sont dans le nuage, le rendant moin efficace. Apres pour ce qui est des DD en question, tu est sur le jap toi aussi C'est clair que le Mustuki fait un grand fossé par rapport au précédent, rien que la portée de tir des torpilles est pénalisante.
  2. Hawkswood

    Too much crit with HE ammo

    HE crit are OP. With one salve of them a Fuso have totally stop my cruiser (Phoenix). With one salve he have out 1 turret, 1 torpedoes, break down my engine and my gear. And if this is not enough, he set me in fire on 3 decks..... One salve.... 3 or 4 shells have hit me... But no, the ratio of crit with HE ammo aren't OP... And just for prevention, in another game a japanese destro have hit my phoenix with HE too. Result : Engine and gear down....
  3. Hawkswood

    Too much crit with HE ammo

    It's not about the DPS of HE, but about Critical on module. With mine Minekaze (Destroyer tier 5), i hit everyone with HE for broke their gear / engine / wheels and after, torpedoes
  4. Hawkswood

    Too much crit with HE ammo

    Hello everyone, Have said all in the title, i think the HE ammo are a little OP. They make too much of crit/fire. It's pretty ugly... That's all, Good sea and Have fun. P.S : Sorry for my english, am French.