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  1. Tried this out, got 20 of the biggest most expensive containers and got...just flags and camos from all...yay?! ;)
  2. Ok thanks, can you advise what is lacking so I can focus on that please?
  3. Hello, looking to join you guys, I play a fair bit with Et_Lanatus_baro and he recommends the experience (of joining you guys rather than of playing with him lol) and suggested posting here. http://worldofwarshi...!/pvp/overview/
  4. These aren't the droids you're looking for...you can go about your business...move along...
  5. Rilohn

    WOW outcomes are fixed (as stated for years)

    Got that YouTube link?
  6. Rilohn


    This. Plus remove the spotter plane and give her the range upgrade like US BBs.
  7. I really like this feature, worked for me in two battles I lost (playing as CA and not DD btw and wasn't last player alive either) and came top and didn't lose a star so was able then progress on my next win.
  8. Rilohn

    Warspite- the sailing citadel?

    It needs more range to be competitive, eben a Texas can shoot to 18km with the range upgrade. The spotter plane for Warspite is a terrible option compared to being able to fit a permanent range upgrade.
  9. Rilohn

    Warspite- the sailing citadel?

    Actually, it takes citadels from all angles, didn't used to be that way but since all the ammo and pen changes it has impacted Warpsite. It hasn't been revisted as far as I am aware and perhaps should be.
  10. Rilohn

    No battle results

    Same, see attached screenshots. Says defeat but you can see from the last screen shot it was a victory and rewards were received from hovering over the battle results in game notifications window but nothing if you try to view the detailed battle results.
  11. I find the Donskoi to be pretty darn amazing. I have gone with upgrades, camo and captain skills that all decrease detectability and then coupled this with the upgrade that increases max firing range and you can invisi fire at long range. As it has super accurate guns the long range isn't too much of an issue. It's also very fast so if you manoeuvre a lot you are very hard to hit when actually spotted. It's best as fleet support and as such should be in the second line and not leading the line as it is made of paper as you have discovered, however, due to speed of the ship you can get out of harms way quickly, especially if you add a speed flag into the mix.
  12. Rilohn

    Bug Reports

    Seems to be a problem with that spawn point on the Trident map. Seen it happen to another ship and then got to experience it myself, seems my ship dropped in from the sky after being AWOL until the timer ran out. See attached screens.
  13. Rilohn

    Capping 3 zones is absolute [edited].

    Standard battles are by far the worst, two blobs camping in the corner of the map or behind cover waiting to mass snipe whoever gets bored and shows themselves first. Domination is the only game mode you can attempt to get tactics going on. With regard to afk and bots etc, the GNB event has people trying to rinse through as many battles as possible for diamonds so I'm not surprised (disappointed/frustrated by it, yes, but not surprised) that there are so many low quality battles, particularly at the weekends.
  14. Rilohn

    No detection range circles

    A discussion on a mod in the Gameplay section... Search the Mods section to find the answer without having to post a thread.
  15. Rilohn

    New Challenge! 2x credits/XP

    Yup, the news article has been up a while on the website. http://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/special/weekend-doubles-kraken/