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  1. Sille

    [OMNI]Fara: How to fix Graf Zeppelin

    Could someone show of it's Secondary damage potential , i wounder couse i saw two T7 cruiser killed by a grafs secondaries yesterday -_-.
  2. Sille

    USN T9 CA Baltimore - One Year Later

    Some AA advantage......not 2 mention the outhere amazing stats oh right..... (numbers from wow-numbers) Warship Tier Type Nation Battles Win rate Avg. frags Avg. damage Avg. experience Avg. planes destroyed Dmitri Donskoi 9 Cruiser U.S.S.R. 147 740 52.48 % 0.72 48 342 1 454 1.92 Roon 9 Cruiser Germany 507 505 50.18 % 0.65 43 762 1 378 1.56 Ibuki 9 Cruiser Japan 556 579 49.98 % 0.67 44 079 1 334 1.84 Baltimore 9 Cruiser U.S.A. 383 378 48.71 % 0.54 33 869 1 387 2.89 Neptune 9 Cruiser U.K. 4 380 43.18 % 0.75 44 794 1 297 2.78
  3. Sille

    USN T9 CA Baltimore - One Year Later

    It was Garbage before and it is Garbage now! One year of progress! oh wait....
  4. Sille

    Baltiless - Des Moines. Your advice please

    Well i quited the game and now i am back and saw nothing has really changed on the us cruisers. I am doing german cruiser now, i will most likly end up quiting again couse i dont think thats a good statement to things that just needs a buff or a replacement,
  5. Sille

    Baltiless - Des Moines. Your advice please

    Both the balit and the des has never been any good they are too situational and never been good at anything.
  6. Sille

    Stay at Cleveland or Continue?

    I will be honest us cruisers made me quiet the game they are so soul crushing to play whit bad armor slow traveling shells and horrible penetration rates. I went back 2day and tried my des moines and once again instant quited i dont enjoy behing killed by 1 battleships salv and lacking firepower and range to have a chance against em. The rounds travel so slow that even a bb can avoid them its just so bad. T7,8,9 where a huge pain to grind, they only work well against people who ignore you at the best.
  7. Sille

    How is the Des moines these days?

    i just can never get close enough 2 use the guns.
  8. Sille

    How is the Des moines these days?

    I played 5 matches in it, 2 matches a bismark hit me whit 3 shells and i was instant dead, 1 match deacent like 70k damage couse of staying on long range and not ebing seen. 1 game was tiered again a Yamato and i killed him but when he was dead he had killed around half my team and i doubt i would have killed him if he did fire on me instead lost couse the enemy capped on this time. 1 match where i did 50k damage and lost 46% of my health from one shoot from a bismark. So i concluded its still not for me and i guess i dont like it still. -Shell speed 2 low -Angle of fireing is 2 high - No survival -sluggish
  9. How is the Des moines these days?
  10. Sille


    The Des Moines its not one the worst performing it is the worst performing T10 if you look on its stats, that ship is more less currently a T9 ship.
  11. Sille


    This ship is still underperforming accroding to stats.....
  12. Sille

    [0.5.1] Wargaming actually fixed the US cruisers

    Des m is still underperforming in stats its sad they cant fix it-_-
  13. Its still a horrid underperformer when you look on stats.
  14. Sille

    [0.5.1] Wargaming actually fixed the US cruisers

    If you look on stats us cruisers at high tier are still underperforming.
  15. The grind for the des is horrid the Pepsicola is what the entire line is At T9 you bascily still have it but whit a armor repair abilty and more hp, you have the surviavilbilty and firepower of a T7 ship at T9/8 its horrid The avrage damage of the entire line is around T6 lvl that is truly horrid just look on http://www.warshipstats.com/analytics/