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  1. humanus

    Using main guns as Anti Air?

    U can't use your main guns against planes as it has no AA shells (as I know). Also, as a destroyer, don't really use your ships as an AA ship, AA is for CL and CA classes
  2. humanus

    beta reward?

    The reward is a better game if you report bugs and you can test the game
  3. humanus


    I love the music of the game. sometimes I just listening the music after got sunk
  4. humanus

    Toxic Behaviour

    maybe someone was testing the teamdamage
  5. humanus


    It's time to write a ticket
  6. humanus

    Error report

    TY guys, updated point 2 To 1st: I also had the same problem in wot, reported it and got fixed, so i think it's a bug.
  7. humanus

    Error report

    Hey! I found a few things: 1.: I noticed this thing as I first logged in. as I was typing my e-mail adress, after I worte the @ character, it pasted the thing that was on my clipboad example: (mailID)(onmyclipboardthing)@(emailprovider).com the same happens if I write in the chat in battle // I'm using hungarian keyboard 2.: Wargaming logo is hiding my free XP In the top right corner a random WG logo is displayed and I can't see the amount of my freeXP on any res. options link to pic: http://i.imgur.com/vXlfIPp.jpg ok, so it's a feature I clicked on the freeXP and it dissapeared -finally. I tried clicking the icon but not the freeXP. Also, i think the logo shouldn't hide anything i would put it below it or anywhere else near the freeXP but not on it 3.: Report error error On the login screen it redirects me to the russian page where I need a russian account.but why? better link it to the forum i think 4.: This happened to me only once yet: I could not press ready in a division. Description: We (my platoon mate and me) left the battle, ships still in battle. After the end of the battle we tried to ready with our ships. My mate could, I couldn't. I solved the problem with switching ship, I pressed ready, not ready, back to the ship i wanted to battle with and after that I could press ready that's all for now UPDATED (ty guys, that WG logo made me mad )