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  1. USN CV rebalancing incoming!

    Wait, WG is keeping their promise and actually rebalancing CV in 2017? Welp, I might actually just start grinding my US CV again. Great work WG, not sure if the balance will make it better or worse, but at least you are doing something, and I can get behind that, hats of to you
  2. In Denmark we also don't celebrate halloween. Sure the shops put out costumes and advertises for it and so on trying to ofcourse milk it for all it is worth, but I have never seen a party (beyond drinking party at the university or dorms) or anyone actually going out trick or treating. We have fastelavn which lies in the spring, where some kids go out asking for candy. Hell, I don't even know how many people in Europe actually celebrate it, seems more like an American thing to me.
  3. Same reason as any other tier. To play some ships you think are fun to play. If you consider tier 10 endgame you are going about it the wrong way. Tier 10 is no more important than tier 5, or at least they shouldn't be, unless people somehow want less than 10% of the game to be important. So, it really just matters if you find the ships at tier 10 fun. Also remember clan wars is different than randoms. There is no random players, only pre made teams.
  4. if you can't fix it, milk it.

    WG can't balance premium ships to save their life. Then again, maybe they should stop giving every new premium some gimmick or another. But yeh, WG has allways refused to balance stuff. Apparently they are like a 10 year old who pushes all his crap under the bed. If they can't see the problem, it ain't there.
  5. New ATC Sim

    I am basicly saying the game is bad by the way he advertises it here. I mean, if a dev has to go to a forum to another game in order to advertise about their own game, what does that say about it? Why not find some forums that discuss topics regarding flight sims, air traffic control or airport stuff, or just a place where flight enthusiasts gather in general, instead of going to a forum about naval warfare. Seems like someone is desperate. I mean, seriously. I generally support game devs as it brings new life and ideas, but sometimes I have to facepalm.
  6. AP shells, guns and fighters are the most usefull things to upgrade in my opinion. The reason being fighters are allways used, and the easier you obtain AS+, the less damage you take/less bauxite it cost you. Also, there is nothing like seing enemy carriers unable to attack cause they lost all planes. Main guns because, well, they are used nearly allways. AP shells because they are used more than radars. In events, having the extra damage from AP cut-in is preferred over the accuracy provided by radar, due to the crazy armor values of bosses. Also, modernizing AP shells as well as main guns also provides those with accuracy bonus. On this site you can see what benefits you get when modernizing, and how much each star gives. http://akashi-list.me/
  7. Well I am no expert, so not the best at giving advice, especially without knowing your goals and what you allready got. Link solely for Akashi improvement: https://www.reddit.com/r/kancolle/wiki/akashi But, here are some guides to help you along: https://www.reddit.com/r/kancolle/wiki/intermediate#wiki_akashi_and_equipment_upgrading https://www.reddit.com/r/kancolle/wiki/intermediate#wiki_blueprint_priority Hope these can help you along.
  8. I am very well aware. What i meant was the fact it is such a grind and bore to do it. Have been playing for so long now, that I am not really interested in much more grinding, and worst of all, stockpiling. Basicly never bring a CV in to PVP unless you are 100% certain that the bauxite cost is going to be minimal. Save the Bauxite for events, as Bauxite is very important there, due to needed for land bases and so on. As said, the missions states you need double chevron (max exoerience) on the plane, but really. That missions is not worth wasting screws or medals on. Medals should first and foremost be used on blueprints, until you have all the ships Kai Ni that you need blueprints for. A good Kai Ni ship with great stats (many of them also come with great gear) is way better than using it on a mission. As a matter fact these missions that require blueprints were only really made for long time players who have way more blueprints than they need. Also, do not use screw like that. Use them with Akashi to improve your gear, like main batteries or fighters. That is much more important, and screw are difficult to stockpile, so do not waste them on such quests. Again as said, some of these quests are simply there for old players who have too much of the stuff for their own good.
  9. Well, the Saury fishery event is here. Time to get to it. Also, should probably start leveling Sara. Hmm, choices, choices...
  10. Agree. Hell most people get a favourite based on design alone, as most people learn of the game through art rather than read the lines on the wiki. Hell, one of the reasons why Kancolle became popular in the west back in the day, was art of the characters, and that was a serious lot of Shimakaze. Her rather "unique", let's just call it that, outfit drew a lot of attention. Again, the more normal a character is, the less popular is most likely is.
  11. I respect your opinion and in large part agree. Many girls are ignored without people even sparing them a second glace. One of the reasons why I like the fubuki class. They may all long very bland and the potato style ain't the best, but they are still fine girls. Only thing that really prevents me from using them that much is the sub par stats due to no Kai Ni. Then again, this reason also extends to real ships for me. There is a reason I generally despise battleships, especially Yamato (not the kancolle version, the IRL version). I think it is too overhyped and not even that pretty. Looks too empty on the deck in my opinion and fat. Same reason why I dislike the other big BB like Montana and so on. I also think that these damn ships overshadow way too many other fine ships, either cruisers or DD, just because they are not the "biggest". Generally a reason I hate ships like Hood, Bismarck, Yamato and so on. Same with Enterprise and Akagi and all that (allthough I love the design of US CV like Yorktown class, Essec class and so on). I just can't help get a sour taste in my mouth when seeing people canstantly talking about those ships. I just keep thinking, there are SOO many great ships out there, if you are just willing to overlook the hype and "legends". So I can understand your opinion of KC characters. Now with that said, how many people actually care about the characters personalities? I mean, how many even check out their lines or play with sound anyway? I basicly play with other stuff in the background. Not to mention I have probably gotten way more invested in the fan interpretations of their personalities (and thus basicly abandoned the game version ones) as I feel they are more fleshed out. Considering they are not limited to a few ingame lines, it makes sense. Edit: Agree with Shin. Some of the girls who are nice with quiet personalities are mostly the famous ones. Like shigure or U-511. Hell it's seems the ones that get attention are the ones that are "not" just acting normal, but as in either very nice and quiet/shy personalities, or the boisterous loud ones.
  12. Well true, but you do not level DD in event maps. And waiting to encounter the boos and go in to night battle in standard maps is the most ineffecient way to level DD's. The most effecient, both time wise and resource wise, is to level DD/CL in 1-5 or 4-3 (I believe it is 4-3). Also with all events these days have crazy airpower requirements for medium or hard mode as well as crazy strong enemies, you really do need strong CV and BB to carry you through the day battles to the boss. So BB and CV that can get Kai Ni are extremely valuable. The thing is, both trained main force and escort forces are needed, it is just that the main force tends to get leveled on their own. Also, why is it a mystery that people lvl ships like Zuikaku to you? She is probably the most usefull CV tied alongside Shoukaku, maybe along side the new Saratoga Kai Ni. If I recall, only Kaga is above the Kaku's in popularity polls.
  13. It's not that it's more common to grind big ships. As a matter of fact, it is more common not to grind big ships, as they generally are more usefull at low levels than DD and CL, and thus still get used more. This leads to them automaticly leveling up on their own. Where as DD and CL mostly get leveled only when you step out of your way to do it. And leveling DD is a lot harder to do than BB or CV, as you risk having the BB and CV taking the MVP, thus really only leaving to spots to level DD's. Also, if you do events on medium or hard, you WILL NEED ships like Shoukaku and Taihou, especially if you can get Shokaku and Zuikaku to Kai Ni. And if you can spare the resources, the Yamatos can make events a lot less RNG dependent as they can hit firepower cap easier. So, sure. There may be some prestige about it, but mostly it is just people wanting their waifu, or simply getting the ships with best stats or gear to better prepare for events.
  14. We had one Kancolle channel back in 2015 I believe, or early 2016, can't remember. But it turned out most people left it, as people either stopped playing kancolle or just went to more dedicated Kancolle forums.