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  1. Could you start throwing infos about this pack in the launcher and the ingame notifications? I usually forget about it till Marv mentions it somewhere and im sure most players dont even know of its existance.
  2. I still wonder why they dont use the launcher + ingame news notification for the official modpack. I mean its supposed to be official so why dont you inform the people about it.
  3. New ship preview: Monarch

    Ugh WG why.. First all this mess on T8+ And now my beloved Nelly as prem? I already own a QE and you murder the tree past T6.. Why would i even want to grind that line now?
  4. Why do you play BBs? A poll...

    Because WG wants me to play em. And because i can read a book while doing so. Something my DDs and Cruisers never let me do.
  5. Clash of the Elements Event

    Had to fix it. Havin a chalkboard would imply at least a tiny bit of planing ability.. and @Edited now. This post has been edited by the moderation team due to inappropriate remarks.
  6. Lets hope WG delayed the Teacans another 6 months because of this
  7. report option for slander

    Congratulate em since they have found a free minute in their oh so busy life to spam others after a battle. and then praise em for their originality and creativity since they use the same 2 insults all day long.
  8. HMS Hood Teaser

    Yea now i need to watch out to not get teamkilled in my Dunkerque.. But with that lenght i guess its time to undust my Ranger
  9. 0.6.3 Public Test Patchnotes

    Not sure if i want to laugh or cry now.. ffs WG Well thx i guess, Finally something that tells players that strafing is there.
  10. Simple solution would be to make the borders a fake capzone. Painted minimap and buoys in the water..
  11. All that those change would do is even more ppl who dont pay attention to planes and cant dodge, strafe or manual drop. Just on T6-7 now instead of 4-5. Wonder why it is so hard to adjust the loadout, damage and drop pattern instead of butchering 2 tiers like that. There is no reason that t4 torps should do as much dmg as t10 ones. Or that the 6v4 plane diff is there right from the start. Especially since they had that awesome idea to give the Langley the 1/1/1 Those things could easily evolve as you climb up to T5 and by T6 everything would be the same as it is atm.
  12. While you at it.. go suggest the removal that both teams need to have a CV and a nerf to AA. And an Armor buff for BBs The most fun i ever have is tearing apart higher tiered ships because they acted like they autowin the engagement. It also pays way better than stomping on lower or same tier enemies.