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  1. Viceguy

    tech tree

    sail not drive ships dont drive... unless you put wheels on them.... or tracks.... or tracks and wings... then you could have one giant yamato in both WOWS, WOWP and WOT... would be so awesome...
  2. Viceguy

    Top speed?...

    you can expand each category to see details.. i believe its under manouvreability
  3. This is my 3 videos so far.. they are in danish so most of you wont understand what im saying and a link to my channel (can also be found with my sig ) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm6v0U5gAwgusRGTgd1R4sw
  4. as long as they will both come before release or atleast shortly after then i will be happy.. Russia is a big market so its natural they want to please that market first... of course you need to try and please everyone but since that often cant be done you have to help the majority imo
  5. Viceguy

    Gameplay: World of Warships Preview with YouTubers

    well i have been in both beta weekends and in alpha now and all i can say is that its really amazing.. and its only alpha...
  6. Viceguy

    Gameplay: World of Warships Preview with YouTubers

    I know it aint a big audience but i can make danish videos of the Alpha or the Beta when we get there (beta weekends included) i am also fluent in english in case you want more of that I really like Ichase's videos... he is good at explaining things and made one of my mates understand how to play his ship instead of just rushing to death all time