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  1. Sunleader

    cv vs dd balance - is this being looked at at all?

    Thats a Strange set of Changes. But seems more Focused on Clanbattles. 5km Spotting limit means these Fighters cant Spot at all. Good Change. Fighters actually Attacking Enemies abd not first Waiting is Blasphemy. Fighters should wait 10 minutes before they Attack Enemies xD Good Change as well. 6km Radius also makes alot more Sense. At least they might actually Cover Ships then and maybe even Intercept Enemies. The 6 to 15 Second Spawntimer is likely to prevent Hunting. Basicly they want Fighters to be Limited as a Cover use rather than people trying to post them on Enemy Bombers. Detectability is irrelevant for most Part. 90 Seconds instead 60 is fine. I would have Scratched the additional Consumable Charges and made it 120 Seconds instead. So its less flights needed for Covering the Team. But we will see. Charges from 3 to 6 seems a Pain. As said above. Better make them last longer with fewer charges. Nobody will use 18 Fighter Drops.... (I hope) Big Problem us of course that Fighters still dont prevent the Drop. So this will never work if they decide to apply it to Random. Because the Drop itself wont be stopped so Surface Ship will still Cry. DD will still ve Spotted cause 5km is twice what he is spotted at anyways. And Potato CVs will run out of Planes and Cry cause they feel useless. Not Driving in Straight line for the 3 Hours the Torps need to reach you. Not driving our forward all alone. And most of all. If the Asashio gets spotted maybe Shoot him as Asashi is dead very fast....
  2. Sunleader

    cv vs dd balance - is this being looked at at all?

    Not sure why you would Provide these Screens. In the First Game we lost. And aside from being a Punching Bag for one of the CVs till you got Killed. The Screen does not really Show any Achievements worth mentioning. The other 2 Screens are even worse. Because they Imply that you Yoloed a Beached CV whose Team is getting Roflstomped without Resistance.... And got yourself Killed after you Torped the Beached CV. The Double CV Game were the GZ Killed you would be a Better Choice. There you had way more Impact despite it being a Double CV Game.
  3. Sunleader

    Mond-Neujahr Container

    Ich würde die Sinnhaftigkeit aber aktuell doch gern Diskutieren. Du hattest anscheinend das Losglück auf deiner Seite und hast die Schiffe hier Billiger bekommen als wenn du sie Direkt gekauft hättest. Die Frage ob andere ähnliches Glück haben oder ob das eine Ausnahme ist und es Generell Sinnvoller ist die Schiffe einfach zu Kaufen wenn man sie *Sammeln* will. Ist meiner Meinung also durchaus einer Diskussion in diesem Thema Wert.
  4. Sunleader

    ARP Ships on 31st January ?

    I dont mind *gg* If they make the Right Offers I can into Wallet Warrior *gg* I am closely looking at 2 Ships and 3 Commanders ^^
  5. Sunleader

    ARP Ships on 31st January ?

    No. There is no Info from WG yet. Thats why I am asking here :) The Reddit Topic References a Japanese Announcement for a New Collab with World of Warships. So possibly they made a Deal to Sell the Ships again. We cant know till WG makes a Public Announcement
  6. Sunleader

    ARP Ships on 31st January ?

    Stumbled over this on Reddit. Is this True ? @Crysantos @Sehales
  7. Sunleader

    Weekly Combat Missions: Lunar New Year

    If they do the same as on Asia Server. You will be able to just Buy the Izumo Vlone if you want it. Albeit I am not sure why someone would want it. The Wukong seems more Interesting.
  8. Sunleader

    Weekly Combat Missions: Lunar New Year

    Given the Offers on the Asian Server. It seems they will offer most stuff Directly as Ships instead of Lootboxes actually. You can still get Lootboxes if you want. But I for my Part will do what I always do when I have the Choice. And just Buy the Stuff I want right away without relying on Lootboxes.
  9. Sunleader

    Weekly Combat Missions: Lunar New Year

    Erm. Question. Do I see this right ? So the 2 Final Containers Guarantee a Perma Camo OR a Premium Ship ? What Ships are the Camos for by the way ?
  10. Sunleader

    6 t8 carriers one match possible, apparently

    Battles can change depending on Mood and Events. They are not Representative of the Players Active. If you Check the Site I provided you can actually Sort for Different Timeframes. This way you can run some Pretty Nice Checks while Filtering out Seasonal Changes. And what you get is actually Rather Simple. 2017 the Average was at roughly 12.5k 2018 the Average was at roughly 12.5k 2019 the Average was at roughly 12.5k as well :) This is a Stable Playerbase by any and all Means Really. You can also Confirm that each Year during Christmas there is a Spike in the Playerbase of around 20-25% which 2019 however was more towards 15% thanks to Puerto Rico Dumpster Fire. However. In the Months before this the Playerbase was actually slightly higher than when Compared to 2018. You can also See that every Year there is Certain Downtimes. For example every Summer there is a Hole in the Playerbase as People likely go for Summer Holidays and dont take the Computer along :) Funny Enough. You can Generally also Expect Wargaming to put out an Especially Grindy Event during this Hole. Which is likely their way of trying to keep high Playernumbers on the Server by Increasing the Playtime of the Fewer Players. Meanwhile especially on the High Player Times around Christmas or Easter you can actually notice that Wargaming will often attempt and Provide a Big Reward for something which is often stacked with some "Incentives" to Invest Money. Which is Obviously enough them trying to get Money out of it that there is Tons of Players Online during these Times. You all know I am absolutely of the Opinion that CVs are OP. And I absolutely Agree they need to be Addressed. But Guys. Lets do ourselves a Favor. And dont Give WG Ammunition on Discrediting us by constantly Yelling Doomsday and Game is Dying and such Stuff. If we make Random False Claims the only thing that we do is confirming to WG that the Community is not a Reliable Source of their own Mood. We are not Helping anything with this. Because lets Face it. The Reason we are here despite the Problems WG has. Is that the Game is apparently Good enough and Fun enough for us to want to Play it and thus have WG Fix Problems rather than Abandoning it. I doubt that WG is Happy with the CV Rework. They did not only not Achieve their Original Target. They also caused Unrest in the Community. And as much as they always try to Play it Cool. You can actually Notice they are bothered by such things. But they are likely also thinking right now that once Submarines are Added into the Game. The whole Game Meta will Change Tremendously. DDs will likely have much more Reason to Stay back at the Beginning of the Match. Thus being much Harder Targets for CVs without this causing the Team to lose the Match cause the Subs are going Forward instead. We cant tell yet what exactly will happen to the Game Meta with Subs. As they are still in the Process of Changing things Radically every new Iteration. But its Pretty obvious that the Game Meta will change quite alot once they are Added. So WG is likely avoiding any further Stirring of the Beehive with CV Changes as they know the whole thing will start from Scratch once Subs are Released anyways. Do I agree with this ? Hell No. I am absolutely of the Opinion that they should at least try to make some Makeshift Adjustments to CVs to lessen their Impact right now. Even if its just a Placeholder till Subs come around. But Guys. While I am all for Complaining about it. And Rubbing it into WGs Face at every Possible Occasion. I cant really help but Feel Stupid when I see People bashing up Doomsday Announcements of the Game Dying and such Rubbish. You know why I stopped Complaining about Puerto Rico ? Not because I think they Fixed it. Or because I think its Meaningless. I stopped because thanks to all the Doomsday Yellers any Reasonable Statement about the Cost of this Event to WG will be Drowned out anyways. And its making me Feel Stupid when I sit there trying to Explain why Exactly WG should not have done this and how this might have Longlasting Negative Consequences for WG as well as having lost them a Chance to get more out of it. And all around me people are just Posting Complete Crab about how the Game is Dying and how they are all Leaving etc. WG wont be looking for the 1 or 2 Reasonable and Sensible Critics when they are hidden inside a Mountain a Stinking Rubbish that is Obviously Bullcrab and can easily be Proven Wrong.
  11. Sunleader

    Direktive 2 Aufgabe "Mondkrieger" (noch) nicht erfüllbar

    Ja Opa. :) Und Jetz nimm deine Medizin und geh ins Bett. Du sollst doch nicht so lange auf den Beinen sein ^^
  12. I mean. I would actually like to have it by now. Lately I have a Feeling that there is too many Free T-Shirt Giveaways on Islands. Otherwise I have no Idea why Literally all the BBs on my Team have to Dock at the same Island for Half the Game :) I think if we had the Shrinking Map from Savage Mode. This might really Improve Gameplay Flow :) Force People Forward a bit more :) This might Fix alot of very Long Games Consisting effectively of a Team that has lost 10 Minutes ago just Camping somewhere in the Rear trying to hide from the Enemy Team which is now in the Desperate Situation of somehow trying to Kill the Enemy Ships before they Win by Points and get no Exp for the Win cause 80% of the Enemy Team is still Alive :P
  13. Sunleader

    Puerto Rico - Vote

    I Disliked this Event. This Event wasnt Fun. And it was very Dishonest. But we will see what WG does in the Future. They have their "Accidents" as we all know. But I would hope that these Accidents remain the Minority of Events and Actions. Complaining is Importand. And I am all for Rubbing this into WGs Face every time they even think about doing something Similar. But its not meaningful to keep going on it when WG actually made the Current Event Extremely Mellow. If nothing else they do seem to Realize that they Annoyed alot of People this Christmas. So maybe dont bash them into a Corner to the Point where they Start Feeling they have to Fight it out.
  14. Just Noticed this. But dont you think its time to Remove the Christmas Lootboxes from the Forum Header ? They somehow look out of Place now that Christmas and even New Years is long over. And You cant Buy them anymore either.
  15. Sunleader

    [RBMF] Clan Recruitment.

    Oh. So this is Minias Actual Clan ^^