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  1. You can marry a shipgirl in the game (you get one ring for free after a quest chain), or more if you want to pay for it (700 yen for every ring after that). You just got to get the girl to lvl 100 and you can marry her. After that her level can go all the way to 150 or 160 or something around that, with some minor stat boosts. Her repair time does go up though, as it incrieses with lvl.
  2. Why does that Ooyodo looks unhappy with my resource consumption? Not my fault stockcolle sucks, and unfortunately is 95% of the game for me at this point
  3. Actually, not really fast as a good prediction, as this one was draw over a year ago I believe.
  4. I only got Richelieu. Pretty much have nearly all the girls from previous events, hell I actually decided to finally scrap some of the damn Yugumoos as they are just taking up space. Only one I was really interested in this event was Ark Royal. But I didn't bother finishing the event, got to E6 in 2 days, and then just got tired of the grind. Still had resources left, but I am starting to get tired of the between events stockpiling required as the game requires more and more of this then ever, thanks to incriesing use of combined fleets, Land bases and simultanious use of TP/HP bars. By this point the game is mostly just stockpiling with little else for me.
  5. It is just a sales technique. But one that unfortunately works in most cases. Hell, you actually sell more if you sell something for 12.99 than if you sell it for 12. Apparently when people see 0.99 they assume they save money, even when they don't.
  6. Well, even more reason to not even have high hopes when they are given for free. At least they do not cost money then.
  7. Plz tell me you guys are not buying these containers! You are basicly partaking in a damn RNG based lottery meant to benefit WG. It only gives the players just enough to make them want more, but never enough. Like with any other form of gambling or lottery you are basicly just going to loose. Seriously, save your money. If you want something specific, go and buy that, do not hope for luck. Never understood why people complained about their poor results with these containers when they damn well should know the abyssmal chances.
  8. Basicly as soon as you get carrier all world 1's maps should be a relative breeze. If you have a BB as well you are golden. The question probably depends on what planes you got and the fighter power/bombing power you have, but it should not be much of a problem what you bring, as world 1 does not really have branching rules.
  9. We are also getting a british DD. Then again, not surprising since we opened to way to Europe this event, so they got more of a reason to give us more european ships.
  10. I love what the Fandom does with the characters in this game. The none Japanese ship girls have definetly stirred things up. Unfortunately for Kongou, it seems allways seems to go against her wishes
  11. I guess so much time has passed since the patch, that WG considers it common knowledge? But seriously, expect WG to explain as little as possible. Just look at over game mechanics like overmatching. Hell, just look at WoT, where after years the spotting/concealment mechanic is still unknown to vast majority of people. Sure they get an idea of how it sort of works (like hide behind bush to not get spotted) but rearely more than that. A lot of the time Youtubers have had to make videos explaining various mechanics. WG seem to never EVER want to actually make a proper damn tutorial.
  12. My favourite Carrier is deffinetly Shokaku with Zuikaku close second. For Battleships it's probably Mutsu or Warspite. I do not really go and decide too much on the others. Too many damn girls to even bother going through them all. Been playing the game long enough to basicly have them all anyway. Regarding Abyssals my Favourite is Light Cruiser Princess. Basicly Abyssal version of Jintsu. Aircraft Defense Princess is probably second.
  13. I have to admit, I think I have come to like Ark Royal more than I imagined. Just a shame I didn't bother to finish the event and get her. Just have not felt motivated over the last 2 events to actually finish them. Oh well, still got the cranes and Saratoga anyway.
  14. The Kancolle comics by Ido are also great, although his admiral never appear himself. Kouji also makes some great ones.
  15. Rejoice comrades, those of you that actually play Kancolle, the event has been extended by a day. More time to loose your sanity if you still have some