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  1. szczerbo1507

    Długie ładowanie bitwy

    Zdefragmentuj dysk, wyłącz antywirusa i inne zbędne programy w tle.
  2. szczerbo1507

    Game will no longer load

    Try to install DirectX from Windows page and install it. And you don't need start a new account, just log into the same you are using now.
  3. To get something like that, you have to press battle and start downloading something on your PC (something, that's takes the whole bandwidth). As the battle starts you can stop downloading and that's it, you have such desync for the whole battle, with normal ping.
  4. szczerbo1507

    my profile is not distributed !

    You downloaded the wrong client.
  5. szczerbo1507

    Flooding damage WTF?

    This is not a simulator, just an arcade game.
  6. szczerbo1507

    Are the Furutaka's torpedoes bugged?

    14 600 is the MAX amount of damage, a angled ship takes less, hit in the dead end of a ship takes also less. Same as shooting with shells, you have to hit certain areas to get max damage.
  7. szczerbo1507

    outnumbered so badly

    Solution: don't go alone, slow down, watch what the rest is doing on map.
  8. szczerbo1507

    Omaha | Czas przeładowania torped

    Chodzi o to, że w statystykach jest pokazane 44 sekundy ładowania, podczas kiedy w grze są to 64 sekundy. Nie jest to przypadkiem spowodowane nie do końca przeszkolonym dowódcą okrętu?
  9. szczerbo1507

    Ridiculous loading times

    Specification? Turn off your antivirus program and other unnecessary programs, defragment your hard drive.
  10. szczerbo1507

    Sugestia zmiany rozpoczęcia gry

    I wszyscy by kampili? Nie.
  11. szczerbo1507

    How to change server from WOW NA to WOW EU?

    Sounds like you have the NA client (yes, it makes a difference). You have to download the EU: http://worldofwarships.eu/en/content/game/
  12. szczerbo1507


    Das ist nicht alles über deinen PC, es kann Schrott sein. Mach deinen Antivirus Program aus, mach eine Speicher defragmentirung, wenn das nicht hilft, dan instaliere das Spiel noch mal, wie es 8x38cm gesagt hat.
  13. szczerbo1507

    Crash-damage when running aground

    That is not a simulator, more like an arcade game, let it stay that way.
  14. szczerbo1507


    Yes, you can't make more than one account on one e-mail adress, that's what EVERY company does, and creating new e-mail account is fast and free. You really have a problem with that?
  15. szczerbo1507

    XP Swapping

    Only if you have an elite ship (every module and another ship researched) you can convert its exp to free exp, which can be used on any ship, but you have to use doublons to do that.