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  1. they should probably just do another the ring without jingles. i love him, but the result was obvious from the start.
  2. Sprengo

    Yamato turret traverse

    Yamato has a HSF camo that comes with the HSF collection, you don't have to buy it like for the Musashi.
  3. Sprengo

    More anime commanders

    I would like to have the ARP missions back, at least for a while. I want moar anime grill in my port and the premium Kongos.
  4. I got one (Cleveland) from the free container they distributed with code on the FB page and other two (Sims and Atlanta) with the 10 containers I've bought on the shop. Guess I was pretty lucky.
  5. Sprengo

    guys put submarines ok and fast ok

    i like how the 404 on the wows website is a submarine
  6. As title says.. I recently came back playing the game and it's the only premium ship I want that I miss.