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  1. blackhawk666

    CYCLONE do you like them?

    So you judge my gameplay even if you never saw me in battle? In fact i like to play quite close, sometime even too close for the ship i play. They are something between hugging the border and fighting at 15km. Conclusion: Mr professor please be a little bit less arrogant, your average results in battle are not brilliant enough.
  2. blackhawk666

    CYCLONE do you like them?

    Or maybe make the dispersion worse on cyclone (like on scenario missions)
  3. blackhawk666

    CYCLONE do you like them?

    Interesting, The moment when the cyclone start is random i think and it will determine if the battle will be playable or not. I have already had the cyclone from the beginning which is unpleasant because it is impossible to know what we will meet. if it appears in late game it shut down the last part of the battle as you said.
  4. blackhawk666

    CYCLONE do you like them?

    Why you try to turn this discussion into a fight between me vs people? I'm just here to see the point of view of other players and expose mine. I respect all opinion but that don't mean i will change mine.
  5. blackhawk666

    CYCLONE do you like them?

    i don't play CV much, my mistake, i thought the AA shot before you can spot the ship with your planes.
  6. blackhawk666

    CYCLONE do you like them?

    Cake for BBs only if they are no DDs, no Cruisers with torps rushing you (especially if you can't overmatch the nose), no more than 1 or 2 targets to deal with (depending what target).
  7. blackhawk666

    CYCLONE do you like them?

    You can not go into position too soon because everybody will see you and you will get focus. Everybody can rejoin the fight but you lose your time multiple minutes (the battles are already too short with the meta "run to the borders") The brawling time is random time, i don't like random.
  8. blackhawk666

    CYCLONE do you like them?

    Hello everyone ! My question is simple: Do you like battles with cyclone? I think they are awfully bad for multiple reasons. 1- In a battleship : As you are rarely on the 8km of the enemy fleet, you lose your time trying to reach action (it can be very long with slow BBs) and then you finally only reach a DD and get deleted. 2- In a cruiser : You don't want to be that close most of the time, except some tanky+torps CC like hindenburg 3- Not too painful here but you don't want to find a radar cruiser near you. 4- In CV it's bad too. In all cases it reduce gameplay possibilities to something as stupid as a rock paper scissors. Last thing: it happens way to much ! Yesterday 4 times in a row! Multiple times per day everyday is too much.
  9. blackhawk666

    Gamescom Q&A thread

    Do you plan to rework the secondaries? Because: - they are ridiculously inacurrate without full upgrades (less than 5% of hit ratio most of the time) - Why all guns get the same range on a ship (why 105mm guns shot as far as 150mm guns?) - On low and middle tier, the range is so bad, (82mm mortar got better range IRL....)