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  1. At first glance you didn't have it installed properly, probably something interrupted the process, like av, lack of priviledges, locked file etc. Attach logs too.
  2. v.8.5.1 #07 (16-07-2019): - usunięto Modules port bez grafiki 3D w porcie - akt. ikonek konturów: Aslain - akt. ikonki klanów [NA]
  3. v.8.5.1 #07 (16-07-2019): - removed Modules port without 3D in port - updated contour icons: Aslain - updated clan icons [NA]
  4. v.8.5.1 #06 (14-07-2019): - przebudowano Powiększ nazwy okrętów na minimapce [wybierz swoje opcje ponownie] - dodano moda dla komentatorów eSportu (Casters Mod) [na prośbe WG] - dodano minimapka by autospy (modded by juger65) - akt. mxstat - akt. ikonki klanów
  5. v.8.5.1 #06 (14-07-2019): - reworked Enlarge ship names on the minimap section [select your option again] - added Casters Mod [for e-sport commentators only] (requested by WG) - added minimap by autospy (modded by juger65) - updated mxstat - updated clan icons
  6. @pat200253 Impossible to be banned for my mods since they are officialy approved, you (or whoever) was not banned for my mods but for something else.
  7. I'm using Malwarebytes myself, it doesn't have any issues with my modpack. Anyways yeah it's perfectly safe, the danger never existed, just dellusional av softw.
  8. You're welcome. I have made this. Dead, for now at least. No news about it.
  9. v.8.5.1 #05 (11-07-2019): - dodano Przesuń odznaki bitewne i licznik uszkodzeń do centrum - dodano Powiększ nazwy okrętów na minimapce - naprawiono Przeźroczysta minimapka od AutoSpy
  10. v.8.5.1 #05 (11-07-2019): - added Move Ribbons and damage counter to the center - added Enlarge ship names on the minimap - fixed semi-transparent minimap by AutoSpy
  11. v.8.5.1 #04 (10-07-2019): - dodano Przesuń odznaki bitewne do centrum - dodano Pomniejszone odznaki - akt. ikonki klanów - usunięto: Ilość odznak w jednym rzędzie [przestało działać]
  12. v.8.5.1 #04 (10-07-2019): - added Move Ribbons to the center - added Small ribbons - updated clan icons - removed: Number of ribbons in one row [stopped to work]
  13. In next modpack update, at least the ribbons.
  14. v.8.5.1 #03 (08-07-2019): - dodano port: Unreal Official Maps (10 portów) - dodano Historyczne kamuflaże 'Splinter' - akt. ikonki klanów
  15. v.8.5.1 #03 (08-07-2019): - added port: Unreal Official Maps (10 ports) - added Historical Camo Pack 'Splinter' - updated clan icons