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  1. Niaro

    aslain modpack suddenly ban

    "The aim assists only helps when the target swims in a straight line" "We can keep the spotter view for all ships mod because the camera makes aiming actually harder" "X on the minimap only helps against ships that stay stationary and you can hit smokes up ones by aiming properly anyways" All defenses i saw here for mods he once had in his pack. Two got banned only after enough people complained here. I stll belive they only added the X to the game because it was impossible to get rid of without disabling every single minimap mod. So its better that everyone gets it instead of only a few who know about it. I only wish they would do the same thing with the Navigator and give us a toggle for it ingame.
  2. Niaro

    Upcoming French Captain.

    https://medium.com/@devblogwows/st-french-destroyers-part-2-new-unique-commander-and-collection-14e0a31bf669 You wot. Will the next captain get rudder buffs depending on how often you press A and D? And no word on if or how you get him after the token event ends. Coal like they promised for Kuznetsov i hope?
  3. Niaro

    Summer Sale: New Offers Every Day!

    Mhm. More and more containers.
  4. Niaro

    The BIG news

    Why is it only T6+ tho I mean my Belfast clearly needed some more buffs but why do you exclude poor Cesare. Hell. Those buffs.. so its basicly mandatory to get anything for ranked and CW up to 3 asap Well thanks for delaying the sales for non steam users. i would be mad as hell if i had spend any money on here a week before you announced such bs
  5. Niaro

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.6

    Thx for the Zombie BB buffs I always thought the heal on em is too weak.