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  1. Thorgald

    New CVs

    But this patch had "overwhelming positive feedback"...... Surely you're all wrong when you think you find faults with the CV rework........ Overwhelming. Positive. Feedback!
  2. Thorgald

    Patchnotes for

    Can say one thing though (probably mentioned byt cba to search). The DB's drop radius when panicked is absolutely MASSIVE now. Like almost as large as the ring that tells you where the DB's will start their attack run.... And they also seems to panic a lot easier now too.
  3. Thorgald

    CV Torps completly destroyed

    Kinda what i was hinting at, And it's not just IJN CV's, the same is also true for US CV's to some degree. And it's not just the recent torp changes, the whole concept is broken almost beyond repair.. Apart from the planes spotting possibility there are pretty much no other advantages for the class, it's just a huge list of disadvantages. Our "ammo" are heavily limited and can be shot down, we have no self defense worth noting outside AA, we stop working when set on fire, our "pilots" panics and become free XP for their targets if someone as much as looks at them in a slightly serious way etc etc etc. The only so called "good games" i have on any of my CV's are when there's an enemy CV with no interceptor planes loaded. I always run the 2/2/2 setup on my IJN CV's so if nothing else i can then shoot down enemy DB's and TB's... But that still means i make crap for XP, i once killed over 35 enemy airplanes and got less then 3000 XP on a x1.5 win...
  4. Thorgald

    Constant own team damage/deaths

    And it's also being abused. I've seen BB's deliberately turn into a team members torps and get sunk, instantly turning the owner of the torps pink....
  5. Thorgald

    Please remove Warspite as a premium

    ok so the brits loved to give their little PR deathmachine decorations. Your point?
  6. Thorgald

    CV Torps completly destroyed

    Why should only CV's have that exception? Make them as easy and rewarding to play as the other ship types. Alternatively make the other ship types as frustratingly hard and unrewarding as CV's are now...
  7. Thorgald

    A CV players two biggest enemies

    That's not really a CV specific problem though. Every ship class gets horrible MM because there are too many people queuing with the same ship class (mainly BB's), so the MM has to make up for it by adding in much higher and lower tier ships of the ship classes that there are too few of. It's not as bad prime time, but any time outside that it's not uncommon to see solo tier 4's and tier 7 or 8's in the same match...
  8. Thorgald

    XVM... for WoWs?

    Nooooo, please god no! Don't make XVM useable in this game, it's enough that it's ruining WoT don't make it ruin this game as well! Nothing good -WHAT SO EVER- comes out of that tarded mod... I'm sick and effing tired of playing WoT and ALWAYS seeing half the team give up before the game even finish loading because XVM claims we have a crap chance to win or there are "too many tomatoes on the team".... If the stat whores want to know how good they are they can bloody well log on to the website and check the rankings there, they have no need for a mod that destructive for the community as a whole. Ishiro32, on 23 May 2015 - 09:30 PM, said: Even hellspunk mentioned that good players from wot don't play in divisions because they want to keep their good stats good. Kinda silly That's not all they do, they also deliberately screw over the other "good" people on their team so they die (blocking retreat paths etc etc) so the stat whores can have a better game. And the only people that DO want that mod in this game are the ones that does exactly that... Sorry for double post, no idea how to edit in a quote.
  9. You know this lag might even be intentional because Wargaming are deliberately straining the servers to check for net code errors... We don't know and they have no obligation to tell us... If you find stuff like this so annoying you have to complain about it then perhaps you don't understand why you are playing and should wait until the game is released.
  10. Oh it's making plenty of money right now. Remember it's possible to buy gold and subscriptions now, not just a few prem ships... And because we're getting all the gold and subscription time back we spend now when the game release few people are holding back... That said, no this game does not run on it's own server, or at least not one that is optimized to handle the load. Not to forget that there are probably a bucketload of monitoring programs running in the background collecting data for the devs that normally would not be there in a final product...
  11. Thorgald

    High tier CV play needs an overhaul

    I'm only speaking from a low tier experience here, so bear that in mind when replying.... Personally this last patch made CV play really depressing. the new US BB's can dodge my torps so easily there's not even any point going after them. Not to mention that the new IJN aircrafts keel over as soon as someone even looks at them in a slightly serious way. Most of the times i've lost 2 or 3 planes before they even managed to launch the torps. and i'm not suiciding them on big clusters of ships either. Anyway, low tier CV play were bearable (albeit quite boring) before the patch because the AA on most ships were not really that great, but now i really don't want to play them more then i have to (getting my daily basically)... Either the aircrafts need a REALLY big boost in survivability or all CV's needs to have their hangar space stocked up with at least twice as many planes as they have now. Basically (and especially with IJN CV's) i'm scared sending my torp bombers on enemy ships because i KNOW i'll lose half of the squad doing so. And with US BB's i can't even say it was worth the sacrifice because they just end up dodging the torps anyway...
  12. Thorgald

    Hotspot map

    Not to mention the Ocean map is really small and you get spotted even faster then in hot spot (at least if you're a BB). In my Fuso i have actually spotted enemy BB's before the game even start it's that small...
  13. Thorgald

    Meanings of Slang & Basic Pointers

    Yeah that's not happening if i'm in an IJN BB and whoever else is in a CA or DD... If they refuse to get out of my way i have no problem ramming them.. I need the better part of a quarter of a map to turn around, i get out of the way for nobody...