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  1. With the way they calculate how gun characteristics work you'll almost certainly never see a Yamato class at tier nine, they're too strong.
  2. Agreed, maybe keep it for supercontainers, everything else is something i've seen a thousand times and couldn't care less about.
  3. So now one of the most signifigant British battleship classes is in a bit of limbo again, I wish I wasn't surprised but this is not a good way to go. If KGV is going to be tier seven is she going to be a premium or do you plan on stripping Nelson from tier seven and making one of them premium? Unless WG plan on having two tier sevens I can't see many people being happy at all. Plus it's another blasted paper design.
  4. Blasted shame you can't buy these packages as a gift, if they just made it so people couldn't be sent more than one it wouldn't be too exploitable.
  5. From the looks of things at the very least they need to shuffle her reserves around a bit, she could afford to have some fighters swapped for torps.
  6. I'm enjoying mine, her fighters are total arse it's true but those torp bombers are amazing and they catch people off guard with it quite often, best i've done is 198k damage so far. That said, uptiering is not going to do her any favours, it really isn't.
  7. When I finally got a coupon from WG it was for blasted World of Tanks which I've not played in an age, I suppose it's preferable than dangling the Hood in front of me with a coupon I cannot use.
  8. My argument has nothing to do with how the ship was in reality, expecting ships to conform to how they were in real life in this game is just asking for dissapointment, the soft stats are all balanced with very little respect to how they were in Real life from range to rate of fire, very little conforms to reality. I'm not trying to say that she was designed for it but is is what she is balanced for ingame.
  9. And you're ignoring both Smoke and Concealment, they both fufill different roles, the French cruiser is a medium/long range kiting ship with mediocre base concealment. The Leander is fairly stealthy and equipped with a smoke generator allowing her to move far closer in relative safety and use her RN AP to engage targets at close to medium ranges. To put her at tier five with the Konigsberg would be to do the Leander a disservice. Don't underestimate consumables when you look at the numbers, I'd shudder to think of what you'd think of the later RN cruiser if you discount their smoke.
  10. Why on earth would you want to remove Leanders main selling point? the smoke gives her something to compensate for her armour and mediocre range. The French one may have better main gun range but she has absolutely no armour, relying on being overpenned to survive. Not to mention at 15km the Royal Navy arcs are pretty dire and you ideally want to be closer than that anyway. Leander isn't the best tier six around but she's a step up from the British tier five and six. Edit: I totally forgot that the French tier six also has a fairly poor rate of fire.
  11. Looking at the previews of Hood I'm really hoping she gets the same Sigma as Warspite, I think I could deal with the rest of the Issues because well, it's the Hood but i've come to enjoy the guns on Warspite a lot.
  12. And of course the bundle with the commerorative flag is absolutely laden with junk as usual, this time even moreso than normal.
  13. So far I've had: 250 Det flags x2, 250 speed flags x2, 250 of arsonist flag, 50k free xp twice, Warspite (which I already owned, glad they fixed that) , 5m credits twice and three of the new modules, i'd much rather they remove the ability to sell flags for credits and put the flags back into the containers or at least let me choose which of these damn special modules I want. I have absolutely no use for two bloody spotter plane mods and the smoke gen one is barely more useful. Still, even with all that trash they're a hundred times better than the only daily missions.
  14. Formatting on this is really painful and hard to read, a summary plus more paragraphs would help, aside from the carrier changes I have a hard time actually figuring out what you wanted. That said, I don't agree, it's a set of fairly drastic changes for very little notable gain, Battleships are performing fairly well right now and the Royal Navy cruisers do not suddenly need to be made worse against a class that tends to make up over a third of each time ar times. Carriers most certainly need a rework but I don't think customisable loadout and changing of tiers is the way to do it, I'd like to see them start by just making the general loadouts less atrocious and avoid the stupid Air superiority builds. Also, carriers already take more damage from fire I believe.
  15. Very true but Sigma is more an invisible balance characteristic, Nikolai somehow manages to have 2.0 after all. I don't think it's going to make Hood uplayable at all, I just think it would be a nice addition if they're going to insist on keeping the turrets as glacial as they are.