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  1. MrWeedy1

    Update 0.5.16 Feedback - General

    I noticed that premium ship compensation is in credits instead of doubloons like in World of tanks. Why is this? I noticed this when I bought my Graf Spee and then grinded for it during the event to test how the doubloon (aka gold) compensation works and how much the Graf Spee would be worth in pure gold. However sadly I noticed that the premium ship compensation comes only in Credits and my second Graf Spee was sold for 7 500 000 credits instead of giving me its value worth in gold back. I paid real money for the ship so I assumed the setup would be so that you also get gold back in compensations in the case of duplicate ships. Thankfully now we know that the compensation is actually in credits. Why is this setup like so that premium ship duplicate compensation is given back in credits instead of gold (doubloons) like world of tanks? It doesn't make any sense to get the compensation back in credits when no one reasonable person would buy credits with their real money instead of gold. You get credits easily by grinding with premium ships but gold you won't get in any other way than just buy paying for it with real money. So why duplicate copies of premium ships aren't compensated in gold like in world of tanks but they are rather compensated in credits. Why is this?
  2. MrWeedy1


    Bug report template 0. Title GUI gets messed up and loses button and counter position information after playing long periods of time.1. DescriptionI had played like 6 hours and again in my usual way took my Myogi to battle and clicked the battle button as usual. I jumped right into the random battle queue but this time all the buttons, counters and timers were bunched up in one corner of the screen. That's top left of the corner. I could have still pressed all the buttons and so on because they highlighted as usual. After I got into an actual game lobby the buttons moved from the top left corner to the bottom left corner. I still could press the buttons and they functioned normally, only their position information was messed up. I clicked the start battle button and the game itself worked fine. I don't know is this related to the fact that I changed the engine_config.xml file so that my new capped framerate wasn't 75 anymore but 200. I don't know could this cause the game engine eventually bug out and start spilling out errors because the framelimit is set so high. I can easily produce 90 - 150 frames with my new computer with all settings set to max so that's why I set the framelimit higher. 2. Reproduction steps I have no idea. Keep playing for 6h+? 3. Result Button, counter and timer, and so on, layout was messed up as you can see from the pictures. 4. Expected result All the things meantioned above staying to their places they are suppost to. 5. Technical details See pictures. I also use FRAPS to count frames and TS Notifier to see who's talking on our TS3 channel.
  3. MrWeedy1


    Bug report template 1. Description Game has something wrong with Z-buffers / Z-layers because my TS Notifier texts get drawn behind terrain. TS Notifier's texts should be on top of everything. This is the only game this has happend to me. 2. Reproduction steps Install Teamspek 3 and install TS Notifier plugin to it (http://tsnotifier.eu/). Join a server, join a channel and enable TS Notifier for the game in the gamesettings.ini in the TS notifier's files. Watch how the TS notifier gets drawn behind terrain even though it should get drawn last on top everything always. 3. Result TS Notifier on = terrain gets drawn on top. 4. Expected result TS Notifier getting drawn on top all the layers of the game. 5. Technical details See pictures.
  4. MrWeedy1

    Goodbye friends

    Bye bye Ectar. I haven't played WG's games in over a year by now but I always remembered your name and for sure will always remember. Farewell Ectar and best of luck.
  5. MrWeedy1

    Closed Beta Survey

  6. MrWeedy1

    Binding another action to C does not work

    Ok. I fiddled around with the file a lot but it seems the game is so bugged that you simply cannot unbind some keys which were previously bound in the game. For example my right mouse button is now hard coded to free look instead of target locking and so on. Also I'm unable to assign my consumable 3 to spacebar because spacebar is hard coded to "bring camera back to ship" function and game doesn't accept my B key to serve that function. If I fire my shells with the shell following camera and try to come back to my ship with B key the camera just stays still a tiny bit and the bounces back to the flying shell until I either hit spacebar (which is bound to another function) or until the shells explode. Also my match cursor has disappeared again, after full uninstall and reinstall. Any ideas for fixing that?
  7. MrWeedy1

    Binding another action to C does not work

    Where can I find such file? Is it the Preferences.xml file in the root of World of Warships folder?
  8. There's an error on the main webpage where you are suppost to report bugs. The "Report bug" link in the dropdown menu (seen in picture 1) misdirects you to wrong page which is the customer service center (seen in picture 2). Instead that link should direct to this forum sectino right here (seen in picture 3). When that link is fixed and it actually directs to correct webpage and even correct forum section, I think there will be plenty more bug reports.
  9. MrWeedy1

    Launcher is missing information

    In the launcher there's basic info and button layout how to control your ship but when there read's: "To view the help screen, hold " and then there's nothing. There's a "bug" right there which can be easily fixed.
  10. MrWeedy1

    Closed Beta Keys distribution, allocation and etiquette

    At least first make the news letter digest actually work when the subscription for beta key applying is open. I have heard the applying form was available day or two ago again for a very short period of time but still I didn't get any email about it even though I have subscribed to the news letter digest.