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  1. I also support more national voiceovers, and while you are at it, maybe re-visit the British commander. I mean, he doesn't have to sound all "evil" like the rest of them, with so much reverb and other effects on his voice, but everytime he says: "We sank an enemy destroy-her", I have to laugh. Seriously, the man sounds like he is drawing is last breath.
  2. genosse

    Ambiguous Chat

    It's always very dependent on the situation, of course. I think in the end only experience enables you to read the flow of a battle and detect some basic mistakes like overextending or missing the right moment for a retreat – if someone still lacks this "sixth sense", it's sometimes hard to interpret what your teammates really want when they make a call. It comes more or less naturally, though. :)
  3. genosse

    Ambiguous Chat

    Yes, always, because some people who use it may misinterpret the situation, have no clue themselves or just abuse it. It's more of a reminder to get out of the Zone for a moment and check the minimap – maybe someone does have a point calling you back, but judging that is up to you in the end.
  4. genosse

    Ambiguous Chat

    Very often, this command is used in higher tier matches when one team controls two or more caps but is low on health and ships, in order to prevent reckless teammates from leaving the defense to yolo into a line of approaching enemies and die, throwing away a certain victory. Another occasion is when you are infuriatingly leaving your flank at the start of a match, to drive to the other side of the map and "snipe", because you have absolutely no clue how to play your Iowa or Izumo. This is also true for DDs who try to cuddle up in one cap and somehow forget that both flanks need a spotter. All very valid "Get back!" situations.
  5. My experience with the Big Hunt, still fresh and only a few minutes old: 1.) Oh cool a new battle type, let's dive right in! 2.) Wow, looks really nice, but WTF am I doing here and where am I? Why am I playing alone? Didn't the text mention something about other players? 3.) Alright it's deathmatch with PVE on a huge scrolling map, now I get it. Let's see if I can get one of those keys. 4.) Aw, another player sunk me. Hold on, do I really have to wait 12 minutes to get into that Ocatgon thingy? Oh well ... 5.) OMG I have to wait another 2 minutes for that portal to close? 6.) Of course, the Ocatgon is only for surviving players - I should have known. 15 or so minutes wasted by my stupidity. 7.) So, with that mode taking so long and giving no XP, let's have a look at the goodies I can get. 8.) Back to randoms it is. And so ends my experience with the Big Hunt. It's a shame really, but two badges and two so-so perma camos aren't enough to entice me, and you can just throw money at the rest. I would have hoped for the new camos you see on those sci-fi ships, at least, because those look really great, but no. I feel a bit sorry for the devs who clearly put much work into this, but the uninspired rewards kill it for me personally. If any of you enjoy this mode just for what it is, hey, more power to you.
  6. genosse

    Paolo Emilio owners: are you happy?

    Couldn't be more happy with Siegfried. Bismarck guns with cruiser accuracy are amazing, and you can make a valid secondary build out of it – it really delivers exactly what's advertised. Really interested to read more opinions of PE, though. :)
  7. The Santa crates contain rewards that are drawn from a fixed pool that is announced together with the event – saving them to get new ships that were not released when the container dropped is not possible.
  8. genosse

    Vampire 2 Commonwealth T10 DD announced

    Too bad she doesn't get a heal if she is supposed to fight for caps with that smoke/hydro combination, since she will face Småland and a lot of radar in general, unlike Haida. One torp launcher less is already a nerf compared to Daring, and unlike Cossack she doesn't gain a 4th turret for it – let's hope she gets somewhat good AA, at least (just checked: Nope) I still want that ship, though. :)
  9. genosse

    1000 karma

    Damn, and I was proud of hitting 100 recently. Well done! :)
  10. genosse

    Hayate vs. Smalland?

    The speed boost is really good for engaging enemy DDs because its additional speed over the regular one means that many enemy players will miss the first shots on you, even if they expect you hitting it. And with hitpoints as low as they are for DDs, one or two missed salvos can decide who wins and who loses. Since Småland is behind that 2 million FXP barrier, I don't see that changing for some time, too - I don't think the ship will become so popular that many will acually remember this particularity. The most important thing is to keep that "shark in a fishtank" mindset, in my opinion. Aggressiveness (not stupidity, of course ;) gets rewarded in this DD.
  11. genosse

    Hayate vs. Smalland?

    That's true, I didn't think about the reload booster of the French DDs, that's a game changer, of course, if they catch you with your pants down. I am not an especially good player, but from my experience Daring and Haru were rarely a problem. Sure, some experienced players will know that they have an advantage and really push it, but the majority of enemy DDs I encountered last ranked season pretty much panicked once they saw their HP melt away from those rapid fire guns. They often underestimated my Småland and tried to go in for an easy kill, only to regret their plan and try to flee again and go dark stopping their fire, while I could continue to take their boats apart. This was especially true for the players of the ever so popular Halland, who usually didn't think that the slight difference in DPM and range would matter much in a knife fight. As a matter of fact, it makes a huge difference. You will always meet better players, but on average you don't have to fear any DD in a Småland. :)
  12. genosse

    Hayate vs. Smalland?

    I think I remember you having a soft spot for the Friesland, so imagine a Friesland with even more DPM (0.1 second shorter reload with full gun boat build, if I recall correctly), heal, short but fast speed boost, some rather weak torps and radar instead of DFAA aswell as no smoke and you have the Småland. I can only recommend her - she is especially great for competitive, and the fact that she can use her DPM and heal to destroy every other destroyer in the game 1:1 with brute force alone (if you have good aim) is very comforting. Once you get used to her, you don't have to fear anything but a CV that singles you out for repeated attacks, and even he will bleed for it, because the gun boat captain skills buff Smålands AA capabilities rather nicely. It's pretty much like this: Get spotted by an enemy destroyer, hit your speed boost and close in until you either spot him or he opens fire, start dodging, return fire and dismantle him with your superior DPM and once he becomes aware of his foolishness and pops smoke, use your radar and finish him. Heal up and repeat with the next destroyer of the enemy team - once you did your main job use your torps to help mop up the remaining enemies. Bonus points if you use your leftover radar charges to light up a smoked-up Smolensk or Minotaur for your mates to citadel. So, while Friesland is more of a damage farmer, Småland is a DD killer with much more influence on the outcome of the battle. That said, I will probably also get the Hayate once I have accumulated enought FXP, just to have a more torp-orientet option on Tier X, since I can't get the Somers for quite some time and Marceau is also a gun boat.
  13. Thanks mate, very helpful. :)
  14. @YabbaCoe I don't even play CW, but if the players don't want CVs in there just ban them, what's the problem? I can't join CW because my clan rarely gets together in a large enough number and the mercenary system only works via invite instead of an automated matchmaking system (which is a bit sad, by the way), so I am sh*t out of luck here and just have to accept that I can't play CW because nobody is catering to my special needs. The same should be true for people who insist on playing CV in competitive, but in order to cater to them, your company ruins the mode for everyone else, even if there are tons of ships those players could chose instead without any hassle - where is the logic behind that? Just make that rule and people will have to accept it. You don't see me crying either, because I am locked out of Clanwars.
  15. genosse

    TIer 10 D/D Advice - Shima vs Khaba

    In my opinion Shima is still one of the best, if not the best torpedo-focused and stealth-based DD on tier X, while Khabarovsk was pretty much replaced by better ships who fill exactly the same role. I didn't play either, by the way – that's just my experience of having her as an opponent. Get the Shima, it still remains very dangerous. When I see an enemy Khaba, I often just think to myself: "That's nice, an easy fight.", or "Yay, no Halland!" ;)