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  1. RedMistRage

    Cossack nerf

    I should have gone to specsavers!
  2. RedMistRage

    Cossack nerf

    yes am very old and wrinkly "like raisin"
  3. RedMistRage

    Cossack nerf

    thx read it back to front :P
  4. RedMistRage

    Cossack nerf

    Forgive me if i have this wrong but i thought prem ships you paid real cash for would never be nerfed? "buffed yes" but never nerfed,from what i'm reading the cossack has had it's turret traverse nerfed by half. Can someone please explain this!
  5. RedMistRage

    Server down transfering you.. Server down again for repair..

    Still the same issue
  6. RedMistRage

    How do we help players like these?

    I have a friend who has no arms and plays with his feet,his "stats" are poor but he enjoys the game,what do you know about the people with bad "stats" does it matter that there stats are poor? not to me,i've been in games where he is constantly harrased for "poor stats" Just leave em alone and let them play!
  7. RedMistRage

    Shima "Unique" upgrade

    Just finished the grind for the "unique" upgrade used lots of camo's and flags to get there and i personally think it's a downgrade,yes it takes my reload from 117s to 103s sounds great but what you give up for that is -80% to tube traverse speed is just to harsh and changes the gameplay of the ship.Forget about using torps close range if you get into trouble that's not happening. I've took it off with disappointment,was expecting a little more for the grind,just my opinion though others might find it usable.
  8. Played all weekend for hours and hours,completed all the missions got all the containers,opened said containers and didn't get enough to fill 1 collection so i take it unless i pay for more containers that's it for me? I call [edited]! very disappointed is an understatement. cheers WG
  9. RedMistRage

    Game crash

    I also have the same issue with "no mods"
  10. RedMistRage

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    This is my contribution.