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  1. Agree with you completely. Seriously, I can udnerstand some DD needing smoke and some of the UK light cruisers (due to their paper thin armor). But really, the premiums like Belfast and Kutuzov are plenty good enough on their own. True. Don't know why I am surprised. Also funny how people complain when premiums get nerfed. It is not like WG does not have a right to it. The EULA you sign specefically say that WG can change them however they see fit, and in my opinion, some premiums deffinetly need a nerf, while others might need a buff. But more premiums seem to need a small nerf rather than a buff. Than again, considering that people only seem to buy premium if they are really good if not downright OP, why would WG ever want to make premiums that are not OP?
  2. Made a double post for some reason, ignore.
  3. I will say that I am not much of a fan of this change. But do NOT EVER say that the Kutuzov is depending on smoke to be viable. That ship is plenty good enough without smoke, and OP (in my opinion) with smoke. Seriously if all ofther tier 8 CA has to live without smoke and can do fine, so can damn Kutuzov. Kutuzov is and forever will be one of the best (if not the best) tier 8 CA. That thing won't hurt from a lack of smoke.
  4. 10% may not be much. But considering you most likely never even considered getting something in the first place, so if you do not find it usefull and choose to ignore it. Was anything lost? And if you do use it, well then it was a nice little gift anyway. Either way, nothing is really lost.
  5. Maybe you should look at you own link under causes. Could it be it is time to find your bed? I hear it can restore vitality
  6. Are you a heretic? Go play Battlefleet Gothic: Armada!!!
  7. The matchup probably occured because some high tier CV was sitting in qeue for too long, and when another CV finally came, it picked whatever was available, and with the high BB population, that is what it got. Also, tier 9 and 10 have allways been campy, a large part of tier 8 as well. The reason why I do not really care for tier 9+ Probably happens because of the high damage/penetration and so on, so people are not willing to take risk. The ships simply become too good. At least that is my theory, no idea if I am right. The long ranges probably also help a lot to it.
  8. I feel like I am left out here. Have not even bothered to play ranked at all the last 2 seasons. The only reason I would even consider is because of the signal flags.
  9. I have to admit, I am rather interested in that outcome. I mean, as you said in the post he mostly just got his planes wiped without doing anything only to get burned down himself, so he did not do much. Yet still, I would have thought that you would still get more XP considering he is sailing a premium. Then again, maybe I am just misjudging it completely.
  10. I would just take a guess, but I would assume that it is all you players who really want the Enterprise? I mean, just look at the forum in the past couple of weeks when ever there has been any discussion about the enterprise, it has allways been filled with people saying that the ship must be in the game and deserves to be good due to it's "legendary" performance in the war, for "for standing alone against japan" and so on. Basicly all the players have basicly been screaming that this ship is a mush have in the game, so WG is probably thinking that since people really want the ship that much, they will buy it regardless of if it is a little over prised. And they are probably right.
  11. Okay, well that is interesting.
  12. Successfully complete an operation as the sole surviving player with at least 1 secondary task completed. As you can see, in the post BadGene got the medal, despite him also dying (and thus there was no solo surviving player). Also, this OP is not that difficult compared to the rest, we did it with half a team of tier 5, 2 Kamikaze, 1 Marblehead and 1 Kongo. And me in the kongo even attempted to ram all enemies I could get in range of, succeded as well untill an enemy DD torped me
  13. Great Success
  14. Here is a special version of a carry harder example just to add insult to injury to everyone. Here is an example of the bots carrying us in the PVE Operation Raptor Rescue where we all died and still won with 4 stars. BadGene even got the will to win (win as the only survivor)
  15. Yep, they will do just like with ARP ships, so that only HSF captains can be used on HSF ships. It seems we get 2 ships, graf spee and Harekaze with 2 captains for each, the captain herself and deputy captain.