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  1. Looking at the team scoreboard now, it seems even this event is rigged
  2. tumppu75

    In-game rare items AUCTION

    That would not surprise me. They could always go even lower and scalp 5% off each bid amount, for "handling the transaction".
  3. tumppu75


    The ridiculously good close range accuracy is reserved only for the russians. Giving their "gimmick" to other ships would be unfair. Meanwhile every other nation looking at american and russian premiums are like: "Are we a joke to you?" The answer is yes. Yes you are. Not quite as big as the new german destroyers, but pretty big.
  4. Not like this will be the first of their own statements they go back on, nor will it be the last. As for those who claim BB only respec is enough, you will get +10 WG score credited to your accounts shortly. Well done, comrades.
  5. tumppu75

    Goodbye rewards for achievements

    Well, just playing is still free. Unless wg decides that the game is actually a service and you totally should pay 10€£$ a month to have access...
  6. tumppu75

    Goodbye rewards for achievements

    OK. I sort of, kinda, agree on giving top tier ships to everyone who bothers to play through a dockyard campaign, but if he (or others) were complaining about signals and camos, then idk what the F were they thinking. Also, since it's not exactly rare to run into people with 10k + games and winrate/PR well in the dark red, the whole "going to top tier too fast" thing is kind of pointless, since the true tomatoes won't get any better even if they spend another 10k games in middle tiers.
  7. tumppu75

    Wg wants to tax DDs instead of BBs

    There is a name for this kind of activity, which starts with T and ends with a verb involving a ball going down a hillside. Kind of impressive how it's an actual company doing it, but then you remember they're russians and it makes sense.
  8. tumppu75

    Goodbye rewards for achievements

    Was this on stream or in some video? Have to see what his reasoning was, before calling him a deluded jackass.
  9. tumppu75

    Goodbye rewards for achievements

    Which CCs have been complaining about the amount of free stuff given to players? Legit interested to hear.
  10. tumppu75

    Poll: Will you stop spending on the game?

    1. I don't mind if they release underpowered ships. If they are techtree, I'll ignore that tree and if they are premium, I won't buy. 2. Some premiums are disgustingly OP, they should tone those down, instead of blanket nerfs, because that will just increase the number of ships I won't play at all, or very rarely. 3. Idea that a ship shouldn't be "nerfable" because it's premium is a bad one. You end up with crap like Thunderer and Smolensk. They need to be toned down, since they seem to be unable to balance worth crap during testing (we all know why THAT is...) 4. The xp needed jump from 19 to 21 is ridiculous. Should have kept the old progression. 5. The price in elite xp is really high and since they disabled skills ENTIRELY during retraining, it's obvious they want to dry out your elite xp and make you spend dubs. It's a [edited] move, but obvious, since they only want your cash. 6. If that comes to pass... IDK if I will bother anymore, honestly. 7. At least this one is easy, just ignore it. Some turbo-whales will spend money on it, unfortunately, so looking forward to more content being locked behind crap like that. 8. We're consumers. We are cash cows by default. I will probably bother less with things like premium time or flags and camos, if they indeed will add more hurdles into getting them. Imagine saving someones life IRL or just finding someones wallet and returning it. Instead of getting a medal or y a reward, you get a task of saving 5 more lives or finding and returning 5 more wallets, and doing that will give you your medal/reward. It's ridiculous. The easiest solution will of course be to JUST BUY THEM. But you know what, WG? I don't think I will.
  11. tumppu75

    Brawls in 0.10.1: The Next Step

    If this mode did NOT include CVs, I would probably be playing it, but as it stands, I'm not going to bother.