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  1. Barcel

    Switch plane/ship models mod?

    I can't download the model swap: "Sorry, we can't show this content because you do not have permission to see it."
  2. So AdRush seems useless - unless the game keeps track of which aircraft is gone because it got shot down and which one delivered payload? As for DemoExp, I can't find any other good skills for my points. Right now I'm running: PrioTarget(will change it to AirSupr), ImpBoost TorpAccel, ImpEngine SurvEx,AirArmor,DemoEx SigtStab Maybe you have an idea for a different build?
  3. Barcel

    Advanced CV guide

    Is slingshot still a thing? I remember reading something about the immunity period for dive bombers being removed, but I don't remember.
  4. Barcel

    Question to Midway owners

    I own both Lexi and MIdway - HVAR reticle on Midway seems wider to me, but cannot confirm it.
  5. A couple of questions regarding skills Does TorpAccel increase torpedo arming distance? If so, is it a good choice for a Midway? (balance between faster torps, but needing to drop them sooner) How does Adrenaline Rush work? Does it calculate total HP of a squadron (meaning if I launch and drop a strike, my remaining 6 or 9 planes will fly faster?) Is DemoExpert worth on Midway? Some time ago I heard that HE Bombs had ridicoulous fire chance, so DE didn't do anything, but what about rockets? (both HVAR and Tiny Tim) Is Concealment Expert useful? 1km reduction in spotting range for aircraft doesn't seem worth 4 skill points Thx for the help.
  6. Barcel

    Switch plane/ship models mod?

    Do you have the mod still? Or where can I find it? (BTD->Skyraider) About Hipper and Prinz - only reason I'd like them swapped is because of gun mantlets (lack of cloth on Prinz, just looks better for me)
  7. Hi Is it possible (or is there a mod for this) to swap two models of ship/aircraft? Only the visual of course. In particular, I'd like to change BTD Destroyer for Skyraider and Admiral Hipper for Prinz Eugen.
  8. Barcel

    Grosser Kurfurst - Fire Prev or BasicsOfSurv?

    You mean BoS and JoAT?
  9. After new patch, I no longer need IFHE on my secondary build, and I have 5 points to spare on my captain. Core skills are: Priority Target Adrenaline Rush Basic Fire Training Advanced Fire Training Manual Secondaries Right now I have also Fire prevention and Preventative Maintenance, (as a 1 point sink really, since apparently it doesn't help with secondaries surviveability) I'm thinking about respeccing those 5 points into Basics of Surviveability and Jack of All Trades (or High Alert) Is 1 less fire and 10% lower chance better or worse than shorter fires and faster cooldowns?
  10. Barcel

    What crosshair is that? (video)

    This is a video from Notser, in it there is a crosshair that I never seen before: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwWCchsdc-I Anyone knows from which mod it is? Or how does it work, I can see scales for both 20 and 30 knots, but I don't know why it's changing the scales.
  11. Barcel

    Großer Kurfürst Secondary Build

    This means I should ditch Manual for IFHE? I don't know how much of a difference would it make on Freddie.
  12. Barcel

    Großer Kurfürst Secondary Build

    Im on Friedrich right now, and I wonder if I should swap my skills around (14 points now), mainly Advanced Fire Training for IFHE. Reason being, I'm trading 2km secondaries range (from 11.5 to 9.5) for the ability of 105mm secondaries to pierce through 32mm plating (105/4=26mm - > 26x1,3=34mm). I still would have PT, AdRush, BFT and Manual secondaries. Is that a worthwhile trade? Grinding from lvl14 to 18 would take a lot of time.
  13. Barcel

    Known Bugs/ Issues

    A minor bug - during before-battle countdown camera is stuck near front turrets (while playing T 5 Cleveland cruiser) and cannot be zoomed out (can be zoomed in further though) until the battle has started.
  14. Barcel

    Ewidetne błędy

    Mały bug - na Clevelandzie podczas odliczania nie można odzoomować kamery (jest bardzo nisko zawieszona nad przednią wieżą i można ją tylko jeszcze przybliżyć). Problem znika po starcie bitwy, ale jest upierdliwy.
  15. Barcel

    Propozycje zmian / dodania funkcjonalności

    Bardzo przydałaby się opcja zablokowania obrotu rufowej albo/i dziobowej sekcji wież. Często przy manewrach cel znajduje się raz na jednej a raz na drugiej burcie, a jak już dochodzi do wywalenia pełnej salwy to trzeba czekać aż działa które wcześniej wierciły się bez sensu znowu się ustawią.