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  1. Koffee

    Halloween: Nightmare Operations

    atleast add the ability to queue for the harder modes, some of us don't have time to hunt for a division to play or just don't want to.
  2. Koffee

    Combat Missions in Update 0.8.7

    Time you released the % chance of drops for all these lock box lottery's. shouldn't be a problem being transparent and it would be a huge PR boost.
  3. Koffee

    Armory, inventory, news, clan etc not loading in client

    i have this issue too i assumed it was just me and my mods, but i have a second client right next to me on same mods and doesn't have this issue.
  4. Koffee

    Don't bother with Premium containers !!! RIPOFF

    Chances of drops (the odds of winning) should be announced with boxes imo. never any harm being transparent over the whole thing.
  5. Koffee

    Potential FPS Fix

    woah this started with me out of the blue 2 days ago, i've applied the fix and it seems to have stopped a good part of the issue, atleast now it doesn't get so bad my whole system gets unstable. i assumed it was my vega 56, but i've ran benchmark after benchmark so i can rule out a faulty gpu, ive also used default windows drivers, dec drivers, jan drivers and feb, so i can rule out drivers too.... however!!!! i did install the new windows update around the same time. 4790k vega 56 z97x-ud3h 16gb 2400 ram 1440p freesync enabled. installed on a evo ssd. edit. some things i have noticed. going by the vega GPUTach i have noticed a few things.... without the fps fix the gpu works fine but when the fps drop happens GPU usage goes to 50 and remains locked at 50% and causes the fps drop whiles it locked. this can result in either a hard lock or a softlock, if a softlock pressing esc normally fixes it and gpu returns to normal usage. with the gpu fix and no MODS the gpu seems to remain at 75% fulltime and causes no slowdowns or fps drops in port or gameplay, however gpu at 75% of cause results in performance drop. With gpu fix and mods, the gpu again returns to 100% usage but then also starts again locking to 50% and fps drops start. the actual gpu locks are random, however once started seems to act like a memory leak and just gets worse, it also seems to make my OS unstable after leaving the game on a few occasions. again this issue came out of noway for me.
  6. Koffee

    Super League - Modified Mission Conditions

    couldn't you have just made the winning team win a large container and loosing team win a small container. don't finish the game don't get the reward, but then everyone is rewarded for finishing the game and for playing in the league.
  7. Koffee

    Lag Spikes

    well i got this yesterday after i updated to windows 10, had to disable error correction and some other tweaks the update reset and i still was getting a slight spike. done a fresh install today and the spikes have gone.
  8. Koffee

    Cleveland Turrets

    had this issue last night, i actually lost all but one turret whiles i still had a good 1/2 hp left
  9. Koffee

    will british ships be at lauch ?

    royal navy wasn't really just us brits tho, it was the whole empire/commonwealth, it defended many nations, supplied many armys on many fronts whiles defending her homeland, its actually a little insulting all that is being overlooked and we just placed last.. the only over navy to have such a impact on the war was japan by bombing pearl harbor and bringing in the Americans, but without the RN the war wouldn't of lasted that long.
  10. Koffee

    will british ships be at lauch ?

    perhaps why its been answered by a dev, just to tag and see interest, its hard to research ww2 navy and not have the RN in your face all the time, so its bound to have a lot of work done somewhere in a draw/usbdrive
  11. Koffee

    will british ships be at lauch ?

    i'm alittle sad and will hold hope we get in before launch, it has to be really, cos it would feel like wot without the german tanks... on the seas she was the main character and deserve's a main role. it wasn't just about numbers, the Royal navy also excelled at tactics and rarely did she seek a easy fight with numbers, and even Italy took idea's from the RN, she was respected by all sea fairing nation and copied by most if not all. even today her influence outweighs her punching power (tho through abit of glory surfing)
  12. Koffee

    will british ships be at lauch ?

    don't say that the royal navy is going to be last, it was the most influential navy in the whole war, even minus the war it was the most influential navy in the whole world.
  13. Koffee

    will british ships be at lauch ?

    i hoped it would be one of the first 3
  14. Koffee

    will british ships be at lauch ?

    now that's just being a tease Grimbru ;)
  15. titles says it all really, i can't find the info after searching.