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  1. maydays

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    Until when are these ARP Ships still available in the store? I am honestly only interested in the ARP Takao with Red Camouflage, since you cannot buy it in any other way the camouflage. -_-
  2. maydays

    Takao mission - Q&A

    Wargaming, really... what the bloody hell were you thinking, when you decided it was a good idea to add as a requirement for the Arp Nachi mission to get at least 20 Russian sunk... Really what were you thinking?! There are barely any people out there that plays with Russian ships for a good damn reason! Now please for in the love that anyone who wants to get this mission done, fix this!!!
  3. maydays

    Question to WG about Arpeggio voices

    Thanks! I finally got the Iona's voice back again as it was intended! :3
  4. maydays

    Question to WG about Arpeggio voices

  5. maydays

    Question to WG about Arpeggio voices

    Where did you get the sound files? Also is Iona in there as well? Because i do kind of miss her voice. :/ :c
  6. maydays

    Question to WG about Arpeggio voices

    What i am more mad about, that i can't select the Iona's Voice-Over anymore, i want to hear my kawaii Iona's voice again. :c Is there any mod-packs out there available with Iona's voice?
  7. maydays

    Question to WG about Arpeggio voices

    How the hell did you get Iona? :o
  8. Some people will never understand the difference between an aimbot, and an illegal aim assist mod. :c Ohh, well don't bother trying to explain it to these people because they will just refuse to acknowledge it, or too stupid to understand this.
  9. maydays

    0.5.3 New Commander Skills Feedback

    I would say, 40 to around 36 seconds rotation for it's stock turret/guns, the EM would buff it's rotation speed with 2 second less, and it also still deserves a range buff of around 16.4-8km range as well if you ask me, then the ship would be playable again.
  10. maydays

    Some interesting info around the world

    Aww, :c Well at least you have tried, i be hoping that they will soon fix her to be a bit more historical correct look, same the other IJN ship's AA armament which seems to be on subpar, some IJN ships had WAY more AA guns then they had in the game.
  11. maydays

    0.5.3 General Feedback

    Please buff the Mogami, it's range is still ridiculous low, compared to other tier 8 Cruisers, at buff of up to 16,5/8 Kilometre would be better, also it's stock main armament turns way too dreadful slow, like painful slow, and come on! It is a bloody Cruiser for [edited]sake! 51.5 seconds to turn 180 degrees? That is like a Dreadnought BB like slow, at least fix it to 36-38 seconds to turn 180 degres, no seriously WG'ing like i said the only buffs that Mogami needs to be fixed is a range buff, and it's main armament rotation buff, and also have her historical AA guns value, and actually all the other ships should have the historical values of their AA armament as well.
  12. maydays

    0.5.3 Permanent Camouflage Patterns Feedback

    Lower please the price of the permanent camouflage, 3000 doublons for tier 8 permanent camoufle is just way, way too much! I would pay around 500-1000 doublon for a permanent camouflage, but not 3000 doublons.
  13. maydays

    Some interesting info around the world

    And her proper AA guns.
  14. maydays

    0.5.3 New Commander Skills Feedback

    Dude i was talking about secondaries, look at IJN BB's, most of them ARE bigger then 139mm, between 140-152mm guns. So do you research before spouting that someone is talking nonsense.
  15. maydays

    0.5.3 New Commander Skills Feedback

    The bloody hell are you doing WG'ing really, because of balancing reasons you nerfed a couple of commander skill perks, but you consider to buff up a few Cruisers? Wait you have! But only the bloody Mikhail Kutuzov, right now Mogami's range is terrible, her stock 155mm's guns turret rotation speed is horrendous slow... some lower tier ships such as Kuma, and a certain other ships have lost most of their charms, really WG'ing, before you nerf those commander perk skills do at least a proper job of rebalancing the ships that may affect the greatest. The reason why all those commander perks were taken on the Mogami, and why the 155mm guns were prefered was because they gave us almost equal range as other tier 8-9 ships, and made out turrets rotate at least to a more bearable degree, also we had the DPM to at least face other ships, now? Right now? It is nerfed beyond oblivion, and so are the most other tier 4-5 Cruiser ships, most of the BB's can't use BSF properly anymore, because most BB's their secondary guns are bigger then 139mm, the same thing with AFT, lower tier BB's could have finally more then 4km range for their secondary guns, if a DD'er, or a Cruiser would close in, now they don't have that anymore either, i mean seriously WG'ing?!?!