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  1. Ramjali123

    Todays Premium Patch

    So except from the in-game shop premiums, the pre-order ships are the only ones unavailable for a year? Ie the in-game premiums are not going to disapear anytime soon?
  2. Ramjali123

    Todays Premium Patch

    Currently away from my gaming computer so, every little detail on the premium helps. I want to get some during the 15% discount but I cannot test them out myself Are the premium ships under tier 8 worth it? Becuase the norm is the tier 8s give the biggest credit in WoT. Also any MUST buy premiums? like type 59 during start of WoT
  3. I realize that there is no replay system in WoWS. I wanted to check how I managed to get a good game, but there was no replay. When is this feature going to be added? I think i just got really lucky...........I wish there were rewards for good results......... Good job devs, keep up the good work.