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  1. DW-torpedoes are simply a new WG-gimmick which will do no good to the game in any way. People are complaining for "ages" by now over the actual camper-(BB)-meta and the torpedo-soup/wall-of-skill/torpedos are OP issue. Invented as a cure for the BB overpopulation, WG and the anti-BB-pro-DW-torpedo-and-generally-supporting-any-BB-nerf-lobby will find out, that DW-torpedoes, depending on their impact/numbers on random games, will cause a lot of things, but for sure, not some of the major and often discussed issues. DW-torpedoes will cause basically more or less two things: additional engagement zones for "inferior", "underpowered" and "useless" DDs, and major issues for cruiser and BB players, not acting as cowards and campers, but active frontline players. DW-torpedoes will have only marignal effect against camping BBs, but they will most likely cause havoc amongst those ships, played by active players who don´t join the campers, simply because they get spotted earlier, focused earlier, damaged and sunk earlier. With a new tool in the hands of a class, which already has the biggest psychological impact on the majority of average players, the situation will not improove, but escalate. DW torpedoes shine in therms of lower detectability and more damage, compared to regular torpedoes. As a result, they pose an even bigger threat for even more damage to those brawling/active players (while the campers still don´t care), which will simply remove more of the already rare specimen of active/brawling players. Since the increased damage of those torpedoes will hit cruisers harder than BBs, while decreasing their chance for evasion/avoidance, it will once more lead to frustration and negative impact on cruiser-players morale, reducing the numbers of cruiser players even further. In the end, you might face even more BBs, camping, hunted by invisible DDs. The gimmick, invented to reduce the BB-overpopulation, will boost the BB-overpopulation, since the medicore and frustrated players will switch to the class, that will survive longer. Those who might consider this gimmick as a beneficial addition, are maybe the DD players. Less cruisers to counter DDs, more BBs to feast on. This, of course, will only work as long as the cruiser/BB community does not switch to ships with radar/hydro, to defend themselves. In my opinion, WG should simply get rid of all those stupid gimmicks and return to the basics. Smoke and speed for DDs, AAA (maybe hydro) for cruisers and repairs for BBs. WG always claims they want to keep their game simple and casual, yet they always come around with some new features which make things worse, instead of solving an existing problem...
  2. Wow. Just wow. I mean, i was always aware of the ridiculous ammount of money i already threw at WG. But this makes it so...obvious. Whats the pricetag on a brandnew blockbuster game? 50-70 EUR? For that money, you get a full game. Even EA would never come up with the idea to say: look, this is Fifa 18. Take it for free, but if you want to play Arsenal London,Bayern München or Real Madrid, we charge 40 EUR each. Or get all the top clubs for 400 EUR, including a massive 50+% discount. It always had a special, not exclusively positive feeling, to throw 40+ EUR on a ship or tank, just to satisfy the collector in you. What troubles me the most: you might enjoy your premium ships today, within this totaly screwed up, rng dominated gameplay, and with the next patch, they come up with something completly new/different, turning your favourite premium ship into a good looking piece of decoration. And yet they think, 400 EUR are a big deal and great discount.
  3. The H44 topic is almost as old as this game. I always wonder, what people are thinking when coming up with this study. Seriously, a H44 would be one huge floating island, a torpedo magnet second to none, impossible to be missed by any airstrike, sluggish like hell, and with 8 ultra huge guns which, considering overall BB rng, and especially german BB rng, wouldn´t hit a barn from the inside, and most likely even overpenetrate cruiser citadells. The only purpose i could ever imagine for such a behemoth, is being a special event endboss like encounter, maybe something for a tier 8-10 szenario/mission.
  4. Meiner Ansicht nach sind viele Karten, bereits ab Midtier, einfach auch viel zu groß. Das Überbrücken von Strecken dauert teilweise zu lange, Artilleriegefechte werden auf lange Reichweiten ausgetragen, die Spieler werden entzerrt, der Spielfluss drastisch verlangsamt. Meiner Ansicht nach sind 20+km Geschützreichweite ebenso unnütz und unvorteilhaft für den Spielfluss, wie Torpedoteppiche mit 10-20km effektiver Wirkungsreichweite. Kürzere Kampfentfernungen und kleinere Karten mit ausgewogener Verteilung an Deckung würden meiner Ansicht nach dem Spiel derzeit sehr viel mehr helfen, als neue Gimmicks oder neue Techtrees.
  5. They did it half-hearted. The initial accuracy for the Giulio was good enough to pummel basically anything she aimed at, but was still wide enough to spread the shells for lucky hits. However, from what i witnessed at the videos i watched, the initial Giulio did struggle just that little bit more to hit fast moving targets like cruisers or DDs, if those tried to dodge. Thats what we need with BBs, but way more consequent. Punish ignorant/broadside tankers but reward dodging players. Punish camping BB players with bad aiming skills, reward skilled players with good aiming skills. Do this, and the bad players will automatically switch to a class easier to handle...
  6. With all respect for your efforts in adding content and balancing things out, does anybody of the developers seriously beleave, that something like a hype of specialised anti-"add any class" stuff will change the game to the better? The game "suffers" from a BB-overpopulation, which has sometimes more, sometimes no impact on the gameplay. So, yes, it requires adjustments. However, after years of experience with this game and roughly comparable games (looking at WoT in this case), history should have teached you and us, that it´s not the class itsself, but the numbers it appears. One Arty in WoT was no issue. 5 per side were gamebreaking. 1-3 BBs per side are managable. 3-6 are too much. With the recent hype of "we need to implement anti-BB-specialized stuff", you won´t change anything, and certainly not improve the game. The big issue with the BBs is, that they are basically played by a majority of players who have no clue how to play them in a style it supports the team. They stay behind and do the borderhugger and sniper. With anti-BB specialized stuff, especially DDs, you first of all hit and hurt those BB players, who play properly and support their team, since they opperate at the frontlines. The bad players will only "suffer" from those effects, when the rest of the team is already gone. Even if those specialized anti-BB stuff works out as intended, and reduces the number of BB players, what then? Once the BB-numbers reach the desired level, you still will have (increased numbers of) anti-BB stuff out there, which will lead to an anti-BB overkill. No matter what you do, as long as you follow a "specialized anti whatever" concept, you will sooner or later produce huge ammounts of disappointed players. In this szenario, the first wave will be the disappointed BB players. If they leave, the next will be the "anti-BB-spezialized" DD players. With a lack of targets and an increasing number of cruisers, which they might not be able to fight, they will ask, what they spent their time for. The best way to deal with the BB overpopulation, is going the same way as you did with the carriers some time ago: increase the skillrequirement to play them successfully. As long, as BB-players can score their lucky hits once every 10-12 salvos when sniping at almost max range, they are happy. They satisfy their personal goals, and thats all they care about. Change BBs in the way the Yubari plays these days. Dead accurate, but incredibly difficult to score hits at long range, while pretty efficient at short range. Change the AP/HE meta to how it was used in reality: AP only vs BBs, HE vs. all the others. Adjust DD and cruiser AP so it can damage BBs, modify BB HE shells so they are the shells which perform the citadells, while BB-AP hurts BBs but overperforms at DDs and cruisers. Make HE basically useless vs. BBs. With less BB-alpha strikes on cruisers, less HE-Spam and fires on BBs, less gun efficiency for the lesser skilled BB-captains at range but more efficinency at close rang and cruisers/DDs shooting back with more efficient AP, you will automatically remove the players from the borders and see increased numbers of intense mid to short range fighting, where all weapon systems, guns aswell as torpedoes, come to bear, skill becomes of higher value and RNG frustration effects are drastically reduced. Remove BBs as the "first-choice-class" for poor players, and make cruisers the allrounder bread and butter class. This will help the game. Not specialized anti specific class equipment. The game already got enough shenaningans...
  7. This is what happens, when people are quicker with their wallets than with reading or thinking. WG announced the ways how to obtain that russian BB for everyone recognizable, so no need to discuss this now...
  8. IF this move attracts new players, what can we expect? I´d say, at least 8 out of 10 new players will be attracted by the picture of them, sitting in a nice and shiny BB, prowling the seas and shooting stuff. With the lack of good, suited guides on how to play BBs properly, those new players will quickly adapt to the ever present "stay behind and snipe" BB meta, infusing the already out of hand BB overpopulation. With a step like this, gaining a whole new playerbase via steam, WG would have had a great opportunity to introduce a big change to the game, making BBs much more skill depending and cruisers much more viable, to attract all these new players for something else than just shiny BBs, without the risk of a big disappointment, if the "low demand on skill" playstyle of BBs might be changed in a future...
  9. Und was willst Du damit jett sagen? Ich widerspreche Deiner Aussage ja nicht. Wenn die Streuung einem RNG Faktor unterliegt (was ja der Fall ist), dann unterliegt es dem RNG der Abweichung, wieviele Zitadellentreffer ein Spieler erzielt (oder Misses, Overpens, Bounces etc.). Natürlich ist der RNG-Faktor, bzw. dessen größe, von enormer Bedeutung... Ende ist es halt Skill : RNG = Ergebnis
  10. RNG macht alles möglich...
  11. I agree with your approach, how to deal with the RNG/Sigma/Dispersion issue with BBs. In my opionion, those "stray shells" are the big issue with BB dispersion. The make BB salvos unpredictable, for gunner and target, ruining gunnery skills as evasion/dodging skills all together. In the past, a often cursed myself to have wasted a complete salvo, just to see the "citadell hit" badge pop up for that one stray shell. Something, that the less compeditive player would enjoy, but annoys the one who wants to rely on his skills. However, i don´t think, that BBs have to be made "more comfortable" to play. In my opinion, BBs are already by far too comfortable to play, especially for the "patatoe" players. "Spray and pray" does the job for them, so they can easily sit behind and snipe at some 18-22km. Adjusting the dispersion of BBs in the way shown at the Guilio might reduce the number of lol citadells, but it will open a new problem, depending on how consequent the dispersion-change would be. With the shotgun effect at range, a BB with many guns (9+) would still be able to cover a pretty big space with its shells, still allowing for a reasonable number of (devastating) hits at range, at least vs cruisers, since stray shells (even by simply a few metres) usually bounce or overpen a BB, instead of punching through the citadell. This way, camping and sniping would become even more comfortable. Making this way of playing BBs more comfortable is all but the right approach to decrease the overwhelming numbers of BBs these days, and motivate the players to move to cruisers. The correct approach (imho) would be, to decrease the dispersion of BB guns so much, that it matches the dispersion of the IJN Yubari light cruiser. I own this ship, and i find it considerably difficult to score successfull hits at range, while scoring good hits at shorter range (i mean, brawling range, where it gets dirty and the enemy can hit me equally hard!) becomes way more...comfortable. It becomes a high risk high gains gamble. IF BBs would be changed that way, long range sniping would become highly unrewarding, removing the gambling "spray and pray" campers out of their comfort positions, due to the lack of success. BBs would hit hard at closer ranges, where the can be hit hard vice versa aswell. Combine this with a proper ammunitions mechanics overhaul (like making HE useless vs BBs but highly usefull vs cruisers and DDs, while rendering BB AP useless vs cruisers and DDs but -any- AP effective vs BBs) , and you get many issues solved.
  12. Lassen wir hier nicht komplett den "Kevin-Faktor" außer Acht? Mal ehrlich, vielleicht etwa 10% der Spieler haben einen guten - sehr guten Überblick, wie die Mechaniken im Spiel funktionieren. Etwa 30% verstehen den wahren Nutzen ihrer Consumables und versuchen, diese teamdienlich oder wenigstens halbwegs sinnvoll einzusetzen. Der Rest der Serverbevölkerung ist froh, wenn er den "Battle" Button findet, und nicht noch aus Versehen im Co-Op Modus landet. Hier ins Forum verirren sich immer mal wieder ein paar helle Köpfe, einige wollen das Spiel sogar für die Allgemeinheit verbessern. Dabei darf man nicht vergessen, dass selbt ein 42% WR Spieler hier im Forum mehr Initiative und Interesse am Spiel zeigt, als der Großteil der Spieler da draußen. Und am Ende muss man noch berücksichtigen, dass auch noch Amerikaner und Russen dieses Spiel spielen sollen. Gerade den letzten Anspruch seitens WG merkt man deutlich an der verkorksten Gamemeta. Das Spiel soll für alle Gruppen leicht zugänglich sein, aber dabei noch compeditiven Charakter haben. Hier beißt sich die Katze selber in den Schwanz. Systemänderungen sind ja gut und schön. Allerdings, alles was der Durchschnittsspieler nicht bewusst wahrnimmt, interessiert ihn nicht. Gerade Belohnungen wie Credits, XP oder gar Auszeichnungen und Flaggen sind Dinge, die erst am Ende eines Gefechts für Sekundenbruchteile die Aufmerksamkeit eines Spielers erfordern bzw. erhalten. Die einzige Möglichkeit, die Masse der Durchschnittsspieler zu einer Veränderung ihres Spielstiels zu bekommen, ist so vorzugehen, wie man seinen kleinen Hundewelpen stubenrein bekommt. Häufi im Wohnzimmer: Schimpfen; Häufi vor der Tür: belohnen. Und zwar direkt. Damit der Spieler erkennt, wofür er eine Belohnung erhält, oder eben nicht. Dabei darf man nicht vergessen, was der Spieler will. Credits und XP sind ja nett, aber was jeder will, sind Abschüsse, hohe Schadenszahlen und möglichst lange überleben. Da muss das Spiel ansetzen. Nicht mit irgendwelchen Consumables oder verwirrenden Spielemechaniken, sondern ganz simpel, durch das Erfordernis des Erlernens und verbesserns des Umgangs mit dem eigenen Schiff. Die Änderungen an den Flugzeugträgern haben es vorgemacht. Der Großteil der Lowbobs beschwert sich über die Komplexität der Träger im Spiel und schreit lauthals nach Änderungen, die Elite schweigt und genießt, wissend um das Vernichtungspotenzial ihrer Klasse. Diesen Anspruch jetzt auf die übrigen Klassen angewandt, und das Spiel sortiert sich von selbst. Hierbei müsste WG einfach nur wieder zu seiner ursprünglichen Linie zurückkehren: Kreuzer als Brot und Butter-Klasse, DDs und BBs für die versierten Spieler, mit höherem Schadenspotenzial aber auch höhrerem Einsatzrisiko und Anspruch an die Fähigkeiten des Spielers, Träger als die Klasse mit dem größten Potenzial aber auch dem höchsten Anspruch and die Fähigkeiten des Spielers. Machbar wäre das, aber es würde teilweise tiefgreifende Änderungen bzw. die Rückkehr zu früheren Balance-Modelle erfordern, Modelle, die einige Spieler aus ihren Komfortzonen holen würde, und alleine deswegen schon ganze Shitstorms und Protestwellen in den Foren lostreten würde... Denn auch wenn einige sich ein besseres Spiel für alle wünschen, so interessiert es viele nur, dass das Spiel so ist, wird oder bleibt, wie es ihnen am besten gefällt...
  13. Pretty simple: those who achieved skill progression during their grind, will have learned how to hit the citadells on tier X BBs, even with tier 8 BBs (yes, you can score citadell hits with a Tirpitz on a Yamato, even when the Yamato is angled!). The rest considers BBs at tier 10 immune to citadells. The real question should be: where is the skill requirement in being halfway successfull in a top tier BB? Bow-camping, "spray and pray" long range sniping, HE spam (at least for the RN BBs)? This is, what WG utterly srewed up. BBs at high tier should be pretty much demanding on the player, to be successfull. As we see it with CV meta. Make them "highly demanding and highly rewarding" instead of "Spray and pray and hope for the RNG lottery to result in misses or instant killing"...
  14. BBs require a skillcap, not a hardcap. Make them as challanging to play, as carriers, and things will be sorted out by themselves. As long as BBs are the "easy to play" "spray and pray" class, the patatoes will rather play BBs over anything else. Make them work for their success, and they will go, look out for classes which promise easier ways to success. Probably the only way to make cruisers viable and more attractive again.
  15. Eines der Hauptprobleme dieses Spiels (oder der Gründe für Probleme im Spiel) sind Consumables. Anfangs gabs Flakfeuer, Repair und Smoke, und Stein-Schere-Papier funktionierte halbwegs. Dann kamen Buffs und Nerfs, die Balance ging vor die Hunde, und WG versuchte, mit neuen Consumables und Consumables auf Schiffen, für die die Consumables ursprünglich nicht konzipiert waren, die Balance wieder herzustellen. Das Resultat ist ein totales Chaos, eine zerschossene Meta und ein Spiel, in dem Ausgewogenheit nurnoch im Wunschdenken mancher Spieler kursiert. Ohne über den Sinn und Zweck eine Pro-DD Consumables diskutieren zu wollen, bin ich der Meinung, dass das Spiel weniger Consumables braucht, anstatt mehr. Die Klassen sollten wieder mehr in ihre eigenen Rollen gedrängt werden.