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  1. HatsuzukiKaiNi

    Tirpitz and Asashio are back in action

    I know HP is mainly calculated on tonnage but if you insist of hammering Viribus into tier five surely she could stand to have her HP shunted up a little bit? it's not going to break anyone's immersion or be confusing to do so. In fact I think i'd be more surprised seeing my tier five battleship having less hp than some of the cruisers she can potentially face. I'll at least give WG credit for not making her Nikolai 2.0 though.
  2. HatsuzukiKaiNi

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    So far I've had: 250 Det flags x2, 250 speed flags x2, 250 of arsonist flag, 50k free xp twice, Warspite (which I already owned, glad they fixed that) , 5m credits twice and three of the new modules, i'd much rather they remove the ability to sell flags for credits and put the flags back into the containers or at least let me choose which of these damn special modules I want. I have absolutely no use for two bloody spotter plane mods and the smoke gen one is barely more useful. Still, even with all that trash they're a hundred times better than the only daily missions.
  3. HatsuzukiKaiNi

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Finally got another few and it was detonation flags and fire chance, both are useful at least and with the changes from the latest patch you can't get dupe orenium ships so at least that's something.
  4. HatsuzukiKaiNi

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    I would be absolutely thrilled with this, sadly I already own her, I got credits and a nice spare captain though and i'm not going to complain about not getting 5 flags. Also, anime warning.