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  1. Ghesthar

    Update 0.10.5 - Feedback Survey

    Rocket planes have moved from being the least valuable plane type in most circumstances to unusably terrible. The only players this change really benefits are the straightline-sailing DDs who can't turn their AA off, as they were the only ones who ever took meaningful damage from rockets. I think when making this change, the balance department forgot to ask an important question: if rocket planes aren't for DD hunting, what ARE they for? With this change, the answer is: nothing. Early spotting, maybe.
  2. Ghesthar

    Update 0.10.5, Clan Battles restrictions

    I guess banning or limiting ships is easier than balancing them, but seriously? Why not just make the season without CVs and limited to one ship of any given type if that is your goal anyway?
  3. Ghesthar

    Mercenaries looking for a clan

    Played to typhoon a few seasons. A few hundred Petro CB games, a decent handful of carrier same. Petro, Haku, FDR, Marceau, Halland, Conq, Thunderer, Nevsky, and a pile of random stuff. Goliath shortly. Would love to play with a couple decent clans to take a break from leading occasionally. Fairly comfortable in any role.
  4. Ghesthar

    Clan Battles: Tears of the Desert Season

    "We announced there would be cylones, and there are no cyclones. This is working as intended, and our announcement was correct" Anatoly the admin set the cyclone rate at '0.5' expecting it to be 50%, but didn't realise that it expected a whole number. Now, the cyclone rate is 0.5%. This is working as intended, because there is a chance of cyclone! We'll wait two weeks, you guys will ban stalingrads because that is what everyone is taking, then turn cyclones on so everyone can rotate back to petros, and your double-dipped meta management will be (not) working as intended as well.
  5. Ghesthar

    Clan Battles: Tears of the Desert Season

    "Yes, we forgot to turn cyclones on, but our announcement was correct because we MIGHT turn them on at some point in the future!" Ok. Why announce any rules at all if they're going to randomly apply or not apply on a day-to-day basis with no communication?
  6. Ghesthar

    Clan Battles: Tears of the Desert Season

    We had two divisions going for the duration last night, and neither saw a cyclone once. Random is random, and if the chance is low, fine, but this doesn't resemble past seasons where cyclone was advertised, where the rate was quite substantial. If there aren't going to be cyclones, that is fine, but it is frustrating to go in expecting weather events which alter ship choices, only for them to NEVER occur, and almost every team, ours included, to have switched to long-range ships by the end of the session due to the complete absence of the advertised cyclones.
  7. Ghesthar

    Clan Battles: Tears of the Desert Season

    Did WG forget to turn cyclones on or something?
  8. Ghesthar

    Update 0.10.4 - Feedback Survey

    Battle of the Beasts is really poorly constructed, to the point where I don't understand what is trying to be achieved beyond 'give players a tiny amount of free stuff in the background.' All of the personal missions can be completed in any class at any time - you just play and they happen. Combine this with the weird time limit/mission rotation, and it feels like this has been abstracted to the point of absurdity - there is absolutely no point to paying attention to the missions. The four teams are a very strange blind pick that adds a further level of uncontrollable abstraction - you roll a die or pick your favourite, and hope that other people who generate points have done the same. An individual player has no control over whether this team succeeds or fails, they just pick one and then maybe get free stuff in the background over time. Again, it is pointless to pay any attention to it because it is outside of the player's control, and will just happen in the background. There are then UI issues. Are we stuck with the teams forever? There is a 'stage' implied in the ingame screen, but nothing telling us what this stage is or what will change or end - just 18 hours until the missions end (why?) and 26 days until the event ends. I'm sure this is all buried in a news post somewhere, but why are there so many different timers? Individual missions, mission sets, stages, event.. This event is 'some free stuff' much like all the other 'mission chains that give some free stuff' events, but unlike those where occasionally one might play a different ship, grind some coop, or pay some attention to a requirement, this one is so far in the background that I just don't understand the point of it. Like, why have you guys gone out of your way to create so many art assets for an event that is so clearly designed to be ignored?