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  1. SaintGordon

    Italian cruiser line

    You dint play enough games for any meaningful concludion. And with your comparing ships even less. -Statistic 101: Play at least 50 games in every ship you want to compare.
  2. SaintGordon


    Ja, hab ich auch gesehen. Gibt nix was spielemacher nicht vermurksen können
  3. SaintGordon

    Make AA great again

    Do yourselve a favor and play a cv line. Not for 1 or 2 games. A complete line including tier10. Maybe you wohnt be so annoyed any more. In the enemy is making it right, the cv will lose the hole squadron for 2k damage. If you the enemy goes solo hes Toast. Its a Team game, solo warriors are easy prey for cv. No ship should be untouchable by any kind of ship, including CVs.
  4. SaintGordon

    Not letting me login

    Normal WG Accounts are not compatible with wows on steam. You have to use the game Center to use a normal Account. Only Accounts who are created via steam can be logged in in the steam Client.
  5. SaintGordon

    Smolensk - Tier X

    Warum ist es bei WG eigentlich immer so, dass die ganzen Phantasieschiffe so total out of balance sind?
  6. SaintGordon

    Italian cruiser line

    I see you are missing the point completly. most CCs are players with a lot expiriance and know how of the game. When they "show" how bad or broken ships are, they want to profe there point. If a CC can break 200k Damage in the first 5 minutes of the game the ships IS out of balance. Guess what crap i mean. A hint, its not Italian. And they dont do this to be the dude, they show it, they PROVE it. And WG just ignores prove... Spread sheet says, its fine... thats BS When you ignore the CCs, who are playing the game for there living, its ignorant and not smart. True is, a lot or "normal" players cry often and loud. its hard to see whats just meme and what is justified criticism. But ignoring ppl who are at the base, have expiriance and know how is stupid.
  7. Easy Formula: Happy players are happy and dont need to change anything Frustrated players look at Premium ships and buy then, when they think they maybe help to get better. Sum: Frustrated players spend money, happy players dont Easy, isnt it?
  8. SaintGordon

    Italian cruiser line

    I heared a funny line in a stream today. Someone asked the streamer: whats the trait of the italian ship? Answer was: Its crap I think, that sums it up perfectly.
  9. Happened to most of us. No big deal. Punishment isnt harsh, so what. Just game on
  10. SaintGordon

    The hidden potential of Semi Armor Piercing(SAP)

    Da, Towarischtsch !
  11. SaintGordon

    The hidden potential of Semi Armor Piercing(SAP)

    To hit a bow tanking ships superstructure ist nost that easy. and hitting it constantlsy even more. The reload is a joke. Italin cruisers are weak compared to other cruiser line. And in the same situation they introduce the most powerfull HE spammer in the game, a Sovjet of course. Interesting design choice...
  12. SaintGordon

    The hidden potential of Semi Armor Piercing(SAP)

    I just had my first two Games in Zara. The SAP ist just a bit underwhelming. So where was the point fot SAP? No BBs moarning about fires? SAP is very depending on situation, and if you Target does not want to cooperate youre screwed. No swithcing to HE, AP will be even more pointless in nose aherd enemys. Itanlian ships will be fun...
  13. SaintGordon

    Gemeldet für nichts

    Das Reporting System ist nur dafür da, damit der Support weniger von frustrierten Spielen voll gejammert wird. Man wird für so ziemlich alles gemeldet. Angefangen bei: du tust nicht, was irgendwer will Über: du triffst den DD nicht und jemand anders wird vom DD versenkt Bis hin zu: du oneshottest nen Kreuzer der Breitseite fährt und er ist sauer auf dich Schulter zucken und weiter spielen. Karma hat eh keine relevante Bedeutung.
  14. SaintGordon

    Yorck - German VII tier ultimate floating disaster

    The jump from tier 6 CL to Tier 7 CA ist hard for some players. You have to stop thinking about the CL play style. You have to adopt CA play style.
  15. SaintGordon


    Hat sich erledigt