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  1. Proximat3

    Hamburg Dockyard: Construction of ZF-6

    I just realized that I won't be able to finish ZF6 by buying 5k doubloons pack as it states it's only available at the early stage of ship building. Lol 6600 doubloons after tons of grind through the missions. It costs rougly 25$ for 3 stages, while all stages is like 140$. Lol I would buy 2.5 AAA games for that ship ^^ Silly.
  2. Proximat3

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    Thanks. Keep up the good work! :)
  3. Proximat3

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    Is Aslain's modpack considered safe and checked according to the latest warning about installing mods outside of ModStation?
  4. Proximat3

    Ranked Sprint: Arms Race

    Hey guys, I was just 1 win from Rank 1 we had 320 vs 280 and the battle was Draw and I lost star? What is the logic here?!
  5. Proximat3

    Update 8.0.11 Build A Puerto Rico

    Well, when I saw a dockyard I thought I will be able to build a ship from certain set of modules... It's just another way to get our money. If people could customize their ship it would be so much better (it would fit their playstyle).
  6. Proximat3

    Rocznicowy Stream! To już dziś!

    A ja wolę coś fajnego z mała szansą wygrania, np. Missouri. Po co mi jakieś dziadostwo V tieru. Mam już kilka i nie gram tym.
  7. Proximat3

    Test publiczny aktualizacji 0.8.7: runda 1.

    Bzdura. Dostalem 1000rp za odblokowanie biura. Pptem pdkrylem i zresetowalem za fxp z 5-6 galezi i nie dalo mi ani punkta. Pomimo, ze za kazdy reset gra twierdzila ze dostane 450rp. Mam dalej 1900 z czego 900 za 1 reset x2.......
  8. Proximat3

    Update 0.8.6: French Destroyers

    Just wondering how to pass Directive #3. I have French JB, Japanese, US and UK ships. So in total I can complete 4/6 missions O_O I also received Jaguar from a container (like 1 french ship within 10+ containers). But it's not possible to complete french DD mission with Jaguar. So unless I don't grind german and russian ships up to tier 5 I'm stuck on directive 3. It's bs... P.S. Well I just fxped to Piotr, then I go german. What else can I do :(
  9. Proximat3

    PT - Research Bureau

    That's what I did. I redeemed bonus for PT missions as well as bonus for technical problems the Wargaming had a week ago. Not sure about the 2nd, but for sure I didn't get PT rewards. Never mind. Going to wait for the release and see if I get my flags and containers ^^ P.S. After claiming it said that rewards will be available on Live account within few minutes, that's why I was worried when I got nothing.
  10. Proximat3

    PT - Research Bureau

    Ermm I know that -.- And I'm talking about THOSE EXACT rewards you mentioned. I know I'm not getting ships on public... Screen from battle missions tab: That's why I asked if you get it after 0.8.7 release or you can get it now as website stated when I redeemed those rewards. P.S. This if my first time on PT. Read ALL of the articles regarding latest update.
  11. Proximat3

    PT - Research Bureau

    Still I resetted like 5 free xp branches and got no RP! (it said 450 each time and I got nothing) Also the rewards for participating in PT will appear on my public account after 0.8.7 release? 'cause I redeemed them on the website and it said it should appear withing few minutes :)
  12. Proximat3

    PT - Research Bureau

    So anyone can answer my question? Why am I not getting 450 RP for resetting the lines researched via free exp? And where are those numbers: 500 for the first victory on a tier VI ship; 500 for the first victory on a tier VII ship; 1500 for the first victory on a tier VIII ship; 1500 for the first victory on a tier IX ship; 6000 for the first victory on a tier X ship.  ? I get like 60 per battle O_O
  13. Proximat3

    PT - Research Bureau

    Agreed. The way it is right now is bad. Hopefully you think it over.
  14. Proximat3

    PT - Research Bureau

    What about this: 10k for branch reset and you get only 450. What am I missing?
  15. Proximat3

    PT - Research Bureau

    Why am I not getting research points for resetting whole branch? I got 1900 RP for playing once resetted ships, got 1000 initial RP and 900 (2x bonus) for resetting gearing branch. Then I used some premium flags to get 50k free exp. Researched like 4-5 trees to get few 450s RPs and one 2xx for CV branch and it still says I'm on 1900!? Fix it please. Proximat3.