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  1. Chug

    Naval Legends: Submarine Seehund

    So are the submarines commin or not ??
  2. Chug

    Submarine Testing

    My major issue playing subs last time was the depth controls.....can you please make some preset depths to cycle through ?? like with our speed . Or atleast make a shortcut to enter periscope depth. Last time was a nightmare to get into the correct periscope depth...i found myself cursing that more than anything else, I still do not understand why we need that ping mechanism i am sure that giving subs the same torpedo firing options as the UK ships with single/spread firing would work alot better....both for the sub...and their targets. The "ignore" armor thing is so arcade its borderline embarrasing.
  3. Played like 35 games in subs, and about 30 in diff ships in the new mode. I liked the playstyle its honestly not that much different from a dd basic playstyle imho. And i bow in the dust before your graphics guys....holy hell this undersea are looking way better than i would have hoped for...more than one thump up for that-- it is just breathtaking. A couple of things drove me crazy though.... 1 the depth control was horribly constantly found myself too deep or shallow...easily fixed though with say 5 pre-set depths sort of like the speed selector. Anything else than what it is now would be a massive improvement. 2 The ping range and aiming it.....it took me some games to get used to it....its not optimal....could be fixed with something like hovering aim over the points for x amount of seconds could maybe work better ??. 3 Countering subs...well in a dd with an isolated sub......your gonna win 10/10 times. For BB's and cruisers....i do not get why you are not giving them a counter like the ww2 hedgehog systems....that were designed specifically to destroy subs in that era. it could be used to target an area or work auto like secondaries with some less accuracy. That may require a complete rework of all surface ships tho to add a new system like hedgehogs...maybe it could work if some secondary batteries on those ships had anti sub measures....as it works now with pretty much only a destroyer on top on the sub to counter it....it wont work subs will be way too dominant.....especially in a game with enemy destroyers already dead. 4. Homing torpedoes...i kinda see what you were trying. As i mentioned about the sonar ping. I just found myself thinking if its a good or bad thing. It certainly adds an element of skill required to hit with them, but thats down to the annoying ping mechanic imho. And fire and forget torpedoes actually also require some thought before firing. I did not like the "2x lock on target" guarantees big hits mechanic, it had an arcade game feel to it, and i did really not enjoy the pinging to lock them on. I think its a bad idea to have to use a ping that will give your position away, in a sub where stealth and the element of surprise are your best friends. And playing BB's it felt pointless even trying to avoid getting sawed in half by locked on torps. I personally think straight running torpedoes like in all other ships would work fine, or maybe a much weaker passive homing that allowed the torp to change course slightly, if it has a target in its "seeker -cone" . You are close imho to get them ready...a few more tweaks to counter them, and i cannot se them being more annoying than a dd or a cruiser sitting in smoke raining shells and torps your way.
  4. Chug

    PT 0.9.4 - General Feedback

    Can we join from our normal wg accounts ? or do i need to make a new one for this server ?
  5. Chug

    Status on submarines

    1½ year after the "subs are comming " post from wg...an update on subs would be amazing.
  6. Chug


    No offense...but why do you care about what game-mode other people like to play. Its not like there's a limited amount of players that can complete the missions. And using coop to learn how to play is a horrible idea...you end up with a tier 7+ ship and start doing public matches...and they are not exactly like coop's, so you'd have to start at high tier games as cannonfodder....you will not enjoy that experience. some people play coop's in their tier10's because they enjoy it over the raging and pointing fingers in public games. only gamemode that should give increased rewards should be clan-battles.
  7. Chug

    What WG should really do with the Dockyard

    Dock Yard only have one issue...the enddate. And yeah id love to see all ship being build this way...cos damn its so cool to actually watch the ship your grinding being build.
  8. still waiting for an invite to testing...signed up first day it was up...but still no luck going into 3.round.
  9. Chug

    The Best Solution For Puerto Rico

    If you cant wait....sure pay if you can afford it, to get it sooner...thats completely up to the individual player...im fine with that some people dont mind wasting money to be cool for a week or two.
  10. Chug

    The Best Solution For Puerto Rico

    They are already making refunds to those who did, so that argument is dead. This way they're spitting 95% of the playerbase in the face...so why not ??
  11. Chug

    The Best Solution For Puerto Rico

    If you want a solution : Remove the end-date on the event : case solved entire player-base gets the ship as the present you actually told us we were getting, and you can actually get a positive outcome out of the bigest PR disaster in online gaming history. WG have the option to do so, but that would seriously undermine the real reason for the event from WG's side : a good chunk of income just before the fiscal year ends.
  12. We all know that they will do either : A. Absolutely nothing...or even make the insane grind a little bit worse. B. Make it possible to complete missions with more gold. This could have been the ultimate treat to the entire playerbase......but they could not resist making it another milking-cow to treat themselfes.
  13. Chug

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    Wargaming...you made the coolest feature i have seen in a decade of online games...and you somehow managed to screw it up completely. We were to this would be an easy grind...and looking at the directives.....jeeeeez. for an average player this will be a 10-15 hour daily grind...on top of what looks like a mandatory 24000 doubloons expense to stand a fighting chance to get close to obtaining the ship. You had a chance to make something insanely cool, but you went nuts and made the directives such a nasty gridfest, even if you spend 100euro on the doubloons, it will be a fulltime job to get close to complete the ship. So what we're left with is another premium ship....roughly same price as equivalent ships for sale....but thistime...on top of paying you we also have to play nonstop for weeks to get anything out of money we payed you. This is just a fancy way of getting people to spend more money....what a damn shame.
  14. Chug

    Update 0.8.11: New Year

    The tree-like structure that lets you unlock ship in a certain path, by unlocking new modules. Could call it a module or tech-tree if that sounds more familiar to you in wows terms. Seeing the stuff you grind for actually being build in front of you would be such a massive improvement...and something unique no other game i know of has. just a silly idea
  15. Chug

    Update 0.8.11: New Year

    Dockyard seems like the coolest thing ever to enter the game....any chance WG are looking at this as a new way to grind talent trees ? That would be so damn cool alot more interactive than just clicking stuff in a talent-tree. PLZ make this happen WG. And finally...any news on submarines....havent heard anything in a while now ? ? ?