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  1. v.7.10.2 #00 (12-11-2018): - kompatybilność z WoWs
  2. v.7.10.2 #00 (12-11-2018): - compatibility with WoWs
  3. v.7.10.1 #02 (10-11-2018): - akt. skórki bez rdzy - akt. ikonek klanowych - akt. mxstat
  4. v.7.10.1 #02 (10-11-2018): - updated No Rust skins - updated clan icons - updated mxstat
  5. Would have to check it, I assume you're selecting first crosshair from their in-game menu?
  6. v.7.10.1 #01 (02-11-2018): - akt. panele boczne AutoSpy - akt. HelpMe - akt. mxStat - akt. ikonek klanowych v.7.10.1 #00 (30-10-2018): - wstępna kompatybilność z WoWs - dodano HUD Odznaki w bitwie v7
  7. v.7.10.1 #01 (02-11-2018): - updated Side Panel: AutoSpy - updated HelpMe - updated mxStat - updated clan icons
  8. It happens from time to time, AV software don't like the domain (it changes very often recently) you can ignore it, click on Skip Ad button and download as always or click on direct links.
  9. v.7.10.0 #06 (28-10-2018): - akt. Flagi o historycznych proporcjach - akt. ikonki konturów: pold77 - akt. Historyczny kamuflaż japońskich niszczycieli (z oznaczeniami i numeracją) [by KAsual] - akt. ikonek klanowych - dodano nową gałąź: Płomienie na okrętach (przeniesiono do niej Niebieskie płomienie) - dodano nowy mod: Usuwacz ramek celownika [pod sekcją celowników] - dodano nowy mod: Płomienie na okrętach: Usuń animacje płomieni - naprawiono brakujący XP na rozszerzonej kompakowej karuzeli
  10. v.7.10.0 #06 (28-10-2018): - updated Historical Proportions flags - updated contour icons: pold77 - updated Historical IJN DDs camouflage mod with markings & numbering [by KAsual] - updated clan icons - added new branch: Flames on ships (moved Blue flames there) - added new mod: Binocular Frame Remover [under the crosshair's section] - added new mod: Flames on ships: Remove all flames - fixed missing XP on compact carousel extended
  11. Fixed missing xp on the carousel, get modpack #05b
  12. v.7.10.0 #05 (26-10-2018): - added Return commander to his ship - added new mod: Shot timer (by Ancient) - updated clan icons - updated mxstat - updated Matchmaking Monitor - improved game client detection
  13. v.7.10.0 #04 (23-10-2018): - updated shells & tracers UAN Standard Shell - Type 17 - updated KanColle Kanmusu voice mod [JP] - updated semi-transparent fading minimap by fugetsu - added Arpeggio of Blue Steel UI Inferface by Sea Group - added Gun marker shapes (one more time) - added crosshair: ProShips - fixed session stats with consumable panel installation - fixed movable ship parameter installation
  14. v.7.10.0 #03 (21-10-2018): - updated Crooks Full Nation Skins - updated UI package for Crooks Full Nation Skins - added Gun marker shapes (all of them) - added Hide Fire Screen - added contour icons: Decase (from 7.9.0) - added Consumables panel - added Compact carousel extended (without filters, and consumable panel - simple version) - added crosshairs: Skalpel, Siekiera, Kraken, Katze, Krab, Dolphin, Mebius, Bowser, Hootorez, Nappelcommander, R3D - repacked login videos: A True True Friend, Victory Is Ours, Twilight vs Tirek, Battle of Gods, Pinkie Smile, Canadian Navy World War II Footage info: in case of problems reinstall the modpack with option to clean DL folder