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  1. Covinus

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    Just saw the ship in a coop game, the guy paid 59,000 gold for it, that's about £170??? He wasn't a very good player
  2. Covinus

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    Seems Brussels has taken WG, feed the cash cow. There are plenty of other games available on the market for a fraction of the price your even expecting players to cough up for, then add the insane amount of hours required to achieve any directive which with an average player base is NOT achievable; ergo deliberately made that way. Thanks for the offer, but no I will miss this event, and equally I shall not bother with any containers or a premium account from now on, you have done exactly the same thing that ruined WOT and the reason I stopped playing that. Merry Christmans Grinches!