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  1. Bratwurst_Bob

    General feedback

    Even if I manage to slip past the enemy team and track down a CV with my DD (once in Asashio, once in Hatsuharu), its wave after wave after wave of planes just after you and you can do nothing once you used smoke and repair, you're just getting wrecked piece by piece. I didn't get a chance to attack as I tried to dodge as much as I could and that Hakuryu laughed in my face as my shitty guns didn't make a dent. The torps he simply outturned as I never even got close enough for a sure shot. So even if I manage to get through, CVs are still untouchable. On that final attack run I ate 15 rockets, endured 4 fires and lost my engines twice and the closest I got was 9km. Are you sure this got playtested? if so, you might as well just delete the DD trees. Even if there will be less CV per match over time, any DD spotted - and he gets spotted - is dead when he tries to do his job. The endless supply of planes makes sure of it.
  2. Bratwurst_Bob

    Ranked Battles & Arms Race

    Rank 13 is all I could stomach, absolutely no fun, win or lose is completely out of my hands, its down to pure chance of who has the better rng & more Musashis. An Izumo or FdG on the team is a guaranteed lose. I'm not that desperate for steel, you can keep it.
  3. Bratwurst_Bob

    General feedback

    I can already see the effect of your glorious rework: This morning no or hardly any DDs in high tier matches. Never had I ever had a match without a single DD above tier 8, you got it done with 8.0 Queue time increased in high tier matches, people seem to not play as much anymore, wonder how that happened. Quite noticeable, but only in the upper tiers. And thanks for making it impossible to play the already shitty mid-tier Pan Asian DDs, so much fun getting outspotted, outgunned & torped and now also farmed by CVs. So glad that smoke is on a +2 min cooldown!
  4. Just so I can check again what I had to do for the missions to qualify. And because it makes sense.
  5. Bratwurst_Bob

    General feedback

    My sum of impressions over the past 2 days boils down to this: Either you drive a ship with decent / good AA and have a pleasant match or you get wrecked and constantly harassed when using a ship with bad AA. E.g. playing my Hatsuharu to level up I had planes over me constantly and simply got sealclubbed to death while I tried to maneuver frantically. Forget about capping, spotting or fighting, my endgame consisted of futile dodging. Now I got enough good ships in the harbor to just deal with it and move on, although I wonder what a new player would think who doesn't have the luxury of a broad selection? Personally, I've uninstalled games when I felt abused and being a victim of arbitrary design mechanics. CVs themselves to me are boring to play. Managing just one squad instead marshalling all your planes and showing good map awareness is no substitute. The dogfights, squadron management and scouting was what made it fun, this is not. This is just as cancerous as Artillery in WoT. If your a weak AA ship you get wrecked, if your AA is decent it's just fly swatting. I don't even bother with sectors, way to cumbersome; 10s delay make it futile to adjust anyway (You get circled,so it stays 100% in sum anyway) and frankly I don't care for it. All my ships and captains are (but for a few exceptions) equipped and skilled for AA defense, diversity went right out the window thanks to your new meta. Instead of just nerfing those ridiculously op carriers that deserved it you made them all just meh and boring, and please do keep tossing me in my tier 8 DD or my Mogami into tier 10 matches, so the Midways and Hakuryus can keep farming their free XP. Love it! EDIT: my AA Defense value I can see in the Ship Parameters needs to adjust to tell me in game how effective my AA is in reality. Since I get tossed into matches witch CVs 2 tiers above me their planes are much more tougher and my AA will be far less effective than versus an equal or lower tier CV. So I can only guess how effective my 46 AA Defence on my Indianapolis is vs either of them, as it is I just don't even touch that ship since 46 means get wrecked. Even 50 on my Scharnhorst apparently means nothing as far as planes are concerned, they just love to shoot the snot out of me (when my own impressive AA only has a hit chance of 69% it apparently boils down to "just drop your stuff right here"). Yep, them german optics sure were crap back then... And my Mogami has a AA Defense Value of 34 but a hit chance of 81%? Who the hell is to make any sense out of this?
  6. Bratwurst_Bob

    WG, give Asashio a chance!

    I would at least want to see a slight increase in the gun turning rate. That's all I'm asking for.
  7. Bratwurst_Bob

    Quick battle report: please show total Credits, not received

    Yes; I got that one. it's only the received sum, though. Not the sum total.
  8. Bratwurst_Bob

    Matchmaking - more than t8 vs t10

    If I may, my 2 cents. Personally I despise the +2/-2 MM. It is unfair and feels arbitrary. I get punished for getting better and more experienced by having to face off ships that are far superior to mine. So the reward for my improvement is punishment. That makes ZERO sense and I hate it. Tbh I simply don't care for winning anymore, all I get is my MM "reward" anyway. And when I get uptiered with my inferior ship I stay in the back and play passively, I'm not sticking my neck out for this kind of treatment. Just to be clear; I also feel sorry for those getting uptiered into my tier. Just thought someone at WG might like to know. Your MM sucks. I want to play either purely in my tier (so what if a t10 at 3am has to wait longer? That's not my problem, it's his) or in a +1/-1 mix.
  9. Bratwurst_Bob

    Quick battle report: please show total Credits, not received

    I bet if it were optional per settings to show either the received or the total credits in the quick report, anyone aware of it would want to see the total. Same goes for this: If you could turn it off for every instance you get asked ARE YOU SURE? (especially EVERY match you want to leave, EVERY GODDAMN MATCH! Yes, I'm sure!! I was for 3 years now!) everybody would do so. Super annoying, paternalism that gets old real fast.
  10. Bratwurst_Bob

    Quick battle report: please show total Credits, not received

    Showing the TOTAL instead of the RECEIVED is how exactly too much information? It's still one line of information. The cumbersome system of opening each and every match result to get a quick and relevant overview shows I care to see the actual amount of what's left after the costs. Just like in real life, you know? Income without the costs means nothing when it comes to economy and if you are doing fine or need to look for a different source of income. So, indeed it says a lot about me, in the middle of the month I do look at the total on my bank account, not the received and calculate from each transaction what's actually there.
  11. Bratwurst_Bob

    Quick battle report: please show total Credits, not received

    No it is not fine. It is impractical and the received credits mean nothing without the costs. As I said, checking each match individually does not give me a good overview of how I fared creditwise, it takes too long and is inconvenient.
  12. After a couple of matches I would like to see how things went and mouse over the results, but to see how much I actually gained from the match I either need to open each battle report for the details or check the service cost individually in the notifications tab. I find both impractical. If I could at least just incorporate the Service Cost into the Battle Result by option /or it were included by default I would have a much better understanding of my actual credit gain (or loss) than by only looking at the result. It would even entice me more to maybe go premium when I see how much (or little) I gained. Buying a Premium Ship would become even more attractive when I can see with each result how much more I can gain with it. To me the "received" number is quite useless, as there is always the cost reducing what is actually received. And that amount can vary wildly. Having the actual total conveniently and instantly available by a simple mouse over is imho much more logical than the current amount displayed. EDIT: I did add the statistics tab available from the ModStation, but there I can only get the sum total of all matches, not the individual values, in case someone might suggest it.
  13. I'm talking about this: This confirmation annoys me so much when leaving a match or a game, seriously: is there any way to get rid of it? A mod maybe? a config file that would need a modification?
  14. Bratwurst_Bob

    0.8.0 PTS - General Feedback

    For what it's worth (most likely nothing, but anyway): after letting it all sink in and giving it some more thought I completely concur with all the rework videos from Notser & farazelleth. Once this new CV system goes live I will take another extensive break from the game until things make more sense again. The whole CV control scheme is so unappealing, the defense against planes feels so useless, its a constant chipping away of your HP once you get singled out as a target. I will pass, good riddance until this got sorted. The only good thing will be that the ridiculous Graf Zeppelin will finally be gone, not a single tear shed!
  15. I was a seal clubber before the nerf and it needed to be toned down. I played mine before and after the nerf, then quit playing for some time. Took it for a spin today since nobody is playing theirs anymore (Seriously, when do you ever see a Belfast these days?) The guns are arcing extremely high wich makes it next to impossible to hit anything moving faster than half speed unless you are very close. Sometimes good for shooting over islands, mostly just ridiculously easy to dodge if you're the target. Still okay though; radar, smoke and sonar has to have a downside, I agree. But please do take a look at the deceleration. The Belfast is just ridiculously sluggish and keeps gliding and gliding and gliding forever. You can tell its forced and completely artificial, you feel like breaking a massive super tanker instead of a cruiser, its like sliding on ice. Imho it's too much and should be toned back to at least the point that the deceleration increases as I get slower, just like all the other CAs & CLs out there.