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  1. WG community regulation
  2. 2018.05.11 -- update to be compatible with
  3. unfortunately the Extension mod is no longer working
  4. needs an update
  5. I wasn't realized my thread was reopened after being locked due to WG new censorship, until the notification of your reply. Well, WG had a tradition to restore UI flag images (and some more other UI images) in this service_lib.swf. Since somewhat earlier game versions of WOWS, flag images were separated from this swf file, which make modding much more easier. With this being said, the service_lib.swf still contains all flag images all along. I haven't play the game since, but from your description, WG might return to its old tradition using service_lib.swf to restore ui flag files. That's just my speculation
  6. check it out again. upload might not have been completed by the time you replied
  7. Yea, needs update. Will do as soon as I've got time
  8. it seems the Extension mod doesn't work anymore.
  9. 2017.10.21 - update to be compatible with - new HD Flags: + Tripitz + Battle of Trafalgar + HMAS Vampire + Gallant + USS Massachusetts - long-waited techtree background flags: IJN and KM
  10. 2017.10.04 - update to be compatible with
  11. test making techtree background flags for IJN and KM
  12. update Flag Mod Extension for others are still legit for
  13. yea, it crossed my mind. And since you've experienced 403 error, it gets confirmed then.