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  1. Arms Race feedback

    oh really, why would you assume that people who have to look for their balls all the games before (not successfuly of course) suddenly develop balls?
  2. DDS noch bessr machen

    und selbst dann wuerde er wohl abkacken
  3. Soldoni

    historical warrior callsign: checked in 99% of these cases the historical name has to compensate for the total lack of talent in game.
  4. Can't connet to server

    happy birthday, land_krabba. same situation for me
  5. the "carry harder!" thread

    "what kind of people are these in real life?" they are soldiers, firefighters, cops, etc....real heroes.....and they enjoy being cowards in virtual reality i assume.
  6. Unterirdische Spielweise

    ist sogar schlimmer, im random kann man 2-3 kevins und chantals mitschleppen, im ranked isses so gut wie unmoeglich.
  7. BB's sniping RN light cruisers

    sorry but if you get at 17km then you are not weaving around and zig zagging. when i drive battleships i usually dont bother shooting cruisers 15km or more away.....except they drive straight all the time or stand still. when i drive cruisers i rarely get hit over 14km away from battleships, except i drive predictable. and a full 180° rockford turn i put on the predictable table.
  8. friendly torp hits are never accidents , they are only a sign of careless players
  9. ja, allerdings fahren zu viele anwaerter auf hirnschrittmacher und virtuelle feiglinge die schiffe. wie bei ps monstern ist das phaenomen zu beobachten, dass je groesser die kanonen je kleiner die eier.
  10. is there a way to be able to join the red team? green teams usually suck.
  11. Is MM going to mess with good players AGAIN?!?

    and what has the quality of the players to do with matchmaker?