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  1. Zieten


    WG does not have a stringent way of banning people. Remember the win-trading clans in CB? No bans. Cheating? No bans. Intentional TKing? No bans. For the record: I can honestly understand why WG pulled the plug here (though i am quite certain that the twitter post is just a convenient out for them) and i also don't think that his behavior in this case is mature. Does not change the fact that he was very often right with his predictions and that he still is the best source for gameplay info concerning WoWs.
  2. Zieten


    Can't say i'm surprised, but given how little "advantages" CCs still have left it won't change a lot i guess.
  3. 3 gegen 3 mit Carrier? Was? Wer hatn da wieder Lack gesoffen?
  4. Zieten

    Wujing - should I care?

  5. With the way they're going, this game will reach World of Warplanes status in Q2 2022
  6. Zieten

    So how does dead eye work?

    Oh boy, then we're in for a treat ! Remember how they fine-tuned the CV-rework to perfection? No? Well, me neither.
  7. We all know why they did this. So that people forget a few captains while respec is free - and have to pay later to give them a decent spec. Another badly concealed attempt at squeezing out a little more.
  8. Zieten

    Wujing - should I care?

    No. That new skill will result in a 19% tighter dispersion which will help Alsace tremendously.
  9. Zieten

    Wujing - should I care?

    Hey - your money, your decisions. If you are currently enjoying the game - good for you. Returning to the question: Alsace is a decent ship and will probably really get a benefit out of the Captain Skill Rework . Especially that improved dispersion will help it a ton.
  10. Zieten

    Wujing - should I care?

    The better question is: why would you give WG any money considering their track record for 2020 and their plans for 2021?
  11. Maybe the low-tier ones. High-tier CVs, when properly angled (and i know i know, CVs usually dont know what that means), are some of the tankiest ships in the game.
  12. Zieten

    Official statment

    That's more than i expected them to do - but yeah, poor Customer Service guys
  13. Zieten

    Yoshino or Salem for Coal?

    Depends on what you like better gameplay-wsie Yoshino is basicly a T10 Ibuki - can be effective but not exactly very engaging gameplay. I don't own a Salem and, considering my stats on my Des Moines, I am really not an expert on these types of ships I assume though that the gameplay is rather similiar - so frontline island-hugging it is. Salem has the added bonus that everyone thinks you're a scrub and won't expect much of you (lowest WR of all T10 cruisers i think) I bought the Yoshino purely because i like the looks of it, but i can't say that i am particularly happy with what i've got.
  14. Zieten

    Official statment

    I was really just kidding. I know that you're one of the good guys here.
  15. Zieten

    Official statment

    My comment was not meant serious :) That thread kinda needs some cleaning-up - was just surprised how long it takes