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  1. But... https://imgur.com/gallery/2gO3XUH
  2. Arkhannan

    Ranked Battles Season 9 - Discussion Thread

    I was just a tiny bit better ^_^
  3. Arkhannan


    I hate this ship with a passion. The guns are severely underwhelming even compared to New Mex and Fuso's 1.5 sigma derp. As already mentioned they either overpen or bounce/shatter when shooting AP. I can't recall another BB where I've gotten SO many 900 - 3000 dam salvos and then having to wait for half a minute for another go. Even on perfectly broadside cruisers. It has a good speed and the AA is decent. The main problem is the short range where you don't really want to spec AF to extend it 20 %. I might try a few days just spamming HE to see if it improves, because the AP is not doing it for me.
  4. Hi WG, For a short time period during beta, I don't remember if it was open or closed, we had the credit income on the "Battle Results screen" display the actual NET gain in credits after missions/repair costs etc. This was a great benefit and a MUCH better indicator of whether or not you made a nice profit during a battle with your (premium)ship. Now it's hidden deep in the tabs where you have to find the line with net gain after costs. Can we please have the NET GAIN back on the front? Or have you hidden it because you're afraid of showing players how useless they have been in the battle?
  5. Arkhannan

    Ranked Season 7 Discussion

    I can attest to everything written here. I wanted to grind rank this season after my break last season. I made rank 1 in season 5, but that took so much blood, sweat and tears that I was still burned out on ranked when season 6 started. I made it to rank 3 in 110 battles with 62 % winrate (in season 5 it took me 186 battles to make rank 1) and began to run out of time. I simply opted not to throw as much time after it as I should have, opting to play division with my friends when they were online instead of grinding ranked solo. So last night I tried to make the last 10 starts needed for rank 1. Won 1, lost 1, won 1, lost 1, won 1, lost 5 freaking games in a row pulling me back to 3 starts in rank 4... Almost threw my mouse against the wall, and decided that enough was enough and quit ranked for this season. It's so unbearably frustrating playing rank. Describing ranked to players who haven't tried it is basically: Take a 6-sided die and roll it. On a 2-4-6, you advance a rank, on 1-3-5 you lose a star. If you lose a star, you may roll the die a single time. if it turns up "6", you don't lose a star afterall. Throw the dice as many times as needed until you advance the 70 stars needed. At rank 5-2 I saw the meta of 2x BB's + 5x DD's on each side as I remembered from season 5. The problem with this is that it's so f'ing random. Everyone smokes, noone spots, and then torp soup everywhere. The first team that has a DD who fails to evade a torp basically throws the game and it's just a matter of waiting as a BB sailing in circles trying not to die. There's so little that you can do and I liked the other seasons more where tiers 7 and 8 had more OPTIONS to counter the meta : Sonar, radar etc. I don't say that tier 7 last season was more BALANCED... but at least you had an option to counter the f'ing DD 5v5 meta.
  6. Arkhannan


    Yes, that was correct. I purchased both the Tirpitz pack and Kutuzov even though I had it, and received the dubloons at a massive discount. A shame I didn't know of this trick earlier because I would have picked up the Saipan, Belfast and Blyska at 50 % rather than the other two at 30 %. Ah well, still a good saving on my Alabama :)
  7. Hi guys, A friend who is new to the game and I, have been talking a bit about game mechanics. He is bit confused why hit MBH ratio is so low (23 %) for the Colorado since he felt he was hitting all his shots yesterday after upgrading from the New Mex which has a notoriously bad 1.5 sigma. Does anyone have a link from a Wargaming staff that explains the mechanic "behind the scenes" to calculate hit ratio? My (and his) assumption is that it's shells fired that hit / shells fired in total, but he is arguing that it could also be shots fired (thereby meaning "clicks" with the mouse - tripple turrets firing once is 1 shot). Also, does it state anywhere if a shot needs to just connect to indicate a hit, or if it has to cause damage i.e. when the in game announcer says: "Target hit!" (meaning you have dealt damage). Cheers
  8. Arkhannan

    Arizona OP in 7v7 ranked :)

    I follow Flamu on Twitch and YouTube so I've seen that replay and it's how I play as well. My experience with taking out my Warspite in ranked is not as good as the Arizona due to the gun caliber. The whole point of taking out the 383mm for a spin is to overmatch bow on BB's and punish camping, but the IMO huge downside of that, is that when you fire on cruisers at below 15km you overpen like CRAZY. The smaller 356mm on NM, Arizona and Fuso are made to citadel their counterparts on the same tier and I find much better success with those calibers.
  9. Arkhannan

    Summer Sales and Smith Shenanigans


    I don't understand this.. the "massive discounts" have been live for 3 days now and I only see the bundles for Enterprise and Texas. The Tirpitz and Belfast are listed under the featured but at full price? When are the offers changing to something useful @Ph3lan?
  10. Arkhannan

    Arizona OP in 7v7 ranked :)

    That is exactly my thought as well. I got to rank 1 two seasons ago (season 5) where Bismarck took me all the way to rank 5. But the stupid teams of 5 DD's on each side meant that I had to shift to the direct counter = Light cruiser, and therefor ranked out in my Kutozov in the end. I feel that BB's are extremely potent in the early ranks, maybe even as far as rank 5 again this season (time will tell) but at some point I think I'm going to have to shift over to a cruiser again.
  11. Arkhannan

    Arizona OP in 7v7 ranked :)

    Reliable guns at tier 6 that actually hit where you shoot owns the low ranks :) What BB's are you guys finding success with?
  12. Arkhannan

    Anniversiary coupon lols

    I got 30 % off on my next purchase over 30 EUR, so I guess it depends on your purchasing history?
  13. Arkhannan

    The donskoi, how to make it work?

    I absolutely LOVE my Donskoi. It's a clear upgrade compared to the Chappy on everything besides the concealment. It's a beast and can finally reliably citadel other cruisers from 10+ Km with its 180mm which the 152mm lacks. I don't find it particularly more squishy then any other "normal" cruiser out there. The only 2 cruisers that really breaks that norm are the Zao and Moskva, but those are a bit off the charts anywyay. As for upgrades, the 17.8 Km range is MORE than enough combined with IFHE. Don't be lured into being a border hugging camper losing the match for your team by being a retard. Slot in the reload upgrade and tear stuff up! It has a much bigger impact on the battle than say an Ibuki or Roon. Only other tier 9 cruiser that I'm looking forward to playing as much as I did with the Dimitri Donskoi is the Neptune.
  14. Arkhannan

    Are you buying the HMS Hood?

    Not really. Not as it is at the moment anyway. I don't think that it offers me anything new or unique as some of the other premium ships I own do. For playing with my friends who are stuck at tier 7 I would play my Scharn or Belfast any day over the Hood in its current form.
  15. Arkhannan

    Nachi Mission needs to be changed

    This is something I could get behind.