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  1. Skurfa

    Pan-EU cruiser line idea

    Noone is forcing you to stay?
  2. Skurfa

    Austin / steel or caol?

    Caol I think.
  3. Skurfa

    Smaller Teams for Random Games ?

    Nah, lets go all in, and make +/- 2 for all tiers, 1-4 included.
  4. Skurfa

    Smaller Teams for Random Games ?

    Rather have the MM changed to +/-1 for the last tiers.
  5. Skurfa

    Pan-EU cruiser line idea

    Niels Juel (artillery ship) https://da.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Niels_Juel_(artilleriskib)
  6. Skurfa

    Unfair practice in ranked battles.

    Which is the main problem in ranked.... steel is way too easy to obtain by suiciding (botting), thereby attracting such en masse.
  7. Just use a CV, than you get the added benefit of trolling BB’s.
  8. Skurfa

    New Commander Skills Poll

    Agree on your points. But to draw BB’s closer to objectives, or at least have some sort of impact on the game, we could do one of two things. 1. Base XP and credit gain on the distance from objectives when damage is done or ships sunk, the closer you are, the higher XP and credit gain, the further away..... the lower the gain. 2. Remove cap points entirely from the game. None of them are good though.
  9. Maybe they’re aggresive squalls?
  10. This is why lower tiers are more relaxing.... Both for DD’s and cruisers. Even sailing BB’s at lower tiers is more relaxing.... Top tier is a shitshow right now.... so shitty that DD’s have tonnes of jobs bestowed on them, and helped on the way by WG actually make them superior in roles of the cruisers...
  11. Really good idea! My descriptions would probably be “[edited]” in all of them though
  12. Skurfa

    AA Defense Expert + a salty CV

    So when a CV is salty, we can make a thread about it..... But when someone sets a goal in a CV, it’s a no-go and the thread is overrun with children screaming.... and eventually locked? Honestly, a thread like this is way worse than the other example.
  13. Skurfa

    killing 1500 players in CV

    This thread is inspiring, maybe we should take out our CV’s again?
  14. Skurfa

    0 communication in ranked

    My chat messages: ”CV could I pledddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd” ”Dammit”