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  1. Battleships are reduced to targets

    It really isn't. I'll give you that destroyers tend to be near the top of the scoreboard as they play a very useful role and caps multiply xp gains like mad but Battleships aren't underperforming at all. It's far easier to pull 100k damage games in battleships than it is to pull them in destroyers, provided you actually do you job and don't spend 20 minutes in smoke plinking away in smoke which might let you constantly hit that sort of number.
  2. WG removed credits from supercontainers

    The upgrades from SC should really just be replaced with giving you a choice of special upgrade, that would make me happy to see them show up.
  3. HMS Cossack

    I hope by the time of release she'd actually in a good state, I'd rather like to own a Tribal class premium, I wouldn't ind seeing a more German destroyer tier reload speed for her single torp launcher, considering its flaws, along with the narrow/single option instead of this useless wide/single. We'll have to see how it pans out though, hopefully it doesn't wind up being a gimick where she just gets more consumables stacked on her.
  4. New Year's Ship Horn

    So long as the option to mute them remains for those who tire of them I'd be happy to see them stick around afterwards sans the santa laugh, they'd be fun to honk about with in divisions every now and then.
  5. Is Yamato the worst T10 BB ingame now?

    I find the Yamato fine, what I don't like is the submerged citadel trend, you should be able to punish people who decide to show flat broadside at short range properly, not to the old level of Monana/Iowa but not what it is now.
  6. Captain Yamamoto, the killstealer

    I'm not a fan of the Yamamoto skills, they're extremely powerful but he's also the least consistant of all the special captains, i'd have much preferred he simply got slightly enhanced skills that made him useful 100% of the time.
  7. Post event restocking is such a pain. I came so very close to getting everything possible in the event this time, I think I was literally only missing Hagikaze, considering my usual luck it was a nice change How did everyone else do? Also, here's my offering of my favourite trophy dd
  8. KGV captain skillset question, need help

    IFHE just bumps the HE pen, it lets you citadel RN cruisers iirc but otherwise you have more than enough HE pen for anything and if there's a RN cruiser broadside you should be firing AP anyway, total waste of 4 points.
  9. About time Hippers 8"/60 SK C/34 were buffed

    Yeah, they need to be careful, the buff to their bow was a nice start so I would hope any future buffs come in stages.
  10. About time Hippers 8"/60 SK C/34 were buffed

    It would help, I wouldn't mind also seeing a small concealment buff or even the additon of a repair (same as Atago) One thing is for sure and that is that Hipper/Prinz could both do with a little improvement.
  11. Akagi

    Once carriers are sorted out and in the far future there will probably be a second IJN carrier line or branch off point with ships like Akagi and Shinano. She'll be in game eventually though again I wouldn't expect it soon.
  12. Annoying ship selection after battle

    I get this constantly as well but u've never been able to nail down any cause, no mods that fiddle with the port but after battle it tends to randomly select a ship for me, I've done more than a few games in the wrong ship when the game has decided instead of Yamato I should be playing the blasted Albany or something and i'm too slow to cancel. In fact this is the first time i've seen anyone post about it, I looked but i've never been able to find another topic about it, good to know it's not just me.
  13. Supercontainer Change proposal

    While I don't think I agree with everything I wouldn't mind some limited choice. I think it would be a good idea if you could pick the special module you get when you roll one as lord knows I don't need another spotter plane upgrade but Hydro, Radar or Engine boost would be great. I could also maybe see it not being too unbalanced if you were allowed a choice of some basic flags. (probably not the super flags though)
  14. About King George V and armour angling...

    May simply be my luck, I've been having some pretty dismal misses on the people who show broadside to me up close, I've only had eleven games so far though so thjere's still plenty of time for it to change.
  15. About King George V and armour angling...

    I had a mediocre start in the KGV but i'm really enjoying it now, I think the key to it is in the captain though, without the good captain I have I think I wouldn't find myself enjoying the ship as much as I do, it benefits massively from so many skills. Also the AP is a bit trollish, it's like the Scharnhorst but without the sigma, still, it's a fine ship and hopefully not one of the ones that will wind up nerfed.