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  1. Von_Hornitz

    Croiseurs italiens

    Bonjour PGwolverine. Je ne pense pas que l’on puisse extrapoler le résultat d’une partie au gameplay d’une classe. D’autant que le Zara est très loin d’être un bon navire. Il est pataud, ne manœuvre pas de manière optimale et est un frigo que personne ne peut rater. A côté de l’Amalfi c’est une sombre bouse. L’Amalfi est le premier croiseur depuis le Montecuccoli dans lequel on retrouve vitesse et manœuvrabilité. Les Trento et Zara sont très difficiles à jouer en comparaison. Trop lents. L’armement mal agencé qui réduit souvent les possibilités de maximiser la batterie principale sans s’exposer à un retour de bâton douloureux. Je considère l’Amalfi comme le premier vrai croiseur lourd italien, toute réserve gardée, il est difficile à prendre en mains mais lorsque l’on comprend comment l’utiliser les bonnes parties s’enchaînent. Seul bémol, l’incertitude liée à la performance des obus SAP est problématique dans beaucoup de situations. L’Amalfi peut totalement annuler certains croiseurs, notamment ceux qui ont des canons de 152mm en se plaçant de face. Cleveland, Edinburgh et autres n’arriveront pas à faire fonctionner leurs obus sur la cuirasse. Le commandant Sansenotti est un vrai plus. C’est l’atout ultime de la classe.
  2. Von_Hornitz

    Italian cruisers are intentionally that bad?

    Huanghe is an hidden gem to me. I lost the count of T7 and T8 BB I killed with it. I definitely disagree with LWM on this ship and use the rare modules on it : smoke gen + hydro mod. Certainly it has little to do as a cruiser and acts more like a big DD. Italian cruisers has to be considered in the same matter I think. Always know what threat you are dealing with, pay attention not to overrun, smoke on purpose and not for defense as you would think you should do. It won’t work. But offensively, it can be something hard to counter, at least when BBs don’t have hydro. To me radars are used to light up dds on the cap, and you would be on the good side in your cruiser when dueling a BB. Radars on cool down.
  3. Von_Hornitz

    Italian cruisers are intentionally that bad?

    Raimondo Montecuccoli is a very good ship, at least in my hands and I’m very pleased to grind it to Trento. Handles very good and fast, with the relative skills you are able to dodge incoming shells easily. Armor is really decent at this tier so if you play it properly you won’t take citadels often. Especially if you avoid the packs of BBs at best. Once the enemy BB will spend 2 salvos and miss you completely, it will switch target to something easier to hit. i use torpedo accceleration because it increases a lot the versatility of the fishes. At 10km you won’t hit the target you launched them for btw. Huanghe may be a good trainer for Italian cruisers as it handles a similar gameplay, Italian cruisers are more versatile using the smoke gen for a torpedo run on a BB or cruiser. It can also provide a cover when rushing a combat position with an unsual path. Summary, with 17 battles with it I feel the Raimondo to be better than Duca, with more interesting gameplay. It’s my best T5 cruiser so far with 59% win and 42k dmg on average. The only real problem is the ballistics and the SAP in general. Seems very buggy sometimes deals up to 8k dmg on a 6 hit salvo and sometimes deals nothing on full broadside target with hits at the superstructure. I feel a 14 point commander will be sufficient for every cruiser until T9, as you will have concealment expert + radioloc. I just feel all the players complaining about this line didn’t take time to really improve or think the best way to use the ships. Do you consider it is important to survive a game? Would you use your smoke to rush a ship in order to harpoon it deliberately, given you have less than 30% hp and he is full?