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  1. That won't solve anything. All you are doing then is saying, play one way that will punish the player (getting stuck on island) or suicide (going towards the enemy and getting alphad/primary fired to death). We need to change how fast you can kill a player when they turn and show broadside. As right now you have the choice to reverse/hide by islands (not very historical and does not feel like playing a ship) or go towards the enemy and die quickly as the enemy just focus fire you to death. You need to be able to turn and zigzag on your side of the front while shooting, like ships would actually do. And the citadel mechanic and autobounce mechanics do not encourage this. Players want to play the game. And as this game only gives you one life, that means you need to preserve your life as long as possible. Thus you have to play in a way that is very un ship like.
  2. I agree. One of the reasons I do not like high tiers and are not really trying to grind to tier 10, is that it just feels like WoT 2.0 And I agree that Citadels are a problem. They soo much discourage attacking/maneuver warfare as people are very likely to just receive a random citadel. Especially cruisers, who can do everything right, and still get a random citadel on them, even when are not showing broadside. And the whole citadel system has nothing to do with aiming well or shooting well, as you can do everything wrong and still get a citadel just because of RNG dispersion, just like you can do everything right and get none. In my opinions, citadels are just like the detonation mechanic. Complete RNG. At least with detonation, I can use flags. Then again, citadel isn't the only thing that makes it play like WoT. Things like overmatch/auto bounce mechanics also make it way too similair. Like let the ships go broadside and fire volleys like they would in real life. I am not asking for a historically accurate simulator, just want it to feel like a ship at least.
  3. SBS


    Has WG ever managed to give equal treatment to players regardless of server? It seems to me that the different departments have never really coordinated, and I see no reason for that to change anytime soon.
  4. SBS

    CV Rework Discussion

    All they showed was the rework video and then answered a few questions I believe. We can still expect to wait untill 2019 for CV rework I think. And sure, CV counter sniping and arty counter sniping might mean that the CV/arty player has more to do, and thus might be considered more "complex" gameplay and less boring, but what does that mean if it leads to utterly unbalanced gameplay. Let us not confuse more options and more mechanics for better gameplay. Too much can mean we end up with too many variables that make it impossibly to balance.
  5. SBS

    CV Rework Discussion

    God I hope CV sniping never returns. It was never fun for the escorting cruiser to have to sit by a CV, especially because the enemy CV would just ignore you if it saw the escort, but if you have no escort, then you die. Also basicly meant that CV in division were even more powerful than without. It ofcourse also means one side can get an early win quickly without the rest of the team every being able to do anything about it. CV has had a lot of problems, but adding DF was one of the best decisions ever. It is not flawless, but at least better than the mess we had.
  6. SBS

    Which is your most hated camo by looks?

    In my opinion all camos are ugly, except a few of the permanent historical/historically inspired one. Seriously, even the standard type 1 and 2 are bad, and look like someone just made random paint job. They look more like someone choose 3 colords for each nation, but otherwise went and painted them like tanks.
  7. SBS

    How fast is your "Free XP" gathering?

    I have to admit, I would rather save the free XP to upgrade ships to avoid stock ships. No idea why they still exist. At least we have a decent way of earning Free XP and such with all the flags and camos we regularly get. But I suppose it also depends on what premium ship you have, if any and if you got premium time. Would be nice if they showed a kind of global statistics for how much XP and credits we earned in our total time playing, a bit like they do with damage and the like. Would be fun to know.
  8. I think the main problem here is that this is coop. As far as I know COOP has the lowest MM restrictions and therefor allow for such teams to happen. Probably because the COOP population is soo low, so to not get too long waiting times, they removed restrictions. Just my guess.
  9. I really do have to love how WG seem to love testing new mechanics/modes in the halloween events. First operations basically started there and now this. Can we declare the early Holloween event the time for testing new idea?
  10. SBS

    USN CV rebalancing incoming!

    Wait, WG is keeping their promise and actually rebalancing CV in 2017? Welp, I might actually just start grinding my US CV again. Great work WG, not sure if the balance will make it better or worse, but at least you are doing something, and I can get behind that, hats of to you
  11. SBS

    How do you celebrate halloween in your country

    In Denmark we also don't celebrate halloween. Sure the shops put out costumes and advertises for it and so on trying to ofcourse milk it for all it is worth, but I have never seen a party (beyond drinking party at the university or dorms) or anyone actually going out trick or treating. We have fastelavn which lies in the spring, where some kids go out asking for candy. Hell, I don't even know how many people in Europe actually celebrate it, seems more like an American thing to me.
  12. SBS

    What is the reason to grind T10 in this game?

    Same reason as any other tier. To play some ships you think are fun to play. If you consider tier 10 endgame you are going about it the wrong way. Tier 10 is no more important than tier 5, or at least they shouldn't be, unless people somehow want less than 10% of the game to be important. So, it really just matters if you find the ships at tier 10 fun. Also remember clan wars is different than randoms. There is no random players, only pre made teams.
  13. SBS

    if you can't fix it

    WG can't balance premium ships to save their life. Then again, maybe they should stop giving every new premium some gimmick or another. But yeh, WG has allways refused to balance stuff. Apparently they are like a 10 year old who pushes all his crap under the bed. If they can't see the problem, it ain't there.
  14. SBS

    New ATC Sim

    I am basicly saying the game is bad by the way he advertises it here. I mean, if a dev has to go to a forum to another game in order to advertise about their own game, what does that say about it? Why not find some forums that discuss topics regarding flight sims, air traffic control or airport stuff, or just a place where flight enthusiasts gather in general, instead of going to a forum about naval warfare. Seems like someone is desperate. I mean, seriously. I generally support game devs as it brings new life and ideas, but sometimes I have to facepalm.
  15. AP shells, guns and fighters are the most usefull things to upgrade in my opinion. The reason being fighters are allways used, and the easier you obtain AS+, the less damage you take/less bauxite it cost you. Also, there is nothing like seing enemy carriers unable to attack cause they lost all planes. Main guns because, well, they are used nearly allways. AP shells because they are used more than radars. In events, having the extra damage from AP cut-in is preferred over the accuracy provided by radar, due to the crazy armor values of bosses. Also, modernizing AP shells as well as main guns also provides those with accuracy bonus. On this site you can see what benefits you get when modernizing, and how much each star gives. http://akashi-list.me/