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  1. Keltic

    [SOLVED] Error connecting server - Unknown error

    Another +1 here Internet working fine. Firewall allowing WOWS, I even tested with firewall off. I can log onto my account Changed password in case I was entering it wrong Will not connect via game at all. Ticket raised but clearly a wider problem.
  2. Keltic

    DDs get worse tier by tier

    I have the best games ever in my Umikazi. I just don't get the #WG_Logic of having a progression that gets worse. I have seen some divisions in tier 5+ games where someone has brought a UmiKazi. They get abuse for bringing in a Tier II DD but then complain when it torps everything in sight and is not detected well.
  3. Keltic

    The new and improved Sims?

    Doh! How did I miss that? Off to give them a whirl. Thanks for the help
  4. Keltic

    The new and improved Sims?

    Ok - How do you switch between them. I spent ages looking at the different options. I found the premium smoke and repair. I am definitely getting too old for this.
  5. Keltic

    The new and improved Sims?

    Hello all I read from the patch notes that the Sims was to get improved torpedoes. I read that they were to get a increased range but would be slower. Having played a few games I can't seem to see a difference. Am I missing something?
  6. The National Museum of the Royal Navy will open HMS M33 to the public for the first time in her history, following conservation works.HMS M33 is the only surviving Navy ship from the Gallipoli campaign and was considered a lucky ship as she suffered no casualties.The M33 was constructed and put into service in seven weeks, which meant she never got the chance to be given a name. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-33780102 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_M33
  7. Keltic

    Sound causing lag and messing up

    I have the same problem. I have tried different sound settings, updating drivers and even using headphones (in case it was my speakers) but still the same problem. It was an issue on the CBT but was fixed (for me) with one of the mini patch's. Now the problem is back with the OBT.
  8. Keltic

    Thank you WoW, you are awesome!

    Rubbish movie but great visuals combined with the music.
  9. Keltic

    New WWII Footage of Dunkirk evacuation found

    Found the full footage. The University of Manchester kindly uploaded it to YouTube. A collection of black and white silent films, joined to make 2 reels, shot and subsequently edited by Lieutenant Philip Roderick Hall, notably while serving on the destroyer HMS Whitehall during the evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) from Dunkirk in 1940, and during his subsequent training as a Fleet Air Arm pilot (prior to being killed in action on 14 June 1942). The films also include off-duty scenes relaxing in England, probably during the summer of 1941.Reel 1 (total length 11 mins 23 secs): Bow and stern views from on board the Modified W-Class destroyer HMS Whitehall (D 94), pitching and rolling through heavy seas, with another two-funnelled destroyer signalling on the horizon.(2 mins 26 secs) In calmer waters, sailors on board HMS Whitehall (nameplate partially visible) manhandle on deck and then test fire depth-charges, which hit the sea without detonating.(4 mins 7 secs) Pan along the empty mole at Dunkirk, with distinctive diagonal trusses and ladders improvised to allow evacuating British and French troops to reach decks of small vessels previously alongside (but not seen on film), with a sunken armed trawler in the foreground.(4 mins 12 secs) On board HMS Whitehall, during one of her four voyages back to Dover, 30 May – 1 June 1940, during Operation Dynamo; starboard view aft shows the deck packed with BEF soldiers all wearing helmets and with anti-aircraft guns elevated against German air attack.(4 mins 20 secs) Another destroyer, HMS Wolsey (L 02) passes, her deck packed with evacuated troops.(4 mins 29 secs) The camera pans across fires and smoke over Dunkirk town, with the distinctive white and striped lighthouse in the background and the rapid passage of arriving and departing destroyers, and one Cross-Channel ferry, assisting in the evacuation.(4 mins 58 secs) A destroyer fires her rear anti-aircraft armament, and another appears so low in the water as to be sinking or aground. (5 mins 4 secs)(5 mins 5 secs) Convoy of tankers and other vessels at sea off the south coast of England, protected overhead by Avro Ansons of RAF 48 Squadron (planes O, R and B) of Coastal Command, which make repeated passes over the camera ship, as does a Short Sunderland flying boat.(6 mins 43 secs) A destroyer approaches and transfers a sack by jackstay.(7 mins 2 secs) In calm seas, junior naval officers lark around on deck for the camera; Lieut. Roderick Hall and another unidentified officer then practise their golf shots by driving golf balls into the sea. Larking continues. Roderick Hall reads a book.(8 mins 29 secs) A whaler is lowered into the sea and is rowed across to a merchant ship, which has halted, then returns and is raised on davits.(9 mins 21 secs) Passing HMS Calcutta (D 82) at sea as she returns to Plymouth bearing on her bow part of the bridge structure of HMCS Fraser, following their collision at night during the evacuation from France on 25 June 1940. Passing HMS Calcutta, now berthed at dockside at Devonport, awaiting removal of the bridge structure of HMCS Fraser.(9 mins 40 secs) Sunken vessel in foreground, and a convoy in the distance.(9 mins 52 secs) A whaler pulls alongside Admiralty V and W Class destroyer HMS Wessex (D 43) [which was sunk on 25 May 1940], with a torpedo slung on davit, then returns to HMS Whitehall with the torpedo, which is hauled aboard with its fuse still smoking.(10 mins 38 secs) Off-duty, two junior RN officers enjoy the company of two young women in a sports car; playing in a small swimming pool with a lilo, onto which the men place a reluctant black labrador to their obvious amusement.Note: After Dunkirk, Lieut. Roderick Hall was posted to HMS Daedalus for Fleet Air Arm training, then No 14 Flying Training School at RAF Elmdon for elementary flying, then No 1 Flying Training School at RAF Netheravon for advanced flying, HMS Heron (Yeovilton) for a fighter course in July 1941, DLT on HMS Argus, then posting to 807 Squadron on HMS Ark Royal in October 1941. He was killed in action on 14 June 1942, flying a Fairy Fulmar Mark II from HMS Argus to provide air cover for a Malta convoy. His plane was damaged whilst engaging with Italian torpedo bombers, and as he attempted a forced land at sea, he was hit by ‘friendly fire’ from HMS Wrestler. The date and location of Deck Landing Training were derived from ADM 53/113621 (The National Archives), researched by Mrs Lauretta Harris.Original Film Format: 16mm, 2 reels; Original Dimensions: Footage: 611 ft; Running time: 15 mins. The films were digitised by the North West Film Archive in 2013, and the original reels subsequently transferred to the Imperial War Museum, London (ref. KAY 1974). DVD copies have been placed in the Heald-Hall Family Papers at the John Rylands Library, University of Manchester.
  10. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-32899898 Some great footage of a range of ships (Destroyers and Carrier) from WWII. The link above shows some clips but I will see if they put the full reels on-line. See you at sea
  11. Given there is a greyed out option tab called ammunition / consumables on the modules screen, I would bet a salty sea dog and a shoulder parrot premium ammo will be hitting the high seas soon. See you at sea
  12. Keltic

    Dive Bombers Better Than You Think

    I have a Ranger and an Independence. I use auto and manual depending on the situation. The one hit kill was on auto but I did manually adjust the angle so the aim circle covered the ship and not at an angle.
  13. There has been a lot of talk, even by me, about how DB's are still not that great. Well I may have changed my mind. I have only been playing US DB's but I have noticed that it takes quite a lot to send them into panic mode so their hit accuracy is better than before. When they do hit, I am getting a consistent 2 / 4k of damage. I would also say about 80% of my hits are causing a fire. I have attached my last battle report when I managed a 1 shot kill, with a DB, on an almost full health Atlanta.
  14. Keltic

    American CV Airgroup changes - TB reduction why?

    I was getting hits but maybe my luck was out with the fire damage. The ships I hit repaired it straight away. I will need to try some co-ordination attacks and get some flooding going, make them repair then hit with the DB. To be continued no doubt. See you at sea