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  1. Skurfa

    Do you think Submarines will come in 2019 ?

    Sure, why not.... we have new CV’s, we just need submarines to sneak behind enemy lines and sink them. Undetectable by aircraft and BB’s, and deep water torps, and not able to cap.
  2. You’re missing the “not be able to meet tier IV, otherwise unchanged”
  3. Skurfa

    Which GUI improvements would you like to see?

    Implement: ”Hide chat” and “hide minimap”-buttons
  4. Thinking about it. The challenge is the ship is too strong against tier IV. An easier solution is just change the match maker for the ship, so it's only meet tier V-VII, and retain it's tier V status. And the ship is not nerfed
  5. Skurfa

    Possibility to surrender to end match quicker

    Do you think I care? That’s cute I like wasting peoples time, and I don’t give a flying [edited]if that means I waste my own as well, cause I can set the ship full speed in one direction and go afk...
  6. Skurfa

    Possibility to surrender to end match quicker

    Why would you want those? If you need them, just play tier 2-4 and you’ll be able to get a huge amount. I know you can turn around matches, done it myself from time to time... there are just those situations where you just don’t want the challenge. So run and hide, and keep the other team from their precious achivements.... you just gave me another reason to do my best to not dying
  7. Skurfa

    Possibility to surrender to end match quicker

    Always, and I mean ALWAYS run away, hide in a corner until the timer runs out. Why? Because if you really see the battle as lost, and there’s no surrender option, the least you can do is DENY the other team the XP from your ship. Furthermore, the longer you drag the battle, the less their XP is worth vs. time used.... If I feel a game is really lost, THIS I will do, and THIS I do..... So just give people that surrender button..... hunting someone for 3-4 minutes or longer for that little xp their ship is worth is utter waste of time. I simply cannot fathom why people find it such a bad idea, especially since xp/time makes it better to go and join a new battle, and when you get there, there’s no more fun in the game.... except for me laughing all my way to the corner to hide for 5 minutes.
  8. Skurfa

    Please nerf CV's WG. So OP now. OMG. REEE

    In my opinion: CV's kind of play their own game here.... There's no real link between CV and the play of the rest of the team.... Being a CV, you fly out, spot a little, bomb a little, torp a little and hope your team pulls through.... Where your carrier goes in the meantime, it totally irrelevant.... die, jump into another battle and do the same. And flying another class, having enemy aircraft around is just something you can totally disregard.... Sure, you can wig a little and hope they miss their torps, or bombs, but in reality you can for the most part just let them do whatever they like.... it's not like the aircraft requires a primary school degree to be able to hit stuff.... Sure you can "oh so skilled" evade AA, but in reality..... most times, just fly in circles and you're good... Honestly, flying aircraft are fun.... for a short while, then you realize how little impact you actually have on a battle, and how little you're actually playing the same game as everyone else.... The "we're playing the same game" feeling is actually gone... I know they've tried the "sector" thingy with AAA, but still, it often seems to pay off more just to ignore that feature.... Who cares of the number of aircraft kills that shows up.... I've just started ignoring aircraft al together.... simply cause as stated above, they don't matter.... I'll get hit by bombs and torps anyway, and I'll kill aircraft anyway... hence no need to even consider their game. They're just there to speed up the game slightly via spotting and giving a bit of damage here and there... and since that affects us all equally, who cares? That's my opinion at least.
  9. Skurfa

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    In my opinion..... nope.....
  10. Skurfa

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    I hate saying it, mostly because I know there will be a lot of downvotes... I don't mind slightly stronger ships as premium at a tier, but there's no need for overpowered vessels. I also find it okay that WG adjust them afterwards, whether overpowered or underpowered... it's either do it directly to the ship itself, of slowly powercreep the hell out of it by buffing every other ship around it. It's all for the overall good of the game, and common fun for us al. Now! Hate me!!
  11. "Do overall Attack Planes vs. Destroyers balancing. While this is an important thing to do, we would like to indicate that most players seem to underestimate the power of manual AA activation ([P] by default). Due to great DD concealment, if often makes sense to turn AA off until spotted. A DD spotted at minimal range is a lot harder to hit with the first attack run even with rockets. Although, this trick does not remove the need for further balancing;" That one I don't understand? to my knowledge, all players learn quite fast to turn it off...
  12. Skurfa

    DD 0.8.0 The murder of an entire ship type

    I don’t understand the fuss? Just stop playing, you gain nothing from 1000 posts on the forums.... They will hear you if their servers die, until then, everything is fine.... The forums are only here to keep people attached to the game, and blow off steam I’m taking a long break myself, but that shall not be grounds for what the rest of the player base does.
  13. Skurfa

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Just had this game..... Started quite normal, team decided to go A+B (the northernmost points), or at least someone asked for it and they agreed. I decided since I was the southernmost DD, to take a peak into C, so we wouldn't get surprised. Now as the game evolved, they all decided to go A (northernmost point), leaving B and C wide open, except for me scouting a little... Through C came a few DD's, and 3 BB's.... I made a retreating fight, calling for a bit of help all the way, and noone ever showed up.... They got nice and quietly sunk in A, every last one of them.... I had to take a few runs in my Clemson afterwards.... just to get my nerves settled.... Yeah I know, I like using my guns (even in poor gunboats)
  14. Skurfa

    Free captain respec one week isn't enough

    Or you could give X number of resets per captain.... No time limit. But that will break the income though.
  15. Skurfa

    Blue-on-blue torpedo situations

    I always see how many friendly torps I can catch..... even love flooding from them (since I won’t repair it). Then laugh my [edited]off when whoever fired them gets a -1 in the end. Being really mean I may even taunt them in chat and call them girly names