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  1. The Hosho tech tree blurb says it was the first.
  2. The West Virginia horn, is that only available with the Mountain Mama package?
  3. The info sheet is very helpful, it would be nice to have such for all future releases and those that are already out! Also, I noticed the tier is missing on the sheet, that might be handy.
  4. By itself it won't, couple it with more people flooding the matchmaking system, you will have too many people trying to play a class that is limited to at most, 4 per game. One fix (CV rework) or the other (removal of odd-tiers), not both.
  5. I was under the impression that the CV rework was to introduce more people to the ship class, increase the numbers of people playing them. Yet, you then also remove the odd number CVs to counter the lack of people playing them. You will be introducing two changes that will effect this at the same time. If more people play carriers now, reducing the tiers they can play will increase the waiting time in queue not decrease like you think. I am not a fan of anything about this CV rework, at all. I understand there is an issue, but dumbing down the CV play is just going to ruin the gameplay for folks who enjoy CV play now. The logic you use defending the odd-tier removals makes me think that you guys don't trust the CV rework to be as successful in increasing player count playing the new CVs as you claim it will be.
  6. Why do we have access to the Barracuda, Zipper Sub and Gerfalcon, yet have them to unlock through Combat missions?
  7. DistantUK

    UK BB Mission Gifts - Can not sell

    Hello, When trying to sell any of the gifted UK BBs Tier III, IV and V, I am greeted with a transaction error message. Are they not meant to be sold? Anyone else having this same issue? Kind regards, Distant