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  1. Commander Kappa

    How did you cancel your Twitch Prime membership? It says go to Amazon and cancel there, but once there I do not have an active prime account. Otoh I have a subsription to Prime at Twitch.tv but there you can not cancel.
  2. Hello, Im looking for a good clan to play clan battles in. I own Zao, Yamato and GKF tier 10 ships. Message me if you have a spot open. Best regards juv95hrn
  3. Ok. Didnt get that. Send a new application again and we will solve it. We have had very vocal members demanding more active members so I tried to please these by removing more inactives. Hard to please everyone apparantly.
  4. Matchmaking Monitor Application *Update*

    I can start the client .exe, point it to the WoWs root folder, enable replays, point it to the right server (EU) but it never changes from "Not currently in Battle" to being in battle. Any tips to get it to work?
  5. Update 2017-10-19: NEW MEMBER SLOTS AVAILABLE!!! We now finally have upgraded from max 30 to max 40 members. If you are interested in joining, sign up here, and send a request to join in game to OMPG. We will accept as there is open spots. Welcome!
  6. ?% chance for getting super-container

    According to the achievement tab I have openened 553 containers so far. As far as I remember I have gotten some 10-15 supercontainers in total: ( cant say exaclty how many). Most openened are non-TYL. Id guess 10% of the ones I opened are TYL in total. These are my best recollections of the SC I gotten. 1x Blyskawica (without 10 point commander, from a non-TYL container, 2nd or 3rd of the day). Best SC so far! 2x 5 millions credits (I always need credits so these were nice) 2x 50k free experience (before Missouri was avaliable so wasted on upgrading new stock ships, would value these more now when saving for premiums). 1-3x 250 flags 1-2x 50 rare flags (these are nice) 2x 50 rare camos. (these are very nice imo) 1-3x upgrades. (some are useful, most are not. I save them incase they are modded sometime. If not you got nearly 400k credits. Did I get 500 dubloons from a SC? Most people report 3000, maybe I got that once as well. I mostly choose non TYL containers, and looking back and guesstemating it seems I have a very low hit ratio of SCs. But since I am one of the very few lucky ones to hit a premium ship, I am not complaining.I was hugely suprised when this dropped (around when the Bismarck skins were given out in missions). But 10-15 out of 553 (mostly non TYL)gives a very low hit chance for SC. Otoh I have gotten some very nice rewards, and a lot of useful standard gear from non TYL-containers so I am still not complaining. These days I dont count on SYL. And it must be months since I opened one last. 10/553 = 1,8% chance 15/553 = 2,7% chance
  7. Update: We now have 30 members, that went really fast. (max is 30 people from the start in a clan). With 20 000 oil you can get 10 more people into the clan. Maybe this could be our first priority. Please send in applications, and Ill invite more people when someone leaves or we´ll get more space.
  8. Presentation: Age: 46 Ships: 1x T10, 5x T9, 15x T8, 19x T7, 22x T6, 14x T5 Favorite line: German Battleships? Speed, torps and secondaries! Country: Sweden Other: I play all ship lines to learn the ships, and save them all. It gives me bad stats, but a good grasp of what my opponents are sailing. I am able to use the minimap and read most situations. Bad tacticians in game annoy me.
  9. [Old Men Playing Games] OMPG Update 2018-03-20: If you feel like being in an "inactive" clan and just enjoying the clan benefits of a fully upgraded base feel free to send an invite. +3% experience and -10% cost on lots of ships is a nice thing. Atm everyone is accepted. No clan battles Chat is inactive Base fully upgraded except 50 members for 100k oil You are welcome to leave the clan and come back when next clan battle season comes around. That is probably what I will do, if I play then. Cheers! ______________________________________ Base upgrades so far: +10 members, max 40 (20 000 oil) -10% cost on Tier 5 ships (50 oil) -10% Cost on Tier 6 ships (200 oil) -10% Cost on Tier 7 ships (1000 oil) -10% Cost on Tier 8 ships (5000 oil) +3% experience on ALL nations -10% upkeep on all classes
  10. Namn och ålder? Henrik, Nick ingame? juv95hrn Hur gammal är du? 45 år gammal Vilka är dina maxtier fartyg? Jag spelar alla linjer, sparar de flesta och har skepp tier 6-9 i dem alla. 5 av dem är tier 9. Ingen tier 10 ännu. Ca 15 premiums, så ett totalt antal på över 80 skepp. Vilket är ditt favoritskepp tier8? Bismarck, Atago Skriv ett par meningar om dig själv. Jag är vansinnigt trött på att spela med dåliga spelare som inte verkar använda minimap eller förstå sitt skepps roll. Jag har rätt dåliga stats pga av att jag kör många olika skepp (dvs mycket stock med dåliga kaptener. Men i ett bra skepp är jag en bra spelare. Kan även bedöma vad som behöver göras i en match.
  11. the "carry harder!" thread

    I know the feeling. Usually I end up top 3, or maybe top 5 at the worst. Then lose 9 battles out of 10 in a row. How is that fun?

    I hate this Manga stuff. It desstroys the WWII immersion completely. what were the devs thinking? Seriously?
  13. Project R is up on EU

    I'm SO glad I didn't have to look up the other 11 since forum peons always exists. Also such info should be mention on the project R webbsite.
  14. Project R is up on EU

    I have done all the Project R missions available, and still haven't got 260 pearls, although very nearly. When will there be new missions, weekly I suppose?