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  1. Arkhannan

    Ranked Battles: the Fourteenth Season

    Ranked has been great fun so far. Good matches - some close ones, and some that were ROFLstomps. The joy of the early days in ranked :) Not particularly looking forward to the below rank 10 matches (mostly <6) as they are always extremely grindy, but the early 10 ranks are always fun to grind, and super easy way to gain great loot. Just need to hit rank 8 to get that shiny Stalingrad :D
  2. Arkhannan

    Halloween: Raid for the Filth!

    That worked! When I unchecked the "Hide halloween camo" I could suddenly mount it.. Thanks!
  3. Arkhannan

    Halloween: Raid for the Filth!

    OK, then maybe it's just bugged atm for tier x skin because in inventory and port I see the following. No way to mount it:
  4. Arkhannan

    Halloween: Raid for the Filth!

    Hmm.... Does anyone know of a list that shows which ships they work on? The article for the event doesn't say. If it's the same ships as in the game mode, then I have Hinden, Yamato, Monty, Republic, and none of those can take the camo...
  5. Arkhannan

    Halloween: Raid for the Filth!

    I might be getting blind with age, or it might be due to the lateness of the hour, but I honestly can't see a way to mount the premium skin we get as reward from the filth. I can see the skin in my inventory next to other skins I've received over the years as premium camo (like the Duke of York, Bismarck and Hood) but when I select a ship of the relevant tier and check in the "external" tab, there's nothing there? I can buy the ordinary premium skin for dubloons just fine, but no way to mount the premium skin and "burn it" into the ship. Anyone got a trick to doing this?
  6. Arkhannan

    Summer Sales and Smith Shenanigans


    I don't understand this.. the "massive discounts" have been live for 3 days now and I only see the bundles for Enterprise and Texas. The Tirpitz and Belfast are listed under the featured but at full price? When are the offers changing to something useful @Ph3lan?