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  1. genosse


    This thread lacks Moe, but it's a good idea. Seriously, who doesn't love to show off his (or her) epeen (eva~ nevermind) after a hard day of stupid busywork (admit it!). Flags could be an option, or some emblem on the bow perhaps. Nothing too fancy and distracting, just enough for the other guy to check it in his killcam. Because we are humble like that. ;)
  2. genosse

    Asasshio still bad bote ^^

    Sssssssh, keep it a secret, Euro.
  3. genosse

    Deliberate Teamdamage? How to get the offender banned?

    And then google his name, spend two days piecing together fragments of information on a corkboard with a lot of strings connecting everying, until you find out where he lives, buy a plane ticket to his place, hire some shady looking local goons from a gym near a drug-dealing hotspot, and then ask him how he feels about having a pink face, if he likes the color so much. Too much? Then just do what the others said. (It's only a joke, Excavatus. Don't ban me mate, have mercy! ;)
  4. genosse

    Kronstadt and IFHE rework.

    I forgot about that flag (a bit thick in the head today, it seems). Now that I think about it, I wonder why I never asked myself how this is handled right now. I'm usually pretty interested little things like that. Thanks for the reminder, guys! :)
  5. genosse

    Kronstadt and IFHE rework.

    Turning that integer variable into a float will probably cause issues for months to come (hehe), but it's really the only way, if you ask me. Explanations along the lines of: "Yeah well, you just see 2 % in the client, but it's actually 2.5 %", are pretty hard to bring across in one or two lines of tooltip-text, so I think showing the precise value is the best solution here. I know, we have a similar issue with the various ranges in game, but 0.5 % fire chance more or less has a lot more impact than ... I don't know - 0.075 Kilometers of spotting distance, for example.
  6. genosse

    Kronstadt and IFHE rework.

    Very good point. I didn't even think of that, but it makes perfect sense. At first I was: "Yeah, but it will just be a rollback to the previous stats, so players should manage." - But I totally forgot about the people who will buy those ships after the rework hits. That's definitly an issue.
  7. genosse

    Kronstadt and IFHE rework.

    It would be an indirect nerf if Kron wouldn't get the armor upgrade, and WG probably has to rework a lot of other premium cruisers anyway, so I have my fingers crossed that it will happen. And dear devs, while you are at it: Look into her dispersion please. Now that German BBs got a buff, Kronshtadt probably has the most wonky guns in the game, together with Roma, which is a battleship. You can make them work, sure, I just don't see the reason for that decision in the first place. If she has to keep the BB dispersion, at least give her the Russian BB model, where the guns get more accurate below 15 Km. She would still be balanced, compared to Alaska and Azuma, in my opinion.
  8. And yet another win for the EU community, just like it should be. Congrats ionasi! :)
  9. Glückwunsch ionasi! Auch wenn ich nicht gewonnen habe, gönne ich es dir von ganzem Herzen und freue mich sehr, dass der Sieger aus der EU community kommt - genau so muss das! :)
  10. genosse

    what tier 10 ship to buy with my coal?

  11. genosse

    what tier 10 ship to buy with my coal?

    Even if it won't happen on Christmas, the ship will be back one way or another, and most likely with a price tag attached. If I have to chose my poison, I'd rather take a (for me) cheap loot crate option, than a 200,- € admiral bundle with a commemorative flag and 50 so-so camos. It shouldn't be a Type 59 situation either, as WG so far did not admit that the ship overperforms, but just that it's too popular at the moment. Smolensk will definitly come back. To stay on topic: I would still chose her at the moment, if you don't plan on spending hundreds of Euros down the road on either obtaining all Tier 5+ gold ships in the game to make lootbox gambling an option, or on the inevitable admiral bundle/dockyard scheme. But I am having more of a collector's point of view, so take that into account please.
  12. genosse

    what tier 10 ship to buy with my coal?

    Oh, I actually hope it will happen. Since I own most gold boats already, I will probably have to buy a single container bundle and get that ship for 2,50 €. Not exactly a popular opinion, I assume, but in this case I am thinking purely egotistical.
  13. genosse

    what tier 10 ship to buy with my coal?

    Get the Smolensk. Good ship and soon a rarity. It's unlikely that it will return in Santa crates either, because it's a Tier X. Range is 17+ km or something - definitly enough and probably even too much. Personally, I took the Salem when I had to make that decision myself, but since I only play premium/reward ships and won't get the Des Moines anytime soon, it made sense for me. Thunderer will be my next Tier X coal ship, and it probably would have been even if Smol would stay in the Armoury.
  14. Yeah agreed, I think you are on to something.
  15. Not on purpose, but on the other hand I have a hard time staying serious in these discussions. It's always one side saying CVs are OP against DDs, the other side saying that DD players just have to get better, the truth is always somewhere in the middle and in the end nothing will change. And, to be honest, I was also hinting at the core of the problem. Carriers hunting DDs is how it's intended by WG, so CV players just do what they are supposed to and DD players have to live with that, basically. Edit: It's of course cool of the OP to try and find solutions, though. I don't want to ridicule his effort at all.