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  1. Niaro

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.2

    Since u keep changing Cv things and how stuff works so many times now.. will there be another free captain reskill before the refund period ends in 21 days? Also can you please let us use keybinds for the aa sector reinforcement? Its clumsy as hell to basicly bring a popup up and click around when you are under attack. Especially in the middle of a DD fight.
  2. Niaro

    Thank you for all these years. I'm out!

    10,133 battles
  3. Niaro

    T-61 in shop today: Did you pull the trigger?

    Wanted one. But not in this state so nope no money from me.
  4. Niaro

    Pin-ups 2018?

    Male sailors with shiny sixpacks and skimpy outfits as pinup when?
  5. Niaro

    How not to derp in debates

    You know.. if you had posted this one at least. Can I steal that quote if i ever print that pyramid on a shirt?
  6. Niaro

    Are there ways to boost your Coal intake?

    But yes keep picking the ressource containers at every possible moment. And switch sides in the event once you reached max loyality to gain more points for crates with the other team.
  7. Niaro

    Leak: Changes coming to 0.7.8

    Well its prob the grind for days kind of free *cough* Arctic Scharni and Dork Or you pay WG $$ to preserve your sanity~
  8. The change will come in two stages, the first of which we are currently in: we'll be informing you about new Game Center features and the phasing out of support for the old game launchers, giving you and other players the necessary time to prepare and get acquainted with the new software. The second phase will consist of a patch, which will automatically transform the old launcher you are using into the new Wargaming Game Center. You can expect more information about these changes in the following weeks, so keep your eyes open! We know that change is often challenging, so we want to ease the transition by making it worth your while! As we come closer to T-Day ('T' for transition!), expect a token of appreciation to be added to the accounts of those users who move across to the Game Center early. Keep your eyes open for further information, but in the meantime, consider installing the Wargaming Game Center straight away to stay ahead of the pack. So WG wants to lock me out of the game if i refuse to use that bloated up bugged piece of crap instead of the fully functional launcher i have atm? How long can you refund on Paypal again? 6 months?
  9. Niaro


    What i think? Sadly the game will never know the difference between hitting allies by accidient and on purpose like you did. Otherwise we could go straight to 24h ban instead of just turning the offenders pink.
  10. Niaro

    Eagles or Sharks?

    Hush go back in your pool and take your fishy smelling box with you.
  11. Niaro

    Eagles or Sharks?

  12. Niaro


    Gz you annoyed someone hard enough that they typed 1 out of 3 letter combinations they know towards you. But why do you even waste your precious time caring about some stupid words showing up on your screen? Because that Maggot wich hammers em drooling into its keyboard wants to direct em at you? Let it try and make fun of the fact that this is the best they can come up with. Then again its prob. an automatic reaction for most of them by now. So relax, and then ask yourself: How confused are those people every morning when they see themself in the mirror. Not knowing if they look at their face or at their [edited]because they see a hairy piece of crap in both places.
  13. Niaro

    Instant chat ban needed

    So they didn't call him Norwegian?.. In that case either ignore it and move along or wase one of your limited reports on that crap. Or if you have nothing better to do then throw a screenshot or replay at support.
  14. Niaro

    The World of Warships ModStation!

    Could you start throwing infos about this pack in the launcher and the ingame notifications? I usually forget about it till Marv mentions it somewhere and im sure most players dont even know of its existance.