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  1. Battledragon

    RN premium ships

    How about something older? I'd really like a Warrior Class armoured cruiser, the only problem is it's got 234mm main guns, which according to wargaming would make it a battleship
  2. Battledragon

    Royal Navy Tech tree Proposal

    How about HMS Jervis bay as a low tier premium? Or better, HMS Caroline (C-class light cruiser), I was really dissapointed wargaming did not do Caroline as a premium for the Jutland 100th aniversary, after all it is the last survivor of the battle still afloat.
  3. Battledragon

    RN premium ships

    And it would have been better If atlanta wasn't a premium only and they'd made one of the variants premium instead. I think given Atlanta as a precedent Dido is likely to be a premium too. Given how similar the two designes were in intended purpose.
  4. Battledragon

    Arizona vs Warspite

  5. Battledragon

    RN premium ships

    I'd like to see Dido I mean I'd imagine Dido would be a premium, the Atlanta is, and Dido is essentially the same idea. But with much higher shell velocity and 8km range torpedoes. HMS Agincourt (1913) is also a ship I would happily buy, with it's 14 305mm guns in 7 turrets!
  6. Battledragon

    Warspite's Armour...

    There's another big problem with Warspite riding too high, her belt does not extend down that far under the waterline and on the armour model it clearly shows that wargaming have modeld NOTHING of the lower hull what so ever. So, if you're turning away in a Warspite and a shell hits you on the waterline essentially the first thing it comes in contact with is the citadel bulkhead. Now, I know the lower hull of warspite was only structural steel, but it's over 300mm thick, and there's an aditional bulkheads between the hull and the citadel too. Wargaming need to take into account that even structural steel has more resistance to a shell than thin air. So, right now warspite essentially looses any kind of hull armour about 1.5 meters bellow the waterline
  7. Battledragon

    baBBies ruined this game

    Battleships are the second hardest clas after carriers to play WELL. 1) Very slow moving, and turning, a torpedo magnet 2)Worst rng in the game, you an fire a salvo of 12 guns dead on target and still have them stradle (shells land in the water on both sides, front and back but toally miss the ship in the middle) of the target from 10km for 0 damage. 3) They have zero defense against destroyers, if you ever get killed by a battleship when you're driving a destroyer and you weren't already at death's door, sorry to say, you're not a good destroyer player. All a battleship can do if it has no cruiser to come rescue it is to try and not get sunk for as long as possible, it is never likely to be able to sink the destroyer. 4) you are TOTALLY dependent on your team, battleships cannot carry, any good team of cruisers, or a single good destroyer will end a battleship that hasn't been supported by it's own cruisers (usually because they yoloed off without it and died in the first 2 minutes before it even got in range) 5) if you hit anything that isn't another battleship in the side 80% of the shells over penetrate and do maybe 2k damage, on average, on a good day you may get 3-5 citadels in a battle even if you're in combat THE ENTIRE TIME for over 10 minutes.
  8. Battledragon

    New mexico torpedos

    The biggest reason for removing submerged battleship torpedo tubes seems to have been mines. I've found multiple examples where mine damage has been amplified on battleships with torpedo rooms and in most cases the effected ship usually ended up having the torpedo tubes removed in the repair process.
  9. Battledragon

    New mexico torpedos

    I think fixed submerged battleship torpedoes were MEANT for finishing off crippled ships, you could easily wreck a battleship by gunfire, but as Bismarck and others proved it was actually fairly hard to SINK a battleship by gunfire, (unles you managed to get a magazine hit) so the torpedo tubes were added so that a battleship could quickly dispatch a disabled enemy ship just to prevent any possibility that the enemy might be able to salvage the hulk after the battle and repair it. As most battleships eventually had their torpedo tubes either reduced in number or removed entirely it seems they were considered more trouble than they were worth in the long run.
  10. Battledragon

    New mexico torpedos

    The HMS Rodney did fire a total of 12 torpedoes at the crippled Bismarck, only one hit though and it wasn't the killing blow (It's open for debate wether that was the ship's scutling charges or the salvo of cruiser torpedoes which hit at about the same time). But as the original question was if any BB ever used its torpedoes in actual combat, HMS Rodney would count as a yes.
  11. Battledragon

    Alaska/Guam as T10 cruiser.

    You can't balence a ship with 305mm main guns as a cruiser. The Scharnhorst class battlecruiser only has 280mm main guns.
  12. Battledragon

    HMS Campbeltown

    This is like last year's April fools space battleship mode, which was only added more than a week late. At this rate I expect the Jutland Centenary event some time around June 10th to 20th
  13. Battledragon

    Operation Chariot "Special".

    That night, the HMS Campbeltown (1280 tonnes) was broken into 10cm squares and packed into crates cunningly marked "Date fertilizer, THIS WAY UP!"
  14. Battledragon

    Primary or secondary armament as AA gun

    Actually, they are. this is the silly thing with dual purpose guns atm, they can actually fire 2 shots at once if you have aircraft and ship targets in range of them.
  15. Battledragon

    HMS Campbeltown & USS Saipan

    I'd like to know why no one ever made a movie out of opperation Chariot. No americans involved is a major reason I suspect.