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  1. I thought it was this: Yubari (and others) would be removed from the shop at the end of CBT, and not be sold again for at least 1 year after CBT ended. So yes, you will keep it. However, it will probably show up in the shop again. It won't be as exclusive anymore as it was for the last year.
  2. Warning - Censored

    rule 34 in action
  3. POLL: Which ships are you waiting for the most?

    Well, a Deutschland class is on my wishlist. Competing with a La Fantasque class destroyer for first place. A De Ruyter would be fun though.
  4. F4U on Essex!

    The F4U doesn't carry missiles though, it has rockets. Specifically: HVARs. Missiles are guided weapons, rockets are not. The F4U's in game don't carry rockets and bombs because they're operating in a fighter role, not a ground attacked role.
  5. Snipe mission - 4 torps in 1 battle - bugged?

    Hey Wizzmann, what happens quite often is this: You launch a spread of torps. Four of those 'hit' your target, BUT, the third one kills the target. The fourth hit doesn't count because it hits a wreck, not a ship. Just try to get some more hits in that game. Getting 6+ hits isn't all that hard really.

    You're not just wrong. You're very wrong. Read this. 2 DD's & 1 DDE + some escort carriers held off admiral Kurita's center force. Sinking 3 cruisers and chasing off 4 BBs.
  7. So just another RNG copy from World of Tanks?

    Afaik: 2-3% was in combat, 5% was in trials. But I might be wrong :-)
  8. Unified Accounts

    In WoWp the unified accounts came in some time after release. Indeed to prevent the day 1 tier 10s. WoWs is still in beta, so WoWs isn't unified yet. (except user name)
  9. So just another RNG copy from World of Tanks?

    Did you know that the average hit rate during RN firing trials was around 5%?
  10. How did you come up with your name?

    When GW celebrated it's 25th anniversary, I won the impersonate a River Troll contest, BossTroll has been my RL nickname ever since :-)
  11. Torbedo bombers

    Simple: start dodging before (!) the bombers drop their torpedoes.
  12. Can't Contact Community Staff

    Really? You didn't read the top stickied post on this very forum? Here you go!
  13. Destroyer smokescreen

    Seems to me that you got caught between a rock and a hard place. These things happen in games. The situation forced you to fight an enemy on his terms instead of yours, and predictably you lost. Fighting a DD in a smokescreen is going to be bad for a BB. The smokescreen is there just so the DD doesn't always get insta gibbed when fighting someone up close and personal. The spotting range in the smokescreen has already been lengthened, it used to be really short. (Funny side story: Back in alpha, I was playing in my Fubuki. I followed a teammate into his smokescreen. At the same time, unbeknownst to us, an enemy Yamato sailed into the same smokescreen from the other side. We spotted each other at about 150m. We both fired a broadside, his guns and my torps. His shot went over my head, and my torps dove underneath him due to being within minimum arming range.)
  14. Any Silent Hunter players?

    Still playing SH3. Recently started a new campaign. Currently patrolling the english east coast in my little type II. Great game, good fun. Although my friends think its weird I need a sliderule to play a computer game ;-)
  15. More a fantasy then a sci-fi monster. But meeting a Rustmonster on an all metal ship would be very very bad indeed.